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Worldwide Cloud Data Center Service DataHOUSE™

Try our Cloud Data Center service, DataHOUSE™ is built on a superlative technological platform and a reliable network infrastructure, linking with 30 data centers worldwide is the solution for your applications and data.

Worldwide Cloud Data Center Service with CITIC Telecom CPC DataHOUSE™

Every business is going online now and most of their data is stored in online cloud storage through which it can be accessed almost anywhere in the world. Even though it can be a costly affair, it won’t be costlier than losing the data due to some accident. Cloud data centers are the places where all this data is stored. Cloud data center is a non-traditional data center solution by CITIC Telecom CPC’s DataHOUSE.

The technology with which we have built it is world-class in quality. The network infrastructure that we use is carrier-grade connecting it with a total of 30 data centers all over the world. It not like every other traditional data management center which is usually for hosting needs or colocation, it is specially designed to handle a load of hybrid and private cloud infrastructure environment. Our cloud data center is very effective because it has the advantage of using CITIC Telecom CPC’s private network to provide carrier-class performance. It further enables seamless experience to other placed data centers in the world.

For us, the purpose of having these data centers was to be able to create nationwide network access for anyone who is using these cloud storage. There are already several cloud data centers that we have installed around the world. It enables people and businesses to enjoy a seamless experience of storing, taking backups, duplication and restoration of their data as the need may be. By installing different data centers all around the world, we made sure that the time taken to load the data by the server is very less regardless of the size of it making it a time-efficient platform.

The Complementary Role to ICT Solutions

Most of the key services of ICT solutions for various enterprises are covered by CITIC Telecom CPC. Some of the companies which are associated with the DataHOUSE are TrueCONNECT - Private Network solutions, SmartCLOUD - Cloud computing solutions, TrustCSI - Information Security services.


1.Through the DataHOUSE, your business can upload all of its data to the cloud storage without any hassle.

2.The security systems at the data center are too strong to let anyone hack their system and is tried and tested so you can be relaxed about it being safe.

3.With the help of DataHOUSE, you can access your data in any part of the world with good internet connectivity with a simple id and password authentication.

Why us?

1.Since our cloud data centers are interconnected with more than 30 data centers all around the world, most of the places in the world would be able to load the network server fast.

2.It is backed by EtherCONNECT WAN service, so there is highly any doubt that there will be an issue for slow internet connection. The speed can vary up from 10 Mbps to 100 Gbps.

3.The security around the DataHOUSE and the data centers is high and the facilities are monitored 7x24 so that nothing goes wrong with your valuable data.

4.It has Quintuple ISO certifications prized to it. It has also passed Threat and Vulnerability Risk Assessment (TVRA).

With signing up for our services, you get a lot of benefits along with the above mentioned ones such as other products that we offer under our services. Our ultimate goal is to lessen your efforts to almost none for storing and accessing data in any part of the world so that you can carry out your usual business hassle-free.

CITIC Telecom CPC’s DataHOUSE™, Cloud Data Center is an unconventional cloud data center solution. It is built on a world-class technological platform and carrier-grade network infrastructure, linking with ~30 cloud data centers worldwide. DataHOUSE™ converged with cloud solution and global unified management data center solutions. It is not limited to provide traditional facility management, hosting or colocation services, but specifically designed to handle the demands of cloud infrastructure, private and hybrid cloud environments.

DataHOUSE™ takes advantage of CITIC Telecom CPC’s private network backbone for carrier-class performance, enabling seamless access to other cloud data centers worldwide. These cloud data centers will help create a nationwide operation network, complementing CITIC Telecom CPC’s multiple SmartCLOUD™ Cloud Service Centers already in place across the world. Enterprises will be able to enjoy world-class cloud data center services, true disaster recovery capability, cross-regional cloud service deployment in minimal time and benefit from high cost-effectiveness.

The latest award winning DataHOUSE™ AR Remote Hand, AR-based Operations and Maintenance Solution, addresses customer demand for support in managing the increasing complexity and diversity of equipment. It enables field engineers across multiple locations to overcome the challenges of multiple languages and skillsets in multi-technology environments; as well as to manage installation and maintenance issues more efficiently and cost effectively. Click here to learn more.

DataHOUSE™ Complementing with ICT Solutions

CITIC Telecom CPC’s services cover most of the key ICT areas of enterprises and tailor suitable solutions for all industries, including TrueCONNECT™ Private Network Solutions, TrustCSI™ Information Security Services, SmartCLOUD™ Cloud Computing Solutions, and full range of innovative communications, information security and managed services, complementing with DataHOUSE™ cloud data center services for supporting enterprises’ operations.

Global Cloud Data Centers Solutions Diagram


    • Carrier-class Tier III+ Telecommunications Infrastructure Standard --- connecting ~30 data centers and multiple SmartCLOUD™ Cloud Service Centers worldwide
    • Carrier neutral --- allows interconnection with any network service providers and provides multiple connectivities, including Ethernet, Internet, private network, IPLC and so on
    • High-availability and high-speed network connection --- backed by EtherCONNECT WAN service, a unified-managed solution with high availability and high flexibility capability across cities in mainland China, for providing reliable and high-speed connections ranged from 10Mbps to 10Gbps to support business operations
    • Highly scalable cloud service platform --- full Disaster Recovery capabilities catering to intra-city, inter-city and cross-border redundancies, safeguarding data backups on a scalable cloud platform
    • One-stop ICT service --- complementary with TrustCSI™ Information Security and SmartCLOUD™ Cloud Computing solutions to provide a comprehensive range of managed ICT services
    • 7x24 all-round protection --- with 7x24 security patrol, multiple CCTV monitoring, door lock sensors and fingerprint identification system for all-round protection
    • TVRA and Quintuple ISO certifications --- Passed Threat and Vulnerability Risk Assessment (TVRA) and obtained ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO20000, ISO27001 and ISO27017


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