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Cyber security Hong Kong: Building a Security First Network Infrastructure

TrustCSI™, a flagship product of CITIC Telecom CPC, introduces a new approach to the business in terms of cyber security Hong Kong.

As you keep up with the news, you are likely to see more and more reports about data misuse, data leaks, data theft. Sometimes back, Twitter announced that nearly 330 million passwords were exposed due to a technical malfunction. It shows that businesses, big or small, need to be more conscious of data privacy and data security. When regulatory bodies around the world are tightening data privacy regulations, companies may also be heavily penalized for weaknesses in their cybersecurity systems.

The cyber security Hong Kong digital business operates in a higher risk atmosphere than before, with an increasing scope of advanced threats and attacks on data and applications. TrustCSI Secure AI advanced threat protection secures the enterprises against persistent threats across endpoints, servers, and networks, such as email servers, web servers, and file servers.

The introduction of new technologies such as AI and cloud computing will pose new threats and risks to organizations as regards cyber security Hong Kong. The HKMA (Hong Kong Monetary Authority) has indicated that data-driven AI systems are extremely prone to emerging cyber security threats, such as data leakage. Therefore, industry authorities are expected to take more strict steps towards cyber security Hong Kong domain to keep up with the promotion and growth of new technologies.

Key features

· Owns a fully controlled one-stop security solution with ATP (Advanced Threat Protection)

· Tackles a wide range of threats across various network layers, including real-time surveillance, proactive detection of threats and prevention

· Identifies and prevents emerging threats and suspected attacks that bypass other less complex approaches to security

· Active interaction of components interact actively and collaborate with each other for a coordinated security defense in real-time

· Unified Threat Management (UTM), Secure Email Gateway (SEG), Web Application Firewall (WAF), Sandbox, and 24 hours Managed Security Services (MSS) are some notable features of non-stop layered security protection offered.

We, not only defend company interest, but we are also building it, utilizing protection and privacy as a platform for business transformation. When businesses move towards a digital business model, more data is produced and exchanged steadily among partners, companies, and their customers.

Cloud Platform Security Diagnostic Tool, which contains sample security control points from big cloud providers, will help you understand whether sufficient security measures are applied to the cloud providers engaged by an organization.

Today's business digitization also opens up to new digital threats, increasing the value of effective privacy and precision related to cyber security Hong Kong. We combine five key elements to help users take a larger view of cybersecurity and privacy for seamless business growth.

Key services

To create new products, services, or ways of doing business, many companies are adopting emerging technologies. Enterprises, however, don't often recognize the evolving risks to cyber security that could affect these programs after they have been introduced. We will assist you in assessing, managing, and developing transition strategies to enhance your cyber security capabilities to facilitate business, maintain and simplify compliance, and create trust with stakeholders. The services include:

· Designing and transformation of strategies

· Detecting cybersecurity risks and governance

· Managing security threats from third parties

· The new security technologies

· Securing the cloud

It seems a daunting task to enhance your cybersecurity, but there are cyber security Hong Kong services that can truly help. TrustCSI Secure AI can provide you with a secure, cost-effective, and user-friendly solution for total cybersecurity.

Our cyber security service driven by AI offers the companies all the strengths of a high standard 24 hours IT protection without any significant overhead costs.⠀

TrustCSI™ Secure AI brings a new approach to enterprise cyber defense, inspired by self-learning biological immune systems. By assuming organizations face a constant level of threat from within, TrustCSI™ Secure AI actively investigates all anomalous activities and identifies threats using the behavioural approach and advanced machine learning algorithms to quickly hone in the root cause and severity of the anomaly detected, formulate findings into actionable insight and predict whether any anomalous network behavior is significant enough to cause alarm. With TrustCSI™ Secure AI, our cyber security analysts can detect real time anomalies within the organizations network, including previously unknown "zero-day" attacks and, provide visibility of emerging threats at various stages during the attack life-cycle. They shorten the time it takes for customers to contain threat and limit the extremity and cost of an attack when it occurs.

TrustCSI™ Secure AI Solution Diagram

Secure AI (UEBA) Solutions Diagram


    • Easily add protection via hassle-free one-arm sniffer deployment
    • Adaptively investigates and learns about normal and anomalous enterprise network activities
    • Quickly detects behavioral anomalies, such as activity in a data-sensitive area of the network or unexpected decryption
    • Continuous fine-tuning of threat modeling by certified cyber-security analysts
    • Advanced detection that traditional rule & signature-based approaches do not work
    • Fully managed solution includes notification emails, threat intelligence reports and daily configuration backup

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