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What is Security Incident Response?

In brief, security incident response is an action plan in case of cyberattacks or other information security incidents.

A security incident response will outline a set of security policies and procedures to take care of once a security incident happens.

The objective of having a security incident response plan is to ensure employees can respond to incidents appropriately, more importantly, a security incident response plan helps to limit damage levels and prevent wastage of resources after an incident.

Why Security Incident Response?

Very often, important business data is compromised due to cyberattacks and other security incidents. Therefore, it is crucial for every company to implement proper security incident response.

Security incident responses are useful once security breaches occur as it allows businesses to respond to incidents more systematically and take the most appropriate actions.

With a security incident response guideline in place, businesses can minimize loss and resume normal operations as soon as possible.

Moreover, a security incident response plan provides staff members with clear instruction on how to handle legal issues correctly. In many countries, the government has outlined a set of regulations and policies regarding information security incidents, it is thus essential to make sure employees know what the best security incident response is.

6 Phrases in Security Incident Response

There are 6 phrases in every security incident response plan, which are:

1. Prepare

Preparation is the most important part in a security incident response plan as it determines how well a company can respond to an attack.

2. Identify

The next step is to make a definition of an incident. Since security incident response is not a simple task, you don't want to waste time and manpower on unimportant issues.

3. Contain

Once a security incident is identified, the security incident response should be an immediate containment action to minimize the amount of damage caused. It is recommended to also include the long-term containment such as extra access controls of unaffected systems in the security incident response plan.

4. Eradicate

If there are systems affected by the security incident, it is suggested to either remove or restore it. To determine which is the best action to take, the security incident response plan should clearly state the consideration factors such as costs, overall impact of the attack and time.

5. Recover

Recovery means reactivating the affected systems and bringing them back to work. This serves as a milestone of a security incident response since it can make sure systems are clean and fully functional.

6. Learn

You sure don’t want the same mistake to happen again. Therefore, as the last step of a security incident response, you should review everything that happened during the security incident and propose suggestions for better crisis management.

Generally, security incidents occur without warning. Even in the case of discovery, an organization might not have sufficient resources or knowledge to effectively handle and neutralize the attack, i.e. a proper security incident response, resulting in great and sustained damage.

CITIC Telecom CPC’s Security Incident Response (IR) is a rapid response service with a 24x7x365 highly trained security team to promptly take professional action to investigate attacks and remediate attacks on behalf of the customer. A subsequent detailed “Post Incident Report” will be furnished when security incident responses have been carried out and the situation has been resolved.

Security Incident Response Solution Diagram

Incident Response Solution Diagram

Our Security Incident Response Solution reacts to potential security threats in 4 phrases. In the detection stage, our well-trained security expert team will provide 24x7 proactive threat detection and monitoring services. When the security incident response service is triggered, the security team will investigate the case immediately and generate a scope of work (SOW). The security team will then execute the security incident response promptly on behalf of the customer. A comprehensive post security incident report will be generated to highlight the incident root cause, provide procedure review and recommendations for future security incident response plans.


    • 24x7x365 Dedicated Security Incident Response Team promptly handles security incident investigation, remediation planning and attack mitigation
    • Memory and hard disk forensics with detailed report on methodology and findings, for presentation to management or legal purposes
    • Detailed “Post Security Incident Report” including root cause analysis, procedural review, learnings and insights, recommendations for improvement
    • Adaptive Security Incident Response Framework for initiating automated workflows

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