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Network Construction: Beyond “Eastern Data and Western Computing”


In face of “Eastern Data and Western Computing”, it is high time to figure out how to realize the interconnection between data centers in various locations


Network Construction: Beyond “Eastern Data and Western Computing”

2022-05-13 PilvÜhendusedMajutuskeskusInfoturve

In face of “Eastern Data and Western Computing”, it is high time to figure out how to realize the interconnection between data centers in various locations


Surge in Phishing Attacks Puts Cybersecurity in Peril

2022-03-25 Infoturve

In retrospect, phishing attacks have struck from time to time over the years. While the range of victims and tactics are evolving with the ever-changing technology landscape, it rem…


Global luxury beauty group partners with CITIC Telecom CPC undergo digital transformation

2022-03-18 PilvÜhendusedCustomer ExperienceMajutuskeskusInfoturveTransformatsioon

As digitalization becomes the new normal across all industries especially during a time when staying at home is encouraged, beauty is no exception. For nearly a decade, CITIC Teleco…


“Eastern Data and Western Computing” is in Full Swing

2022-03-04 PilvÜhendusedMajutuskeskusInfoturveTransformatsioon

Subsequent to the projects of “South–North Water Transfer”, “West–East Gas Pipeline” and “West–East Electricity Transmission”, one can expect a whole new national initiativ…


Email Security is Essential to Preventing Ubiquitous Phishing Attacks

2022-02-25 Infoturve

As the COVID-19 pandemic becomes more severe around the globe, more enterprises allow employees to work from home to lower infection risks. Email has therefore become the main daily…


Bridging Virtuality and Reality to Meet the Rise of Metaverse

2022-02-18 PilvÜhendusedMajutuskeskusInfoturve

A time of crisis indeed opens up rare opportunities, and the pandemic has set the stage to enter the metaverse era. In the early days of the pandemic, many enterprises addressed the…


Upgrade Endpoint Security to Keep You Away from Data Breach!

2022-02-11 Infoturve

During festive seasons, online purchases soar while cybercriminals gear up to launch attacks or frauds. Just before this Chinese New Year, a leading online shopping platform in Hong…


Syntax Unravels Challenges with an Innovative One-stop Solution

2022-01-21 PilvÜhendusedCustomer ExperienceMajutuskeskus

An increasing number of enterprises is taking advantage of IT technologies to optimize their products and services, considering its rapid development and prevalence of mobile connec…


Surmounting Difficulties via DX: AI to Create Dynamics

2022-01-07 TehisintellektInnovatsioonTransformatsioon

Many enterprises were thrown into a state of emergency since the pandemic swept the globe and still haunts them today. Some have successfully turned around through digital transform…


ICT-MiiND Rides on the Momentum to Unlock Innovative Future

2021-12-22 TehisintellektInnovatsioonTransformatsioon

Uncertainty continues to surround 2022, which drives enterprises to shift to hybrid working models and rely more on networks and cloud applications than ever before.


Endpoint Detection & Response: Panacea for New Wave of Cyber Threats

2021-12-03 InfoturveNew NormalTransformatsioon

Given a multitude of advanced cybersecurity threats, traditional security solutions are less effective in mitigating damage from data breaches or system failure.


5G+ Smart Industries – Building the Future of Architecture and Construction

2021-11-26 ÜhendusedInnovatsioon5G+

Now, as 5G technology rolls out across the world, it is radically transforming the design and construction of the structures people use, especially within the context of next-genera…

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