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Cloud Data Backup & Disaster Data Recovery Plan Hong Kong | SmartCLOUD™ BRR

SmartCLOUD™ BRR provides Hong Kong enterprises a full range of managed cloud data backup, replication and data recovery services. Contact our backup & disaster recovery consultants now for a comprehensive cloud backup & disaster recovery plan in Hong Kong.

Business Cloud Data Backup and Disaster Data Recovery Plan Hong Kong

Perhaps a minor outage can place you at a massive disadvantage. So, be prepared with a business continuity plan that includes business cloud backup & disaster recovery for all of your major IT systems without incurring the cost of a secondary infrastructure. Your progressive thinking leads to trouble-free Business Continuity and disaster recovery plan, so even the worst disaster seriously cannot get you out of business.

Do not allow an unforeseen disaster or catastrophe snatch away anything from you that you have worked for so far. Let our experts of CITIC Telecom CPC show you how to put an end to your data loss concerns with secure and reliable solutions for disaster recovery plan and cloud data backup located in Hong Kong, also worldwide.

The planning aspect cloud backup and disaster recovery

Data recovery is an essential part of the cloud computing landscape and must be treated seriously with a high degree of planning from all perspectives. The essence of planning is as follows:

Backup speed and frequency

While contemplating data backup within the cloud, data recovery is not the only issue on the page. Some services, however, may have the latency because everything depends on the speed of the server, the number of files transferred, and the space available on the server. It is a crucial point to consider in the long run determining and negotiating the issue in hand.

Cloud cost

In most instances, it is possible to store just about any digital file in the cloud. This is not always the case. Where necessary, some data plans may include the option to back up and recover important files. These may also combine suggestions regarding the ways to access them, the storage location and process to use the servers, etc.

Data security

To prevent cybercriminals from exploiting any vulnerability, the security of stored data and backups must meet some safety guidelines. The cloud backup Hong Kong needs to ensure that all data backed up with appropriate security measures such as firewalls and encryption tools are secured.

Cloud Backup availability

Backups should be available as soon as possible to avoid any obstacles that could adversely affect the business. The cloud vendor can tell you about the timelines for recovery and how quickly backed up data can be restored during a disaster.


Cloud-based storage comes with its own set of servers that should be available as needed from the business location and from any other destination. User experience in the backup process should be a significant factor. If the data recovery and backup procedure is not convenient, it could become more of an issue.

The cloud has recently become one of the world's most ardent topics of discussion. It has become an essential part of the data storage market for organizations of various sizes in several industries, thanks to its manifold advantages. Also, when you talk about data storage, cloud data backup and data recovery for Hong Kong enterprises become part of the dialogue.

Whatever data you have, you can protect it with the assistance of CITIC Telecom CPC’s SmartCLOUD™ BRR cloud backup Hong Kong. Our 100% reliable SaaS platform keeps business-critical emails, websites, calendars, teams, projects, groups, files, and conversations safe and secure with unlimited, automatic backup and storage anywhere. Besides, while adopting the exceptional data backup & disaster data recovery plan offered by our Hong Kong branch, you expect to be able to find and recover the lost content with item-level restoration from any global location.

Business data is the lifeblood of every modern enterprise and often the result of countless hours of labor and intelligence. Certain types of data are even irreplaceable if lost. While digital information has delivered tremendous gains in convenience and productivity, it is also highly susceptible to damage and destruction. The vulnerability of data highlights the importance of an effective backup and disaster recovery plan for the organization.

With the industry’s rapid adoption of virtualization and cloud computing, business data may not even primarily reside within organizational premises but on external infrastructure of Internet Data Centers or service providers. To protect corporate data in all situations, SmartCLOUD™ BRR solution provides cloud backup & disaster recovery plan for enterprises with a full range of managed backup, replication and recovery services, plus operation modes that include onsite, offsite, and a variety of physical and virtual replication models. SmartCLOUD™ BRR’s powerful data backup & disaster recovery services help enterprises of all industries prevent data loss and ensure business continuity.

Full Range of Onsite and Offsite Backup & Replication Services, Just within Minutes

Data Backup Services


Disaster Recovery Replication Services

  • Physical to Cloud (P2C) Backup
  • Physical to Cloud (P2C) Replication
  • Cloud to Cloud (C2C) Backup
  • Cloud to Cloud (C2C) Replication
  • Virtual to Cloud (V2C) Backup
  • Virtual to Cloud (V2C) Replication
  • SaaS Backup

Solution Diagram

SmartCLOUD™ BRR solution offers a relevant and robust backup & disaster recovery plan, which can recover and resume business operations after a significant business disruption with second-level RPO and minute-level RTO. By supporting different backup scenarios including physical, virtual or cloud servers, SmartCLOUD™ BRR is a reliable cloud backup and recovery service that ensures worry-free business continuity and reduces operational downtime.

    • 24x7 proactive monitoring, alerting and incident remediation for replication services
    • Flexible backup and replication schedules, from monthly to hourly settings
    • Data compression and de-duplication optimizes storage space
    • Innovative reverse incremental technology accelerates recovery time
    • Onsite and offsite disk backup capability
    • Backup and replication operations, and technical support assistance are fully supported by our experienced technical operation team
    • Secure SSL data transmission via TrueCONNECT™ private network
    • Global Server Load Balancing technology ensures absolute business continuity
    • Fully customized backup/replication schedule and retention policy
Success Stories

Dolphin Logistics (Chinese version only)

萬泰國際物流以中信國際電訊CPC SmartCLOUD™取代傳統機房、集中化核心系統服務,以及優化營運流程,提供客戶更高品質、彈性且高效的物流體驗服務。(Chinese version only)

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