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+Can I create multiple schedules for one backup policy in SmartCLOUD™ EPS ACB?
No, each backup policy can only have one schedule.
+If my machine misses the scheduled backup (i.e. powered off), will the missed backup job automatically be executed when my machine resumes?
No, SmartCLOUDTM EPS OBM will not execute the missed backup job, it only execute the scheduled backup job.
+If my machine is in low power mode, can the backup job automatically run?
No, the scheduled backup job will not be executed if the machine is in low power mode (power-off, sleep or hibernate). However, logoff the machine is fine.
+Can I backup the outlook .pst file on my machine?
Yes, as long as the .pst files are saved in the folder of local machine, SmartCLOUDTM EPS ACB can backup it.
+Can I change my encryption key in future?
No, you cannot change the encryption key for the backup set afterwards. You have to delete the backup set with all the backup data and re-create a new backup set to key in a new encryption key.
+Can I install SmartCLOUD™ EPS ACB on a server?
Yes, SmartCLOUDTM EPS ACB can also be installed on the server but only file level backup.
+Can I use one SmartCLOUD™ EPS ACB account to backup multiple machines?
No, you cannot do that. Each time you login a new machine, the previous machine’s backup policy will be overwritten by the current machine’s.
+Can I create multiple backup policies for one machine in SmartCLOUD™ EPS ACB?
No, each backup machine can only have one backup policy.
+Does SmartCLOUD™ EPS OBM support onsite backup?
Yes, there are three options when you perform scheduled backup:
• Default - Backup to SmartCLOUDTM EPS Server (Offsite)
• Backup to local hard disk (Onsite)
• Backup to local hard disk and SmartCLOUDTM EPS Server (Onsite and Offsite) To configure onsite backup, login SmartCLOUDTM EPS OBM >> create a backup job >> under “Local Copy”, tick “Copy to Local Hard Disk” >> tick “Skip backing up to SmartCLOUDTM EPS Server” to disable the offsite backup.
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