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Smarter and Faster Enterprise Cloud Solutions

Future-proof your business with CITIC Telecom CPC’s comprehensive cloud computing solution. SmartCLOUD™ is a suite of highly customizable cloud services designed to transform and protect enterprise IT environments. CITIC Telecom CPC offers trouble-free one-stop cloud solutions to help your organization achieve optimal utilization of mission-critical applications, so your teams can stay focused on core business innovation.

Top Cloud Provider - IaaS Solution for Enterprise Cloud Computing | SmartCLOUD™

One of the top cloud provides, CITIC Telecom CPC's SmartCLOUD™ offers enterprises a series of high-performance IaaS cloud computing solutions. Discover more for a top of the range and trustworthy cloud infrastructure now

CITIC Telecom CPC has concentrated to become one of the best providers of enterprise cloud computing. Cloud services and technology, including IaaS, have allowed businesses to take benefit of Internet-based tools rather than requiring on-site hardware to store them.

CITIC Telecom CPC offers the best of both worlds: on-demand scalability and a cloud pay-per-use module, without transferring the data or software out of your property. Strive to be one of the best cloud providers of enterprise cloud computing, we deliver excellent cloud services with the professional consulting team.

IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) maintains the infrastructure while the users either purchase or rent the specific services they require. Companies use the IaaS cloud solution as a way for large audiences to readily scale new or existing applications.

Enterprise Cloud Solutions

The term “cloud solutions” is quite a board term as it generally refers to all kinds of cloud-based solutions.

In brief, cloud solutions are services that can be accessed through a shared cloud computing framework. Take data storage as an example, instead of actually owning a physical data center, companies can now have their sensitive information securely saved on cloud data centers - a kind of cloud solutions.

Benefit of Cloud Solutions

In today’s rapidly changing business environment, cloud solutions allow businesses to operate on a more cost-effective basis.

As with cloud solutions, businesses no longer have to purchase hardware and recruit on-premises experts to maintain equipment, which saves tons of valuable resources. On the other hand, cloud solutions are able to update seamlessly, allowing businesses to enjoy the most up-to-date functions within a blink.

What is Enterprise Cloud Computing?

Enterprise cloud computing refers to the revolutionized computing services on cloud that are business centric.

Thanks to the flexibility of enterprise cloud computing, businesses can use enterprise cloud computing for a range of purposes, according to their business model and specific requirements. Businesses can even tailor their own enterprise cloud computing solutions to match the needs of their company and handle the daily operations on a case-by-case basis.

Rather than purchasing costly hardware procurement and installation, companies are now getting used to subscribing enterprise cloud computing services for as long as they need them. CITIC Telecom CPC offers a range of enterprise cloud computing services, each has superior speed and performance when handling peaks in demand for IT resources, serving as an ideal enterprise cloud computing solution to businesses.

Examples of Business Cloud Service

The literal meaning of “business cloud service” is the cloud solution dedicated to business usage.

To help businesses stay ahead of the competitions, there are range of business cloud services and enterprise cloud computing solutions specifically designed for different purposes, for instance:

  • File-sharing Business Cloud Service
  • Cloud Storage for Business
  • Business Cloud Computing
  • Business Cloud Backup

Among which, cloud storage is the most popular business cloud service. By storing data in the virtual cloud environment, staff can thus access, edit and share their files through any devices regardless of their locations. This kind of business cloud service also makes data backup and restore easier, making it one of the must-have cloud solutions for almost every enterprise.

Our work ethics

Endorsing enterprise cloud computing services may not be a cakewalk in terms of optimizing the benefits and reducing the bottlenecks. Only with CITIC Telecom CPC, you can go way ahead.

Professional core group

A dedicated technical team conforming to CCSK, CCSP, VCP, VCAP, VSP+, VISP and other relevant professional certifications supervises your IaaS cloud dynamics. The task ranges from IaaS Solution design, service consultation to the end responsibility of service delivery.

Smart reporting and high-quality service discharge

Enterprise cloud computing is largely centered around availability. Therefore, we religiously follow 24x7 surveillance norms to maintain a below 100% accuracy as regards service availability.

Fast-paced and hassle-free resource allocation

IaaS Solution renders a large business house through a dedicated service portal that allows to assemble CPU LAN, memory and storage resources as a pivotal service. It abundantly helps IT businesses to commit resources in real-time to internal stakeholders as virtual data centers.

Extensive safeguard of Cloud data

CITIC Telecom CPC is also adequately reinforced with a strength of full proof security personnel to contribute to value-added Trust CSI governed security solutions. It is compatible with Security Operations Centers (SOCs) with round the clock service monitoring of business data.

Our operational norms

Cloud service provider

As per IaaS Solution, the server provides access to the virtualized network that can also be considered as an internet-served infrastructure. We facilitate an enterprise with these components. The cloud is scalable because at any time and from anywhere the user can access IaaS. An internet connection is the only prerequisite.


We, as cloud service providers, manage and maintain the servers. Such servers and networks have been located in various data centers. CITIC Telecom CPC protects such data centers.


The data is located in the infrastructure or hardware. It provides other deals such as storage for network connections, virtual servers, IP address, bandwidth and load balancers. CITIC Telecom CPC makes a special effort to control all these elements in cohesion.

CITIC Telecom CPC also focuses on connecting a business both internally and externally. Being cloud providers, we provide a sequence of networking solutions to establish links between the principal and branch offices.


Are you genuinely looking for a better technology solution that allows fast scalability at the cheapest cost? One of these leading IaaS cloud providers viz., CITIC Telecom CPC would fall into that category. Check out our rate comparison to see how other biggest players stack up and visit this chart for a similar feature-to-feature analysis. The key distinction is as follows:


A popular option that allows you to either increase or put down resources for IT infrastructure, depending on your business needs.

Matchless performance

It is our consistent quality that outperforms all other budget-friendly public cloud providers.

Freedom of choice

No lock-in of IT services, on-site, hybrid, or hosted cloud: pick the perfect IT infrastructure platform that best motivates your company.

Broadly assigned POP

Take advantage of our highest number of PoPs to connect to the nearest cloud.

Contact us now and use our cloud-based IaaS Solution services for business! Our cloud consultant will instantly get in touch with you.

Virtual Private Cloud (Compute)

High-Performance Cloud Solutions At Your Total Command

Dedicated Private Cloud (vONE)

ONE Dedicated Private Cloud for ONE Enterprise

Managed Container Platform (Container)

Simplify and Streamline your Containerized Application Workflow

Secure Business Email & Collaboration (M@il)

Highly Secure Mobile Collaboration Tools

Unified Video Collaboration for Enterprise (VC)

The Latest HD Quality Video Conference-as-a-Service

Versatile Managed Cloud Backup & DR Solution (BRR)

Virtualized Backup, Replication & Recovery with 100% reliability

Managed Virtual Desktop Service (DaaS Lite)

A flexible managed VDI service with easy deployment without upfront investment

Managed Object Storage (OS)

Maximize Digital Asset Value with Optimized Cloud Data Object

Multi-Cloud Managed Services

Multi-Cloud Infrastructure & Applications Managed Services

OS & Applications Management (PS)

Fully Managing and Supporting Your IT Operation in the Omni-Cloud Era

Multi-Cloud Connect

Embrace Unlimited Possibilities to Achieve Greater Business Value

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