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Smarter and Faster Enterprise Cloud Solutions

Future-proof your business with CITIC Telecom CPC’s comprehensive cloud computing solution. SmartCLOUD™ is a suite of highly customizable cloud services designed to transform and protect enterprise IT environments. CITIC Telecom CPC offers trouble-free one-stop cloud solutions to help your organization achieve optimal utilization of mission-critical applications, so your teams can stay focused on core business innovation.

CITIC Telecom CPC’s One-stop Business Cloud Solutions Suite

CITIC Telecom CPC facilitates the efficient operation of cloud solutions with our extensive global coverage. Our cloud service centers are situated in Asia Pacific, Europe, Africa, and North America. With a wide range of combination cloud service kinds, we aim for excellence in cloud solutions' efficiency and quality, as well as matching the ideal cloud solutions for your business. Achieve higher with the power of cloud computing under our professionals’ advice!

Leading Enterprise Cloud Computing Solution for Business

One of the top enterprise cloud computing providers, CITIC Telecom CPC's SmartCLOUD™ offers enterprises a series of high-performance IaaS cloud computing solutions. Discover more for a top of the range and trustworthy cloud infrastructure now

CITIC Telecom CPC has concentrated to become one of the best providers of enterprise cloud computing. Cloud services and technology, including IaaS, have allowed businesses to take advantage of Internet-based tools rather than requiring on-site hardware to store them. CITIC Telecom CPC offers the best of both worlds: on-demand scalability and a cloud pay-per-use module, without transferring the data or software out of your property. Strive to be one of the best cloud providers of enterprise cloud computing, we deliver excellent cloud services with the professional consulting team.

IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) maintains the business cloud service infrastructure while the users either purchase or rent the specific services they require. Companies use the IaaS cloud solution as a way for large audiences to readily scale new or existing applications.

Enterprise Cloud Solutions & Business Cloud Service

The term “cloud solutions” is quite a board term as it generally refers to all kinds of cloud-based solutions. In brief, cloud solutions are services that can be accessed through a shared cloud computing framework. Take data storage as an example, instead of actually owning a physical data center, companies can now have their sensitive information securely saved on cloud data centers - a kind of cloud solutions.

Advantages of Business Cloud Solutions

Businesses today seek cloud solutions because they recognize how effective they are at enhancing operational performance. Servers, databases, analytics, business intelligence, data storage, networking, and software are typically included. Enterprises of any scale could access cloud solutions from anywhere at any time. While they could reduce costs for businesses, their productivity is also boosted safely with high cybersecurity standards, making performance optimization simple. Many companies adopt cloud solutions to gain competitive advantages.

Business Cloud Solutions for Modern Enterprises

Unified Video Collaboration for Enterprise (VC) Cloud Solution

  • The Latest HD Quality Video Conference-as-a-Service
  • One of the managed cloud solutions for video conferencing
  • Allowing video conferencing that is: telepresence-quality, multi-point, virtually-held, for internal or external meetings
  • Higher cost-efficiency: Great reduction in time and money cost
  • Improved quality of mobile conferencing and easier meeting setup
  • 24x7 hotline support for cloud solutions

Secure Business Email & Collaboration (M@il) Cloud Solution

  • Highly Secure Mobile Collaboration Tools
  • More secured & convenient communication: Storing & Synchronizing email, contacts, and calendars through cloud solutions
  • Seamless compatibility: Could be compatible with different systems and devices
  • Fully-hosted cloud solution: Solution being deployed very quickly without ongoing administration burden
  • Highly secured: End-to-end enterprise-grade protection with world-class cloud computing platforms; Anti-virus & anti-spam protection

OS & Applications Management (PS) Cloud Solution

  • Fully Managing and Supporting Your IT Operation in the Omni-Cloud Era
  • Customized services: Tight communication with customers; Understanding customers’ business plans & design the best cloud solutions according to specific needs
  • Less effort, better results: With advice from our cloud computing professionals, effort in management and time cost could be greatly reduced while productivity is enhanced simultaneously.
Virtual Private Cloud (Compute)Virtual Private Cloud (Compute)

Virtual Private Cloud (Compute)

High-Performance Cloud Solutions At Your Total Command

Dedicated Private Cloud (vONE)Dedicated Private Cloud (vONE)

Dedicated Private Cloud (vONE)

ONE Dedicated Private Cloud for ONE Enterprise

Managed Container Platform (Container)Managed Container Platform (Container)

Managed Container Platform (Container)

Simplify and Streamline your Containerized Application Workflow

Secure Business Email & Collaboration (M@il)Secure Business Email & Collaboration (M@il)

Secure Business Email & Collaboration (M@il)

Highly Secure Mobile Collaboration Tools

Unified Video Collaboration for Enterprise (VC)Unified Video Collaboration for Enterprise (VC)

Unified Video Collaboration for Enterprise (VC)

The Latest HD Quality Video Conference-as-a-Service

Versatile Managed Cloud Backup & DR Solution (BRR)Versatile Managed Cloud Backup & DR Solution (BRR)

Versatile Managed Cloud Backup & DR Solution (BRR)

Virtualized Backup, Replication & Recovery with 100% reliability

Managed Virtual Desktop Service (DaaS Lite)Managed Virtual Desktop Service (DaaS Lite)

Managed Virtual Desktop Service (DaaS Lite)

A flexible managed VDI service with easy deployment without upfront investment

Managed Object Storage (OS)Managed Object Storage (OS)

Managed Object Storage (OS)

Maximize Digital Asset Value with Optimized Cloud Data Object

OS & Applications Management (PS)OS & Applications Management (PS)

OS & Applications Management (PS)

Fully Managing and Supporting Your IT Operation in the Omni-Cloud Era

Multi-Cloud Managed ServicesMulti-Cloud Managed Services

Multi-Cloud Managed Services

Multi-Cloud Infrastructure & Applications Managed Services

Multi-Cloud ConnectMulti-Cloud Connect

Multi-Cloud Connect

Embrace Unlimited Possibilities to Achieve Greater Business Value

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