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Augmented Reality (AR), Artificial Intelligence (AI), 5G, and advanced computing technologies are broadening the economic horizon. Business systems which are hosted in data centres are becoming more complex, requiring prompt and agile operations and maintenance services. With the motto “Innovation Never Stops”, CITIC Telecom CPC integrates AR technology into its data centre services, resulting in the launch of its “AR Remote Hand” - Remote Operations and Maintenance Services.

The AR Remote Hand employs AR glasses to stream real-time intelligence, troubleshooting logs, graphics and encrypted data from back-end systems to on-site engineers and maintenance staff. It provides field engineers with a heads-up display for remote visualisation in real-time as they install, maintain or troubleshoot equipment. Through an AR operations console, back-end teams share the same view as on-site engineers, allowing them to provide live instructions for troubleshooting. It solves the challenges of cross-regional operations, complex equipment, inconvenient onsite deployment, time for retrieving numerous documents and connect to backend data, as well as communication and data transmission distortion. Integrating virtual and reality, AR Remote Hand speeds the whole operations and maintenance process and boosts field productivity.

An Innovative Solution to cope with Data Centre Challenges

  • High Standard IT Professional is Required
    In the past, IT staff needed to conduct on-site investigations to figure out the causes of fault cases and propose solutions. It requires experienced IT professionals with high standard.
  • Complex and Diverse Equipment Management
    There are numerous types of IT equipment and models, as well as ever-changing updates and diversified equipment and processes. They require a myriad of operation manuals or communication inquiries.
  • Absence of IT Staff
    Operations and maintenance staff may be absent due to business trips, location distance issues, on leave, or fail in having replacement staff on duty, etc.
  • Cross-regional Communication and Collaboration
    With the trend of globalization and cross-regional operations, operations and maintenance engineers all over the world need to deal with various challenges, including multiple languages, time lags, and diversified skillsets in multi-technology environments.

Applied Features

    Order Management Icon Order Management

    Real-time Monitoring Icon Real-time Monitoring

    • Back-end systems integration
    • Scanning of QR code labels
    • Data input via voice / gesture
    • Monitoring of equipment status
    • Updates of orders in real-time
    • Monitoring of network traffic

    Remote Assistance Icon Remote Assistance

    AR User Manual Icon AR User Manual

    • AR 3D labelling
    • Content creation via PC/APP
    • AR-oriented troubleshooting
    • Customized point of interest
    • Intelligent viewing of historical records and processing of data analysis
    • Integrate virtual and reality

Innovation Values

    Zero Global Distance Icon
    Zero Global Distance
    Engineers can adopt a more efficient and cost-effective way to manage system installation and maintenance though encountering challenges of multi-languages, multi-time zones and multi-skill requirements.
    High-quality Field Service Support Icon
    High-quality Field Service Support
    Professional services resources can be centralized and more effectively allocated to help discovering problems accurately and completing instructions rapidly through remote collaborations.
    Minimize Health Risks Icon
    Minimize Health Risks
    With the AR Remote Hand, the operations and maintenance work would not be delayed even in special occasions such as amidst pandemics. There is no need for staff to gather physically to complete the tasks, minimizing their health risks.
    Increase Cost Effectiveness Icon
    Increase Cost Effectiveness
    Customers can manage the operations and maintenance work remotely without visiting the site in person. It significantly reduces transportation time costs and improves overall efficiency.


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