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What is Network Security Solution?

Network security solution is a broad term referring to the measures to safeguard data from the potential attacks by hackers, competitors, malware and other damages done on the network level. These practices are increasingly important as corporations of all kinds of industry have modernized and rely on computer networks to store sensitive data and intellectual property. Any flaws in network security service could lead to a huge loss of money, for example, sum paid to ransomware or fines to be paid for leaking customers’ data.

Types of Network Security Solutions

Network Security Solution#1: Email Security

Email phishing is one of the most common forms of cybersecurity threats that could steal your confidential data, including passwords and files. Having a proper network security service solution in place is conducive to minimizing network security risk.

Network Security Solution#2: ZTNA

Zero trust network access upholds the principle of ‘never trust, always verify’. This network security service also gives the ‘least privilege’ to users so that they are only granted access to what is needed, preventing employees from getting hold of confidential data of departments they do not belong to.

Network Security Solution#3: Data Loss Prevention

Data loss prevention (DLP) is a network security service practice that combats possible data leaks, breaches, exfiltration and destruction via cyberattacks. These prevention methods should include a recovery plan for corporate data, if a breach ever happened.

Network Security Solution#4: Virtual Private Network

The vital responsibility of VPN network security services is to create a secure and private channel for users to access to the Internet, so that data could not be read and online activities could not be traced by hackers. It greatly secures the network security during remote working without encountering any regional or functional blocks.

Top-notch Network Security Service - TrustCSI™ MSS

Apart from all the above mentioned network security solution types, having an integrated threat detection and response service is helpful in keeping record of threats to refine security policies and procedures. TrustCSI™ Managed Network Security Services (MSS) analyze raw event logs on different platforms and take timely remediation actions.

TrustCSI™ Secure AI brings a new approach to enterprise cyber defense, inspired by self-learning biological immune systems. By assuming organizations face a constant level of threat from within, TrustCSI™ Secure AI actively investigates all anomalous activities and identifies threats using the behavioural approach and advanced machine learning algorithms to quickly hone in the root cause and severity of the anomaly detected, formulate findings into actionable insight and predict whether any anomalous network behavior is significant enough to cause alarm. With TrustCSI™ Secure AI, our cyber security analysts can detect real time anomalies within the organizations network, including previously unknown "zero-day" attacks and, provide visibility of emerging threats at various stages during the attack life-cycle. They shorten the time it takes for customers to contain threat and limit the extremity and cost of an attack when it occurs.

TrustCSI™ Secure AI Solution Diagram

Secure AI (UEBA) Solutions Diagram


    • Easily add protection via hassle-free one-arm sniffer deployment
    • Adaptively investigates and learns about normal and anomalous enterprise network activities
    • Quickly detects behavioral anomalies, such as activity in a data-sensitive area of the network or unexpected decryption
    • Continuous fine-tuning of threat modeling by certified cyber-security analysts
    • Advanced detection that traditional rule & signature-based approaches do not work
    • Fully managed solution includes notification emails, threat intelligence reports and daily configuration backup

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