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Web Vulnerability Scan & Application Firewall | DDoS Web Attack & Web Security

How to Increase Web Security to Keep Company Safe from Web Attacks?

Web security has become an important concept in today’s digital world where everything is accessed online because of servers and clouds. But the online access to each and every important information about the company and business has also increased the risk of data leakage. There have been a number of cases of web attacks and online cyber hacks that have caused problems for the company. To increase your company’s web security from such cyber threats, it is important to install a web application firewall, run a web vulnerability scan and carry out other important steps.

Here are certain ways that will help you to increase the security and avoid any kind of inside as well as outside cyber-attacks.

1.Identify the Threats

All the basic threats like unauthorized access and similar acts should be tackled urgently before suffering any loss. Most of the businesses contain very sensitive data, which if leaked, can cause a tremendous loss for the company. Internet attackers and hackers are normally looking for such opportunities and invade privacy for stealing data. Therefore, identify such threats and get it rectified with installing proper web application firewall.

2.Beware of Web Attack

You should be always prepared for cybercriminals and work like you are expecting an attack. This will help you to amp the web vulnerability scan and ensure that the company’s data is safeguarded at all time. Keep a record of information that is most likely to cost your company big loss. In addition, develop plans and strategies for avoiding all such scenarios and increase web security.

3.Keep Employees Under Radar

Sometimes the information is not harmed from outside but causes problem becomes of internal leakage. Therefore, always make sure that you keep your employees motivated and discourage them to leak any information related to the company in the outside world. Moreover, always have a backup of all the messages exchanged between employees. Also, check on the security passwords if they are used properly and are safe from unauthorized usage.

4.Arrange Regular Audits

Audits are a way to understand how efficient the web security of your business is. When a business grows, it becomes nearly impossible to have control over each and every aspect of data security. This is why performing an audit by professionals will help you run the web vulnerability scan through your business and increase web security. You can also hire a full-time professional to look after such security concerns.

5.Carry Out Assessments

Conduct cybersecurity assessments regularly to mitigate the risks and keep your web security game high. You can have a separate department to work on minimizing the risk of web attack and data loss. Information assessment is one way to do that and help your company grow without any threats. Carrying out risk assessments also helps to keep the business safe from exposing it to the competitors.

6.Hire Professional Security Services and Systems

Another way of staying away from web attacks is by hiring our MAS services. With our services, you will get round-the-clock protection as the engineers solely work 24/7 to make the web security higher for you. In addition, we also provide real-time monitoring, web attack reports, specialized policies, and full-time support. Some of the important features of our services are –

•Instantly identify web attacks and implement better web application firewall.

•Carry on a web vulnerability scan to understand the web security of your business.

•Provide real-time monitoring and 24/7 support.

•Regular analysis by the experts on the web security aspects.

These are some of the ways to increase web security of your business and keep it safe from the increasing cyber threats.

Internet attacks have evolved considerably, with criminals who monetize their illegal activities and adopt sophisticated methods. Web attacks are the most significant threats faced by organizations vulnerable to such approaches as cross-site scripting (XSS), SQL injection (SQLi), and cross-site request forgery (CSRF), all of which have become standard attacks.

Now feel secure with the confidence that your Website will always be available and responsive. Enjoy the versatility and freedom of continuous assistance and policy tuning from CITIC Telecom CPC’s dedicated team of industry-certified Security Operations Center (SOCs) engineers who work round-the-clock to protect your applications and intellectual property, non-stop. TrustCSI™ WAF also features proactive security event management and response, real-time monitoring, specialized policies, attack reports, and 24x7 support.

TrustCSI™ WAF Solution Diagram

TrustCSI™ WAF Solution Diagram


    • Instantly arrest critical Web application attacks and dynamically secure online resources
    • Flexible deployment modes with minimum adjustments to existing environment
    • (Optional) Regular Meeting on Report Analysis by Security Experts
    • Fully managed solution by security experts with 24x7x365 real-time monitoring, on-site support and hotline services
    • Comprehensive notification mechanism
    • (Optional) Routine periodic Web vulnerability auto-scanning with virtual patching

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