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Tier III+ Cloud Data Centers with Backup and Recovery Solutions | DataHOUSE™

DataHOUSE™ Cloud Data Center links with ~30 Tier III+ data centers worldwide offers cloud hosting and data center backup and recovery solutions, which delivers true DR capability and global cloud service deployment.

Tier III +Data Center with Backup and Recovery Solutions and Cloud Hosting Services

Cloud Hosting data centers tiers are grades of classification related to prompt recognition of the intricacy and redundancy of the technology used in the data center cloud domain. Tier I is the most uncomplicated infrastructure, while Tier IV is the most expansive of components with the most repetitive activities. Each tier includes the segments below the required components. Common tiers are tiers II+, III+ and IV.

Data Center Tiers

To better differentiate the infrastructure elements of the data center services, industry will classify data centers into different classes, ranging from tier 1 to tier 4.

  • Tier 1
    Tier 1 data center services adopt one path for power and cooling, and has an estimated uptime of 99.67%

  • Tier 2
    Tier 2 data center services are same as Tier 1 data center services, but has some redundant and data center backup components with an estimated uptime of 99.74%

  • Tier 3
    Tier 3 data center services have more than one path for power and cooling and systems are able to update the data center backup system online. The highest level of Tier 3 is Tier iii+ data center services which have an estimated uptime of 99.98%

  • Tier 4
    As a more advanced infrastructure of Tier iii+ data center, Tier 4 data center is fault tolerant and has data center backup for every piece of component. The estimated uptime is 99.99%
    CITIC Telecom CPC’s data center services closely adhere to the Tier iii+ data center standard, offering the leading data center backup and recovery solutions across the globe.

Data Center Services: Data Center Backup and Recovery Solutions

CITIC Telecom CPC’s Tier iii+ data center backup and recovery solutions help enterprises to backup real-time workload and data to an external yet highly-secure storage device. Therefore, if there is any data loss incident, the data center backup and recovery solutions can help to recover the important data seamlessly.

By implementing the data center backup and data center services, businesses can have every bit of vital information appropriately backuped on one or even more than one data storage device. With proper data center services, businesses can avoid damages to critical operations and revenue losses.

Cloud Hosting Tier III+ Data Center

The standards of the uptime data center level are a structured framework used to assess the availability in a domain. In short, this suggests it is simple to determine whether a specific data center is appropriate for your business needs as data centers are precisely in tiers. Here, CITIC Telecom CPC provides cloud hosting with Tier III+ data center, also data center backup and recovery solutions.

Tier III+ data center facilities are widely seen as the most useful cloud hosting solutions in terms of cost for the big numbers of medium to large businesses maintaining minimal downtime. To put this figure in a broader perspective, it indicates that your equipment should bear up to two hours of downtime every year. Tier III+ data center must fulfill all criteria of tiers I, II and III to ensure that the equipment is dual-powered and carry several uplinks. Many areas do provide some fault-resistant equipment, even though all devices, including HVAC, storage, servers, chillers and uplinks must be full-proof to achieve tier IV. In the industry, this tier is generally known as Tier III+ Data Center.

Advantages of Cloud Hosting with Tier III+ data center

It is considerably cheaper than the tier IV facilities.

For most businesses, Tier III facilities offer the most cost-effective solution.

The scheduled outages will not contribute to equipment disruption.

Unplanned outages may not cause the performance of the equipment.

Each equipment is subject to dual power inputs, justifying that if one input fails, the other continues to function.

All maintenance can be carried out without any impact on the equipment unless there is a primary fault.


It is appropriate for businesses with a global presence.

It is also suitable for an enterprise that requires 24/7 hours of business operation.

Organizations requiring sustained uptime due to avoid statutory penalty should adopt this level of data center.

E-commerce and full-fledged online companies should opt for Tier III+ data center cloud hosting.

Call centers, business process services, VOIP companies, technical processes, etc. can also utilize the services.

It is also ideally suited for business entities that use bulk database-driven websites and require consistent web presence.

Data center backup and recovery solutions

Data center backup and recovery software, together with Tier III+ cloud hosting solutions, focus on facilitating backup functionality for upper-end mid-market and large-scale business environments. The upper-end might constitute roughly 500 to 999 employees, and the big business may consist of 1,000 or more employees. Protected data includes workloads from data centers such as file system and file sharing, operating system, email, database, CRM, ERP, content management, and data collaboration like content management solutions.

Products for backup and recovery software provide features such as traditional tape backup, backup to conventional random media including hard disk drives or solid-state drives or devices emulating previous backup targets, for instance, virtual tape library (VTL), data reduction e.g. compression, deduplication or a single instance, snapshot array and/or server-based, diverse replication, and continuous data protection (CDP).

Final thought

CITIC Telecom CPC’s DataHOUSE™ Cloud Data Center is built on a world-class technological platform and carrier-grade network infrastructure, linking with ~30 data centers worldwide. It is a reliable environment for critical application and data.

CITIC Telecom CPC’s DataHOUSE™, Cloud Data Center is an unconventional data center solution. It is built on a world-class technological platform and carrier-grade network infrastructure, linking with ~30 data centers worldwide. DataHOUSE™ converged with cloud solution and global unified management data center solutions. It is not limited to provide traditional facility management, hosting or colocation services, but specifically designed to handle the demands of cloud infrastructure, private and hybrid cloud environments.

DataHOUSE™ takes advantage of CITIC Telecom CPC’s private network backbone for carrier-class performance, enabling seamless access to other data centers worldwide. These data centers will help create a nationwide operation network, complementing CITIC Telecom CPC’s multiple SmartCLOUD™ Cloud Service Centers already in place across the world. Enterprises will be able to enjoy world-class data center services, true disaster recovery capability, cross-regional cloud service deployment in minimal time and benefit from high cost-effectiveness.

The latest award winning DataHOUSE™ AR Remote Hand, AR-based Operations and Maintenance Solution, addresses customer demand for support in managing the increasing complexity and diversity of equipment. It enables field engineers across multiple locations to overcome the challenges of multiple languages and skillsets in multi-technology environments; as well as to manage installation and maintenance issues more efficiently and cost effectively. Click here to learn more.

DataHOUSE™ Complementing with ICT Solutions

CITIC Telecom CPC’s services cover most of the key ICT areas of enterprises and tailor suitable solutions for all industries, including TrueCONNECT™ Private Network Solutions, TrustCSI™ Information Security Services, SmartCLOUD™ Cloud Computing Solutions, and full range of innovative communications, information security and managed services, complementing with DataHOUSE™ cloud data center services for supporting enterprises’ operations.

Global Cloud Data Centers Solutions Diagram


    • Carrier-class Tier III+ Telecommunications Infrastructure Standard --- connecting ~30 data centers and multiple SmartCLOUD™ Cloud Service Centers worldwide
    • Carrier neutral --- allows interconnection with any network service providers and provides multiple connectivities, including Ethernet, Internet, private network, IPLC and so on
    • High-availability and high-speed network connection --- backed by EtherCONNECT WAN service, a unified-managed solution with high availability and high flexibility capability across cities in mainland China, for providing reliable and high-speed connections ranged from 10Mbps to 10Gbps to support business operations
    • Highly scalable cloud service platform --- full Disaster Recovery capabilities catering to intra-city, inter-city and cross-border redundancies, safeguarding data backups on a scalable cloud platform
    • One-stop ICT service --- complementary with TrustCSI™ Information Security and SmartCLOUD™ Cloud Computing solutions to provide a comprehensive range of managed ICT services
    • 7x24 all-round protection --- with 7x24 security patrol, multiple CCTV monitoring, door lock sensors and fingerprint identification system for all-round protection
    • TVRA and Quintuple ISO certifications --- Passed Threat and Vulnerability Risk Assessment (TVRA) and obtained ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO20000, ISO27001 and ISO27017

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