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Multi-Cloud Connect | Secure Connection to Multiple Clouds

CITIC Telecom CPC's Multi-Cloud Connect service allows seamless and secure connection to multiple cloud service platforms via over 140 POPs worldwide, and an optimized mode of connectivity including MPLS and SD-WAN.

Multi-Cloud Connect Strategy via POPs Maximizing Business Value

CITIC Telecom CPC's Multi-Cloud Connect service is a completely controlled multi-cloud connectivity solution which renders a cost-effective and fast means for connecting to the most commonly used SaaS or IaaS providers. Our multi-cloud connect solution is built from these main components: Network Access Point, our global private network of 140+ PoPs worldwide, the customer service reporting and configuration portal, and distinct direct routes to leading IaaS and SaaS providers.

Industries are in the centre of a prominent Information Technology (IT) transformation driven by inventions like cloud, Internet of Things (IoT) and virtualization. As the number of applications increases and workloads are migrated to the cloud, industries are imposed with the challenge of boosting their wide area networks (WAN). Today, most industries depend on MPLS routers for their WAN, a technology that was initiated in the 1990s. Legacy MPLS networks are extremely inefficient in handling the sheer volume and variety of traffic that passes over modern business networks. An inadequately designed WAN can reduce the performance of cloud-based applications and adversely impact on the end-user experience.

Why go for our Multi-cloud Connect Service

Our Multi-cloud Connect service panders to the demands of both SaaS and IaaS rollouts. Whilst IaaS connectivity is dealt with utilizing private connections (i.e. Azure ExpressRoute, AWS Direct Connect), SaaS connectivity and performance are controlled using our distinctive Virtual Office (VO) solution.

A virtual office is just what it signifies. It is virtual, instead of using a physical site, handing off traffic from our multi-cloud service PoP to the nearest SaaS entry point. The industries SaaS traffic thus traverses our multi-cloud connect backbone from the end to a SaaS co-location point, assuring application performance.

What makes our Multi-cloud Connect service differ

In contrast to our solution, conventional connectivity solutions depend on either IPSec through the Internet or private MPLS links, these links do not address the cloud connectivity challenge. Issues dealt with these methods are detailed here.

CITIC Telecom CPC's Multi-Cloud Connect architecture

Our fully controlled Multi-Cloud Connect service provides the fastest and reasonable means for connecting to the most popularly used SaaS or IaaS providers. Our service is built from these main components: the Network Access Point, our global private network of 140+ PoPs worldwide, the customer service reporting and configuration portal, and distinct routes that leads IaaS and SaaS providers.

The network access point - Our Network Access Point is a provisioned and cloud-managed device.

Private Network - Our Private Layer 2 links from top service providers around the world, connecting more than 140 PoPs located on different continents.

The customer service reporting and configuration portal - We provide a Self-service customer and partner portal for management, centralized configuration and reporting.

Direct Connectivity - We offer Direct connectivity to PaaS/ IaaS providers and also allow co-located access to SaaS providers.

CITIC Telecom CPC's Multi-Cloud Connect service can be used in a diversity of deployment techniques be it SaaS connectivity, IaaS connectivity or application performance acceleration, multi-cloud connect, etc.

Multi-cloud connect is a crucial challenge that companies must withstand for a successful cloud transformation. Neglecting this aspect of cloud transformation can adversely influence application performance and, therefore directly affect end-user experience.

Our fully organized SD-WAN service facilitates the cloud connectivity challenge by controlling the global layer 2 PoP network, fully-featured SD-Branch hardware, self-serve portal, and direct routes to leading IaaS providers. Our multi-cloud connect offers adequate reliability and QoS when compared to the public internet, it is also supple when compared to other private MPLS networks.

Embrace Unlimited Possibilities to Achieve Greater Business Value

Multi-Cloud strategy refers to a combination of two or more private, public and hybrid clouds, so as to empower enterprises to spread their workloads across multiple cloud environments. Enterprises can leverage the best service characteristics provided by different cloud services providers while mitigate the risks associated with each cloud platform.   

With the Multi-Cloud Connect service offered by CITIC Telecom CPC, enterprises can now enjoy the seamless and secure connection to different cloud service platforms, enabling them to manage various clouds by taking the advantages of cloud performance, TCO and data security, and running the daily operation consistently. 

Multi-Cloud Connect Diagram

Multi-Cloud Connect Diagram


    • Avoiding vendor lock-in
    • Preventing data loss or downtime due to a localized component failure in the cloud
    • Mitigating risk of disasters with increased redundancy
    • Minimizing costs by combining the best options from multiple service providers
    • Ensuring data security and compliance according to the data sovereignty requirements
    • Low latency - suitable for enterprises who have global presence and need to handle data across different geographical regions while maintain a consistent end-user experience

Best Practice of Multi-Cloud

    To manage Multi-Cloud well, the enterprise require the flexible network infrastructure, information security solutions and a managed services provider who can provide a one-stop "IT-as-a-Service" and take care of all technical and professionals' aspects.

    Multi-Cloud Connect


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