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What is Web Application Firewall?

Web Application Firewalls are often considered as critical systems of a company’s anti-threat strategy.

To prevent data breaches, data loss and data corruptions, a Web Application Firewall is designed to detect HTTP and web application-based security flaws. Once suspicious traffic or vulnerabilities are discovered, the Web Application Firewall will take action to protect the web servers of applications.

There are a variety of application layer attacks that can be handled by Web Application Firewall and managed firewall, including cross-site scripting (XSS), cookie poisoning and SQL injection. With the right Web Application Firewall, companies can regulate malicious code or attack vectors without having to compromise their systems.

How does Web Application Firewall work?

In brief, the Web Application Firewall sits between a traditional firewall and an application, in other words, every traffic has to pass through two layers before reaching the application itself.

Web Application Firewall can either be tailor-made or off-the-shelf, depending on your business needs. If you are looking for advanced security and flexible scalability, you can customize the policies of Web Application Firewall and managed firewall to meet any unique needs of your web application. Some Web Application Firewall also adopts machine learning technology, meaning it can update automatically to address new vulnerabilities.

What is Managed Firewall?

The setup and maintenance of Web Application Firewall is never easy, that’s when you need a managed firewall.

Managed firewall is a combination of security threats assessment and network traffic monitoring. Normally speaking, a managed firewall solution will offer all-in-one set-up, operation, maintenance and optimization of Web Application Firewall rules. Some managed firewall solutions also provide clients with detailed analysis and follow-up reports.

Why Web Application Firewall?

Without a Web Application Firewall, your backend database might be exploited by cybercriminals. Therefore, you need a Web Application Firewall and managed firewall to detect and fix all kinds of vulnerabilities as well as configuration errors.

A Web Application Firewall can identify web vulnerabilities such as response code error and hacking footprint at an early stage, nipping the threats in the bud. Even though there has already been intrusive behaviours, the managed firewall can also prevent the database from being further intruded on by unwanted parties.

After the security incident, a managed firewall will re-evaluate the system and conduct data recovery if necessary. Also, the managed firewall will learn from the previous inadequacies and update the Web Application Firewall to maximize the security.

Internet attacks have evolved considerably, with criminals who monetize their illegal activities and adopt sophisticated methods. Web attacks are the most significant threats faced by organizations vulnerable to such approaches as cross-site scripting (XSS), SQL injection (SQLi), and cross-site request forgery (CSRF), all of which have become standard attacks. Partner with the trusted firewall service providers that specialized in Web Application Firewalls can safeguard your web applications and web servers.

Now feel secure with the confidence that your Website will always be available and responsive. Enjoy the versatility and freedom of continuous assistance and policy tuning from one of the managed firewall service providers, CITIC Telecom CPC. Its dedicated team of industry-certified Security Operations Center (SOCs) engineers who work round-the-clock to protect your applications and intellectual property, non-stop. TrustCSI™ WAF Managed Web Application Firewall service also features proactive security event management and response, real-time monitoring, specialized policies, attack reports, and 24x7 support. It is designed to be the most effective, most dependable, least cumbersome, and best value managed firewall service in the market.

TrustCSI™ WAF Solution Diagram

As one of the innovative firewall service providers, CITIC Telecom CPC provides TrustCSI™ WAF Managed Web Application Firewall to detect and protect your critical web activities in real-time. Managed by industry-certified security experts with world-class incident response, TrustCSI™ WAF Managed Web Application Firewall protects your business to maximize integrity and availability. With fast and early detection of cyber threats, the firewall service can protect you against financial and reputation loss.

TrustCSI™ WAF Solution Diagram

    • Instantly arrest critical Web application attacks and dynamically secure online resources
    • Flexible deployment modes with minimum adjustments to existing environment
    • (Optional) Regular Meeting on Report Analysis by Security Experts
    • Fully managed solution by security experts with 24x7x365 real-time monitoring, on-site support and hotline services
    • Comprehensive notification mechanism
    • (Optional) Routine periodic Web vulnerability auto-scanning with virtual patching
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