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Discover the power of SASE: Empowering Network Security and Safeguarding Your Business

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Discover the power of SASE: Empowering Network Security and Safeguarding Your Business

In today's modern world, businesses need to adopt advanced technologies to streamline operations. Among these technologies, Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) and Software-Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) have emerged as essential solutions for secure and efficient network architecture. In this article, we will take a deep dive into SASE and explore its connection with SD-WAN, highlighting the key components of SASE, and why businesses should consider implementing it.

What is Secure Access Service Edge (SASE)?

Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) is a revolutionary technology that has changed the traditional landscape of network security. In the past, network security was primarily focused on protecting the perimeter of the network. However, with the rise of cloud computing and remote work, the perimeter has become increasingly difficult to define. This is where SASE comes in.

SASE brings together numerous security and network technologies into a unified platform that provides secure, reliable, and efficient access to cloud applications, resources, and services. It forms a secure edge around each user and device, enabling secure access to applications, regardless of their location. This is particularly important in today's distributed enterprises, where employees are increasingly working from home or on the go.

One of the must-know features of SASE is its Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) capability. In contrast to the traditional network security models which simply assume everything inside a particular network is trusted, ZTNA only allows users, devices and applications to access once they are proven to be authorized, which is highly conducive to reducing the risk of cyber attacks.

How are SASE and SD-WAN related?

Software-Defined Wide Area Networking (SD-WAN) is a technology that enables businesses to connect their branch offices and remote locations to their headquarters or data centers through secure connections. It takes advantage of software-defined networking to dynamically route traffic over multiple paths based on predefined rules and network conditions.

On the other hand, SASE is a cloud-based security model that combines various security functions into one single platform, delivering security and network services from the cloud rather than replying on on-premises hardware or software.

By integrating SD-WAN and SASE, Businesses can benefit from a comprehensive networking and security solution that is easy to deploy, manage, and scale. This integration enables businesses to secure their network traffic, regardless of its orgin or destination, and enforce consistent security policies across all their locations and users.

Furthermore, SD-WAN and SASE can work together to improve user experience and productivity. SD-WAN can prioritize and route traffic in accordance with business needs, while SASE can provide secure access to various cloud applications and services, enabling users to access their applications and data quickly and securely, without worrying about network or security issues.

Get to Know the 3 Key Components of SASE

Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) is a network security architecture that is gaining popularity among businesses of all sizes and across industries. Here are some of the key components of SASE:

1) Cloud-Native Security Services

SASE incorporates a range of cloud-native security services such as Web Application Firewall (WAF), Secure Web Gateway (SWG),Data Loss Prevention (DLP), and more. These services are delivered from the cloud, hence providing greater scalability and reliability. With these services included, businesses can ensure that their data and applications are protected from malicious cyber attacks, even when accessed from remote locations.

2) Zero-Trust Network Access

SASE leverages Zero-Trust Network Access (ZTNA) approach to provide secure access to applications based on user and device identity. This approach enhances security by providing granular control to improvie protection against cyber attacks.

ZTNA provides businesses with a more secure way to access their applications and data. With ZTNA, only authorized users and devices are permitted to access their network and applications. Not only can this component provide businesses with greater visibility into user activity, it also enables the IT teams to detect and block cyber threats in a timely manner.

3) Integration with SD-WAN

Through integration with Software-Defined Wide Area Networking (SD-WAN), SASE is equipped to offer optimal network performance by directing traffic to the appropriate path based on the policies applied to each application.

SD-WAN provides businesses with a more efficient way to manage their network traffic. Cloud applications often undergo frequent changes, and through integration with SD-WAN, businesses are able to deliver the best end-user quality of experience for cloud-hosted applications without compromising security. Most importantly, the advanced networking capabilities help automate orchestration between the SD-WAN and cloud-delivered security services at ease, achieving a cutting-edge functionality for SASE.

3 Reasons for Businesses to Consider SASE

1) Increased Network Security

With the rise of cyber threats, network security has become a top priority for businesses. SASE's Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) capability significantly enhances network security by ensuring that applications are only accessed by authorized users and devices, effectively keeping the malicious cyber attacks at bay.

SASE's ZTNA capability also provides businesses with granular control over user access, allowing them to enforce policies that restrict access to specific applications and data.

2) Improved Network Performance and Scalability

SASE's cloud-native architecture enables businesses to scale their network operations effectively while maintaining stable performance. This is achieved through automated and intelligent network management provided by the integration of SASE and SD-WAN. Furthermore, SASE's cloud-based architecture eliminates the need for businesses to invest in expensive hardware and infrastructure, allowing them to scale their network operations without incurring significant capital expenditures.

3) Simplified Network Administration and Management Operations

Unlike traditional WAN architectures that require multiple point solutions to manage security and network, SASE offers a unified platform that streamlines network and security operations. This allows businesses to reduce the complexities of network management and improve operational efficiency.

SASE's unified platform also enables businesses to reduce the number of vendors they work with, simplifying procurement and management, while allowing businesses to focus on delivering value to their customers instead of managing complex vendor relationships.

Beginner Guide to SASE Implementation

Implementing SASE is a critical step towards securing your network infrastructure. When selecting an SASE solution, it's crucial to evaluate vendors carefully.

Be noted that SASE solutions may differ in terms of their capabilities and pricing models. Therefore, consider the following factors when selecting a SASE solution:

  • Network scalability and performance: Make sure that the SASE solution you select can scale to meet your network's growing demands without compromising performance.
  • End-to-end visibility and control: The SASE solution should provide complete visibility into your network traffic and allow you to control access to your network resources.
  • Unified policy management and enforcement: The SASE solution should provide a centralized policy management and enforcement mechanism that simplifies network security management.
  • Comprehensive threat protection: The SASE solution should provide comprehensive threat protection, including protection against malware, phishing, and other cyber threats.
  • Flexible deployment options: The SASE solution should offer flexible deployment options, including cloud-based, on-premise, or hybrid deployment models.
  • Seamless integration with existing security infrastructure: The SASE solution should seamlessly integrate with your existing security infrastructure, including firewalls, endpoint security, and other security measures.

Real-life Application Examples of SASE

SASE is suitable for businesses operating in various sectors, including financial institutions, healthcare service providers, retailers, educational institutions, and government organizations. Below is a list showcasing how SASE can be applied in these sectors:

  • Financial Institutions: SASE provides secure access to remote employees and branch offices, while providing comprehensive threat protection for financial transactions and customer data.
  • Healthcare Service Providers: SASE protects confidential patient data by providing secure remote access to medical records, patient information, and other critical data.
  • Retailers: Using zero-trust approach, SASE secures transactions and customer data across multiple channels, including e-commerce platforms, brick-and-mortar stores, and mobile shopping apps.
  • Educational Institutions: By implementing SASE, educational institutions can ensure the network security of their online learning platforms and protect students' personal information.
  • Government Organizations: SASE plays an important role in assisting government organizations in securing their networks and enabling secure access to sensitive information from anywhere without compromising security. This capability is vital for effectively handling the large volumes of sensitive data that government entitles deal with on a daily basis.

Foreseeable Challenges of SASE

While SASE provides an effective solution for businesses' security requirements, some challenges may hinder its deployment, for example:

1) Legacy Systems and Applications

Businesses with legacy systems and applications may find it challenging to integrate SASE solution into their existing infrastructure.

2) Compliance and Regulatory Requirements

Compliance mandates such as China’s Cybersecurity Law and the EU’s GDPR may require businesses to implement additional security measures, which may complicate the entire SASE deployment process.

3) Integration with Existing Security Infrastructure

Businesses must access carefully whether their chosen SASE solution can integrate seamlessly with their existing security infrastructure.

Achieve End-to-end Network Security with SASE

CITIC Telecom CPC’s TrueCONNECT™ SASE and TrueCONNECT™ Hybrid SD-WAN are two powerful solutions that can be integrated to provide the ultimate intelligent network security solution for distributed enterprises. Through the flexible and user-friendly SD-WAN orchestrator tool, distributed enterprises can directly and automatically steer network traffic that links all evolving edges, including headquarters, branch offices, data centers and cloud edges. This integration simplifies infrastructure management without compromising security, flexibility and scalability.

As a pioneer in digital transformation, CITIC Telecom CPC offers comprehensive “Cloud, Network, Intelligence and Security” solutions, driving enterprises to embrace the new era of digital transformation and seize new opportunities. Let us help you achieve your digital transformation goals while ensuring top-level network security and optimal performance today. Chat with us now to customize your ideal network security solution!

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