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What is Private Cloud in Managed Cloud Services?

Private cloud is one of the common enterprise cloud services that is only accessible to the authorized personnel within the corporation, meaning the outsiders will be completely isolated from the cloud environment, enhancing both security and privacy.

For hybrid clouds, a part of the data can indeed be put on a private cloud, but the others are kept in a shared one, and it is time-consuming for managers to decide what to put on the private cloud. In the long run, private clouds usually cost less than a shared cloud for a large-scale business, especially for international corporations that implement different cloud services in different branches. Therefore, enterprise cloud services will be needed.

Private Cloud Architecture Overview

Private cloud service is a highly customizable managed cloud service, so that each corporation’s private cloud may have a different architecture according to their business use. There are mainly three types of cloud architecture - virtual, hosted and managed. For a private cloud, a company may pay a cloud service provider that hosts different types of cloud services to build an exclusive private cloud for enterprises.

To implement a hosted private cloud, companies are required to pay the service provider for the cloud configuration. The managerial jobs of the managed cloud services or enterprise cloud services are still in the hands of the company, which may include acquisition of hardware, upgrading and more. To have a managed private cloud means that the service provider is responsible for managing even the trivial details. As this service requires a higher level of technical skills and more time, one could expect higher cost for it.

Why Enterprise Cloud Services?

Enterprise cloud services refer to the cloud computing services that are specifically created for business needs. Examples include data storage, machine learning, IoT, networking infrastructure and more. Through connecting to the cloud, not only can enterprise cloud computing allow businesses to save costs, but it also helps to enhance business flexibility, innovation and security.

Enterprise cloud services are suitable for businesses of all sizes and industries, ranging from retail, healthcare, dining, engineering to marketing. The adoption of enterprise cloud services enables businesses to manage data and workloads seamlessly, helping them to get to market faster. Moreover, enterprise cloud services can streamline collaboration between staff members given that the entire team can communicate via a consolidated solution and operate on the same enterprise cloud services platform. Smooth communication means enhanced productivity which can eventually bring the most benefits to the company. In short, enterprise cloud services are powerful tools to improve businesses’ operational efficiency.

Why Managed Cloud Services for enterprises?

Managed cloud services and enterprise cloud services can bring businesses countless benefits. To commence with, managed cloud services help businesses to reduce cost since businesses no longer have to hire IT experts to maintain the internal cloud network. On the other hand, the managed cloud services and enterprise cloud services vendors are around-the-clock to provide timely support in building and managing cloud servers for the best performance. For businesses that emphasize security, the managed cloud services allow businesses to minimize the risk of data breach, given that dedicated managed cloud services and enterprise cloud services vendors have the knowledge and personnel to secure your cloud network from malicious attacks. Most importantly, to keep up with the continuously evolving hacking activities, the managed cloud services will review the infrastructure constantly, cutting down on the vulnerabilities that might severely impact a company's growth.

CITIC Telecom CPC’s Dedicated Private Cloud - SmartCLOUD™ vONE

As the leading private cloud solution, SmartCLOUD vONE offered by CITIC Telecom CPC consists of both on-premises deployment and virtualization. Our dedicated one-stop managed cloud service is completely customizable to fit the needs of our clients, and the first step is to provide a seamless integration of the corporations’ current infrastructure.

While cloud computing can deliver higher efficiency and greater flexibility, key concerns remain regarding enterprise infrastructure transitions to shared environments. With multiple Cloud Services Centers worldwide, CITIC Telecom CPC brings to the market a breakthrough solution combining the best of both worlds of on-premises deployment and virtualization: SmartCLOUD™ vONE.

Designed and supported by dedicated cloud professionals, SmartCLOUD™ vONE is a dedicated private cloud solution that enables any enterprise of any scale to optimize resources and reduce costs, while enjoying rapid scalability, higher security and trusted reliability with peace of mind.

Full range of professional managed services for easy migration to SmartCLOUD™ vONE

  • Planning and Implementation --- fully customizable and one-stop dedicated private cloud solution; seamlessly integrate with existing enterprise infrastructure to attain a high performance hybrid cloud solution
  • Highly Reliable Daily Operation --- high reliability on world-class cloud infrastructure certified to ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO20000, ISO27001 and ISO27017 standards
  • Post-sales Customer and Technical Support --- including hardware replacement services and 7x24 customer service hotline

SmartCLOUD™ vONE Solution Diagram

Dedicated Private Cloud (vONE) Solutions Diagram


    • Reliable dedicated private cloud solution with 99.999% service reliability and true disaster recovery capability
    • Scalable and fully customized total solution that intelligently addresses today’s real-world business needs
    • Seamlessly interoperates with CITIC Telecom CPC’s other innovative ICT solutions for even higher performance, reliability and security
    • Certified cloud professionals deliver full service spectrum, from solution design, implementation, and migration, to on-going customer support and round-the-clock monitoring
    • Flexible monthly payment model eliminates risk of upfront investment
    • Easily customizes with full range of Value-Added Services (VAS) to choose from, including on-site or off-site backup, Microsoft license rentals and server load balancing
    • Easily integrates with existing enterprise infrastructure to attain high performance hybrid cloud solution

Success Stories

Dolphin Logistics (Chinese only)

Dolphin Logistics (Chinese only)

By migrating to SmartCLOUD™, Dolphin Logistics adopts a centralized system for its core services and optimizes operational processes to provide customers with higher-quality, flexible and efficient logistics experience.



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