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What is Vulnerability Assessment?

Vulnerability assessment is the process of identifying risks and weaknesses of a company's current IT systems to repair the security holes. A comprehensive vulnerability assessment includes a full set of procedures including vulnerability identification, detailed analysis and appropriate remediation measure recommendation. In the analysis, there should be findings, description of the threat and possible consequences. Then, the service provider should discuss and provide guidance to the in-house IT staff regarding the remediation.

What is worth mentioning is that vulnerability assessment should not be a one-off activity, but a regular practice because there are new threats and scams in the cyber world. An invincible system today could be vulnerable to new threats some other days.

What is Web Vulnerability Scan?

In brief, web vulnerability scan can identify web vulnerabilities and configuration issues at an early stage, protecting businesses from potential cybersecurity risks. Not only is web vulnerability scan crucial to a company’s ongoing security monitoring strategy, but it is also perceived as one of the most effective vulnerability assessment methods to detect a range of vulnerabilities against a known list of common exploits.

Web attack is a major issue for most of the business organizations going online. They are challenged continuously, being tested by a growing number of web security threats. As more and more attacks are happening every day, businesses are becoming concerned about possible security vulnerabilities in their systems. As a result, Web Vulnerability Scan becomes more important. It comprises various security tools that help with detection of threats and to ward off computer-related web attacks. They help in spotting doubtful behavior within the network and prevent unwanted security occurrences from happening.

Web Vulnerability Scan is rapidly becoming a preferred choice for many companies. It will make sure that your security performs better than other methods. To set up a Web Vulnerability Scan framework can be very effective in guarding main critical infrastructures against web attack threats and any other suspicious activity, happenings, and susceptibilities.

How Web Vulnerability Scan works?

To avoid a company’s website from being compromised, web vulnerability scan will closely monitor any misconfiguration and coding flaw that might lead to cybersecurity threats. Some examples of the well-known vulnerabilities that can be discovered during vulnerability assessment are SQL injection, man-in-the-middle attack, cross-site scripting and malicious ransomware.

A regular web vulnerability scan process consists of two parts, which are vulnerability assessment and vulnerability management accordingly. To commence with, during vulnerability assessment, the web vulnerability scan will scan through the webs and applications to uncover existing vulnerabilities, these can either be destructive or simply just a flaw. Once the vulnerability assessment is done, the web vulnerability scan will continue to manage the vulnerabilities.

To properly deal with the vulnerabilities, the web vulnerability scan will first create a proactive alert about the potential threats so as to ensure problems can be handled before causing any cybersecurity incidents. After that, the web vulnerability scan will prioritize the remediation process by evaluating the business impact of each vulnerability, helping users to streamline the vulnerability assessment workload.

How to choose Web Vulnerability Assessment and Scan Solution?

As businesses become more concerned about cybersecurity, there have been many different web vulnerability scan services on the market, each with specific features and functions.

When choosing the best web vulnerability scan service, the first thing to look at must be its ability to perform accurate and on-time vulnerability assessment. As said, a web vulnerability scan should be able to track a range of common or even new vulnerabilities, and give users real-time notification once the vulnerability assessment is done. Moreover, a web vulnerability scan service is supposed to be user-friendly, otherwise the users might fail to address the vulnerability as soon as possible. It is important to have a simple and clear vulnerability assessment report which is easy-to-read so users can spend time on fixing the vulnerabilities instead of figuring out how to operate the web vulnerability scan.

TrustCSI™ IAS is a vulnerability management solution that offers a comprehensive web vulnerability scan to enterprises' entire IT network which enhances their web security and protects their network from web attacks.

TrustCSI™ IAS - Leading Vulnerability Assessment and Scanning Solution

CITIC Telecom CPC has designed a leading web vulnerability assessment and scanning solution - TrustCSI™ IAS to meet all enterprises’ needs. We have a team of security specialists to work with the clients to customize a service schedule and confirm the scope of assessment, making sure the service helps our clients to meet their business needs and security compliances.

After the planning, TrustCSI™ IAS will carry out a comprehensive scan on client’s web applications, network equipment and IT networks. Threats will be identified and a report will be given on the level of severity. Based on our updated and in-depth database, our security experts will communicate with clients about threats and consequences if malicious activities go through the security holes. They will also provide a thorough, actionable remediation recommendation to our clients to close out the vulnerability assessment.

CITIC Telecom CPC understands that clients may want to reassess their systems after some time, when remediation methods are taken and when new cyberthreats are out. We provide optional re-auditing actions in these cases.

Vulnerability management is an on-going process that helps preventing unauthorized access of your valuable data, customer information, critical network assets and intellectual property from your network infrastructure. With the rapid increase of IP usage, networks become businesses’ vital infrastructure that would greatly affect operations. To ensure networks are running smoothly and data is securely managed, TrustCSI™ IAS Information Assessment Service offers full web vulnerability scan and full assessment to enterprises’ entire IT network. It is designed for enterprises to identify potentially damaging vulnerabilities in their network infrastructure and web applications through comprehensive web vulnerability scan. Together with penetration test service reports and recommendations, enterprises can take immediate remedy actions.

4-tiered approach for effective vulnerability management

4-tiered approach for effective vulnerability management

  • Vulnerability Assessment – Identify and prioritize risks in the network infrastructure
  • Network Equipment Policy Assessment – Ensure the highest level of network protection and performance through the policy review
  • Web Application Assessment – Running web vulnerability scan to identify potential or realized threats arisen from inadvertent misconfiguration, weak authentication, insufficient error handling and sensitive information leakage, etc.
  • Network Infrastructure Design Assessment – Evaluate and improve the network design for meeting the set IT objectives


    • The service is fully managed by experienced IT security specialists
    • Comprehensive assessment to minimize the risk of non-compliance
    • Proactive identification and prioritization of risks to prevent possible threats
    • Comprehensive reports with actionable recommendations
    • Optional re-audit services to verify client's risk remediation actions

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