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Looking into the Driving Force Behind Datong Insurance’s Digital Transformation

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Looking into the Driving Force Behind Datong Insurance’s Digital Transformation

Among the two companies, one is the architect of the insurance industry’s service ecology, and is committed to building service platforms for the lifecycle management of clients with independent agents as its business core. The other is an innovative ICT service provider, who offers one-stop solutions and leverages intelligent technologies to empower digitalization.

Ever since 2017, the two companies have cooperated to generate values for customers, and dedicated themselves to improve enterprises’ management and service innovation through digitalization, writing a new chapter of the convergence of insurance and technology.

Datong Insurance’s Digital Pedestal: Network, Security, Data Center and Managed Services

Homogeneous and inefficient offline operations and agency means are no longer applicable to the new market and changing supervision policies, as the insurance industry is undergoing a profound reform and restructuring itself under the pandemic.

The challenges ahead of Datong Insurance inspired a brand-new insurance ecological system—with product customization in the upstream, a sales matrix in the midstream, and a service matrix in the downstream—in addition to a high-quality circulating system for value creation, which paves the way for the company to provide multi-faceted and multi-dimensional professional insurance services.

The dynamic, digitalized engine behind that large-scale system has, indeed, pushed Datong insurance to subvert traditional business modes, turning vision into reality.

Datong Insurance is known to be a pioneer in IT infrastructure development, as well as an active participant in empowering traditional business with technologies and innovation to enhance competitiveness in the fierce insurance industry. Through moving business processes online, deploying networks, raising mobility and more, the company started its first substantial IT reform at the beginning of 2015.

To enable online sales, marketing and e-policy that are fast-changing and require quick responses, Datong Insurance joined hands with a well-known cloud service provider in China and commenced the project before others at that time, said Shao An, Deputy General Manager of IT, Datong Insurance.

Followed in 2017, Datong Insurance began to embrace the Internet and deploy cloud-based IT infrastructure for actualizing IT transformation. The company realized that network would be indispensable in its new infrastructure and in escalating its capability in multiple ways, and clouds would be able to resolve the problems of hybrid office, meanwhile establishing a robust and perfect network system.

For a flexible, secure and modern network architecture, Datong Insurance decided to work with China Entercom in September 2017. With its MPLS private network service, more than 20 branch offices of Datong Insurance distributed in Northern, Eastern and Southern China were quickly connected together, which enabled on-demand, reliable, robust and flexible network services with this integrated network infrastructure of the headquarter and branch offices, as well as stable data transmission to speed up business development.

Apparently, the requirements for network will only become more complex when online business gradually matures and insurance policies are issued online, which also put more pressure on digitalization.

Thanks to China Entercom’s cloud-network data centers in Beijing and Shanghai that introduced a private access and a hybrid network to the network infrastructure, a part of Datong Insurance’s branch offices can thus enjoy best-in-class network connectivity and cloud application access after fixing the exposed network structure and unstable access issues.

When it comes to information security, it is a whole different story. Data plays an important role in supporting business and innovation amidst progressive digital transformation, so it has given multiple missions to every insurance company: how to set up the network security perimeter, ensure information security, strengthen the supervision and protection of sensitive data, and achieve a safe, closed-loop management of lifecycle data?

The information security of Datong Insurance has been challenged by a large amount of deposited business data, said Shao An. To deal with it, prioritizing security and adopting China Entercom’s managed security services protect all the network nodes and reinforce risk management of Datong Insurance, based on Financial Industry’s Implementation Guideline for Cybersecurity Classification Protection.

“Datong Insurance enjoys 7x24 multi-dimensional protection offered by China Entercom with a well-planned safety design and comprehensive cybersecurity technology, which has consistently improved our dynamic cybersecurity protection in terms of prevention, detection and response,” continued Shao An.

For effective network management, Datong Insurance is allowed to monitor its network performance in real time to promptly eliminate risks through ManagedCONNECT, the one-stop multi-service management platform of China Entercom.

Five years of dedication enabled Datong Insurance to survive the pandemic that industries and enterprises were caught in its storm in 2020. When others were in trouble, the company quickly responded to it through online business, reduced the impacts on e-policy issuance, and established mobile office to solve online conferencing problems, all of which could not have been done without the ICT support of China Entercom.

Essentials for DX in Insurance Industry: Stable, Secure, High-quality ICT Solutions

China Entercom is one of the leading one-stop innovative ICT service providers that insurance companies can turn to for digitalization. With over 20 years of MPLS network service experience and 15 years of information security service experience, China Entercom offers premium integrated solutions of network, cloud, data centers and security, alongside a series of value-added services.

In the case of Datong Insurance as Shao An shared, China Entercom has demonstrated its extensive coverage, streamlined deployment, high flexibility and scalability of the MPLS private network service, equipped with the one-stop multi-service management platform, ManagedCONNECT.

Coupled with the stable, secure and high-quality 7x24 network service support, Datong Insurance has also benefited from business continuity, reduced IT costs and enhanced productivity as a whole with a standardized service workflow and performance, hence paying more attention to business innovation instead of network operation and maintenance.

More notably, the vast availability of global ICT resources of China Entercom has also won the heart of Datong Insurance. Together with its parent company CITIC Telecom CPC and the CITIC Group, it possesses 160+ points of presence (POPs) in 160 countries and regions, 60+ SD-WAN service gateways, 30+ data centers and 21 cloud platforms, which is in line with the global vision of Datong Insurance to foster business expansion across the world and evolve into a professional insurance service group, said Henry Ko, General Manager, China Entercom.

Datong Insurance quickly became partners with China Entercom to contribute to the innovative development of the insurance industry, surely because of its good reputation, stable business development, continuous product innovation, perfect delivery, and operation and maintenance services, as well as high cost-performance.

According to Shao An, China Entercom reassured him with its attentive and well-established services, besides a whole team and comprehensive system of operation and maintenance. For network, it provides early alerts and timely follow-up and feedback to adjust services when needed by adopting 7x24x365 network monitoring and maintenance with multiple cross-regional teams and centers such as NOC, SOC and COC, let alone a Helpdesk and a specialized customer service channel for the company.

Guaranteed by China Entercom, Datong Insurance’s IT department will be notified in many ways when the network is found to be in jeopardy, so that it can implement in-time protection to maintain a safe and reliable environment for digitalization.

“There have been no incidents over the past five years, so you can tell that the services of China Entercom are promising. It has also brought valuable experience to our IT team after witnessing its rigor, standardization of operation and maintenance and above-average performance. With the help of China Entercom, Datong Insurance has established a standard workflow and improved the capability of network operation and maintenance, not to mention the implementation of a holistic operation and maintenance system to stabilize and smoothen the network,” said Shao An.

A Brand-new Path to Digitalization

Started from informationization to Internetization and now going ahead from digitalization to intelligentization, the insurance industry has come to the most crucial point in transformation in the post-pandemic era.

In the course of evolution, Datong Insurance has put dedicated and proactive development and the convergence of insurance and technology in the forefront, while addressing the pain points of clients with the introduction of digital technology, in order to welcome its own rapid development.

As the technology and intelligence-driven digital enabler for insurance companies, China Entercom is committed to escorting business transformation and growth with forward-looking insights, comprehensive innovative products and competent services, thus exploring a new path for Datong Insurance to embark on digitalization, and unleashing unlimited possibilities for future development.

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