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Business Cloud Email Provider | Enterprise Cloud Mail Solution

Technology of Cloud Email (Software-as-a-Service, SaaS)

Gone are the days when a corporate employee has access to emails only when he is in the office premises. With mobility amalgamating with technology, employees look forward to access their emails at their dispersal allowing them to reply to important emails from anywhere they want. This not only gives them the flexibility of working hours but is cost effective too. This is why companies are transitioning to cloud email.

What is Cloud Mail (Software-as-a-Service, SaaS)?

From a business point of view, cloud email is a sturdy platform for email which lets one manage their team of employees and the organization from just a single platform. There is more than just email that cloud mail offers – besides integrated email, you also get notes, calendar, tasks, contacts and the freedom to share and access messages and cloud mail boxes.

Conventional email varies from cloud email in certain ways. As a matter of fact, most are unable to identify the difference between cloud mail and the email that they were using earlier. In actuality, it is the traditional email existing in a cloud and the data is then being transmitted to your computer from a program.

Why Shift to Cloud Mail (Software-as-a-Service, SaaS)?

•Business email is an essential source of employee communication, collaboration, corporate history and business acquaintance. Companies have several benefits if they move to cloud email. This helps in lowering the liability of administrative support and lifts the burden of having a tiny limited storage.

•Cloud mail also helps the IT department which takes care of the email system thus enabling them to take care of other necessary IT-related jobs that actually help in the development of the company. Cloud mail with built-in anti-virus and anti-spam protection saves you the cost of upgrading the email system with software releases not to forget the email server backups, high availability and email support time that the IT had to provide.

•Another significant difference which is seen in cloud email is that if there is an alteration made through one device the change is reflected in all connected devices. For instance, if an employee sends an email using his desktop the smartphone that he/she uses will also reflect the change about an email sent. So, the user is assured that the content will be accessible on the smartphone too. This is only something that is seen in cloud mail and not traditional email services. This absolute sync point across devices makes it unique.

•A major benefit of using cloud email is that since the employees have the ability to reply to emails from their smartphones they can easily reply to urgent emails of customers. This technology of cloud email where cloud-based solution can be accessed from anywhere, anytime will change the face of customer service.

•Cloud email also gives the technology manager complete control of the emails from one single location in high security. In short, cloud mail can be centrally managed with enterprise-grade security and seamless compatibility with major messaging and calendaring systems. Creating new email ids, making changes in the existing ones or putting those email ids on hold for those are facing litigation or suspended, etc. is a super easy job to do when operating with cloud email.

Making the Transition to Cloud Mail (Software-as-a-Service, SaaS)

Companies that are ready to make the switch to cloud email will instantly realize the benefits of this transition. Reflect upon the drawbacks that you faced when using the traditional email system. The problems of confidentiality, migration, security and assimilation were all a part of this conventional email system. The process of transitioning to cloud mail could be a meticulous one in the beginning. However, once you are ready and have begun using secured cloud email in your organization, you will clearly see how cloud mail outweighs the older email system that you had been using since long.

CITIC Telecom CPC’s SmartCLOUD™ M@il provides a powerful collaboration client not only easily to connect everyone, but also store and synchronize email, calendar, contacts, files and documents in the cloud. It provides a seamless compatibility with various systems and devices, including Windows, Mac and Linux OS, and the latest smartphones and mobile devices. SmartCLOUD™ M@il is a fully-hosted solution that can be rapidly deployed and requires no ongoing administration overhead. This solution provides a pragmatic tool to help and make communicating, and information sharing easier than ever.

End-to-End - Security Protects Mobile Devices and Access

Hosted on CITIC Telecom CPC’s world-class cloud computing platform, SmartCLOUD™ M@il delivers 99.9% availability for reliable mobile device and Web browser access to mission-critical business tools. Unlike common Web-based email services, SmartCLOUD™ M@il is built with enterprise-grade security, ensuring users adhere to stringent IT policies to maximize end-point security. Passwords can be set for all mobile users of SmartCLOUD™ M@il. Accounts can be remotely shutdown and data can be remotely wiped on stolen or misplaced mobile devices.


    • Complete range of enterprise collaboration tools, including email, calendaring and document sharing
    • Real-time synchronization of email, contacts and calendars on all major mobile devices, industry-standard protocols, and desktop operating systems
    • Enterprise-grade security and seamless compatibility with major messaging and calendaring systems
    • Turnkey end-to-end mobile security including remote shutdown and data wipe
    • User-friendly Web interface supports native languages (English, Traditional and Simplified Chinese)
    • Built-in anti-virus and anti-spam protection
    • Highly granular Class-of-Service and security options can be fine-tuned for each user, department, and even domain
    • Hosted with 99.9% High Availability on our true Disaster Recovery sites
    • Software-as-a-Service solution requires no additional hardware

Powerful Business Benefits

    • All-in-one email and collaboration suite for global business communications
    • Real web and cloud based collaboration with no additional equipment is required
    • Increases enterprise productivity and accessibility from anywhere, anytime, with any device
    • Supports multiple languages including English, Traditional and Simplified Chinese

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