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Cloud Based Business Solutions - Enterprise Resource Optimization

SmartCLOUD™ vONE is a dedicated private cloud based business solution that enables your enterprise to optimize resources, reduce costs and enjoying rapid scalability, high security and trusted services.

Benefits of Choosing a Business Cloud Based Solutions

When cloud computing is used a single business or organization whilst ensuring that it is not connected to any other business or organization, then the services used by them is known as private cloud solutions. Since cloud business solutions are meant to be used by one business, it can be specifically shaped to serve the requirements of that business or organization.

Along with business customization private cloud based solutions also has several other benefits such as below:

Cloud Business Solutions with Minimized Cost

One of the primary benefits of having a private cloud is low cost. A private cloud will not just save money over a traditional on premise setting, for most businesses it costs much less than a public cloud environment. This has been proved through one of the recent studies and experts say that the businesses using public clouds are unaware of the many hidden charges that come with their bill. More than 41% of the IT experts say that private cloud is inexpensive when compared to a public cloud. Moreover, 24% people who have used both public and private clouds say that the premium they pay towards private cloud is 10% less than what they paid for using public clouds. A saving of 10% is quite a decent amount for any business.

Private Cloud Solutions with High Flexibility

Private Cloud offers flexibility through virtualization, operating systems to work on a single physical machine and enabling multiple applications. Along with this the resources dedicated to a certain virtual server running an application can be attuned to adjust with the resource changes of application. This enriched resource utilization and flexibility offered by private cloud based solutions can help businesses warrant application performance. This also helps in lowering the costs as the servers are well exploited.

Business Cloud Security Solutions

Another benefit that cloud business solutions offers is enhanced levels of security to the business that is using it. The data is saved and managed on dedicated servers. The access lies only in the hands of one sole business that is shared by none. This betters the chances of data privacy. In either of the cases where the servers are on-site and taken care of by the internal IT team of the business or where the servers are in a data center that is being taken care of by the cloud service provider, the security is several times better than what a public cloud offers.


Every country or state has its own set of rules and regulations that businesses have to follow. The list of laws to comply with gets longer if a business has its reach overseas too. Using a private cloud helps in organizing it in agreement with any preservation and access control policies. Customer information is a highly sensitive issue and every nation has stringent laws over user data. Every business whether big or small has to have total control over their customer data and ensure it is safe. For instance, accessing security logs through a public cloud could be difficult when business is using the public cloud, but when they are using private cloud then it is pretty easy to access the security logs.


SmartCLOUD vONE is a dedicated private cloud based solutions that facilitate your business to elevate resources, lower costs and enjoy quick scalability. We provide reliable services to our clients. We have been in the business for some time, ensuring quality services to all those that decide to give us a chance to serve them.

While cloud computing can deliver higher efficiency and greater flexibility, key concerns remain regarding enterprise infrastructure transitions to shared environments. With multiple Cloud Services Centers worldwide, CITIC Telecom CPC brings to the market a breakthrough solution combining the best of both worlds of on-premises deployment and virtualization: SmartCLOUD™ vONE.

Designed and supported by dedicated cloud professionals, SmartCLOUD™ vONE is a dedicated private cloud solution that enables any enterprise of any scale to optimize resources and reduce costs, while enjoying rapid scalability, higher security and trusted reliability with peace of mind.

Full range of professional managed services for easy migration to SmartCLOUD™ vONE

  • Planning and Implementation --- fully customizable and one-stop dedicated private cloud solution; seamlessly integrate with existing enterprise infrastructure to attain a high performance hybrid cloud solution
  • Highly Reliable Daily Operation --- high reliability on world-class cloud infrastructure certified to ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO20000, ISO27001 and ISO27017 standards
  • Post-sales Customer and Technical Support --- including hardware replacement services and 7x24 customer service hotline

SmartCLOUD™ vONE Solution Diagram

Dedicated Private Cloud (vONE) Solutions Diagram


    • Reliable dedicated private cloud solution with 99.999% service reliability and true disaster recovery capability
    • Scalable and fully customized total solution that intelligently addresses today’s real-world business needs
    • Seamlessly interoperates with CITIC Telecom CPC’s other innovative ICT solutions for even higher performance, reliability and security
    • Certified cloud professionals deliver full service spectrum, from solution design, implementation, and migration, to on-going customer support and round-the-clock monitoring
    • Flexible monthly payment model eliminates risk of upfront investment
    • Easily customizes with full range of Value-Added Services (VAS) to choose from, including on-site or off-site backup, Microsoft license rentals and server load balancing
    • Easily integrates with existing enterprise infrastructure to attain high performance hybrid cloud solution

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