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A New Era of Cloud Computing Solutions – IaaS & SaaS

Cloud Computing

The trend of cloud computing application has continued to rise, there are two types of cloud solutions particularly popular, which are Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Software as a Service (SaaS). Not sure how to differentiate IaaS cloud computing from SaaS cloud solutions? We have prepared you the ultimate guide.

What is Cloud Computing?

According to S&P Global, the global cloud computing market is expected to reach USD$101 billion by 2025. As cloud computing is becoming more widespread and advanced in recent years, you must familiarize yourself with the latest developments. Before digging deep into cloud computing, we should understand what cloud computing is.

Cloud computing is a revolutionary approach to ICT excellence, given that enterprises can enjoy the professional service without additional resources.

Via collaborating with cloud computing service providers, enterprises can leverage innovative cloud computing solutions to address new business challenges, combining intelligent algorithms and technologies such as Big Data, Artificial Intelligent, machine learning, IoT and even Blockchain through the cloud platform to get fully prepared for the new era of digital Business. 

Cloud computing services have affected business operation beyond our expectation. From IaaS cloud computing to SaaS cloud solutions, backup and disaster recovery solutions to virtual desktop service, all these commonly used services are inseparable from the cloud.

What are the differences between IaaS and SaaS?



Full Term

Infrastructure as a Service

Software as a Service


Cover infrastructure maintenance and support   

Create solutions with standardized core functionality   


  • Cost effective
  • Highly flexible and scalable
  • Useful for businesses of all sizes
  • No  hardware infrastructure or maintenance is needed
  • Fixed monthly subscription billing
  • Easily accessible

What is IaaS Cloud Computing?

IaaS - Infrastructure as a Service, is a cloud computing solution that offers infrastructure including virtualized storage, servers and networking resources on a pay-as-you-go basis.

By deploying the IaaS cloud computing solutions, enterprises can operate the systems and applications on the third-party servers instead of their owned on-premises IT infrastructures.

In a nutshell, IaaS cloud computing has revolutionized the traditional hardware-oriented practices, allowing enterprises to scale up or down in a much more flexible manner.

What is SaaS Cloud Solution?

SaaS - Software as a Service, which will deliver software and applications over the internet via a subscription model.

With SaaS Cloud Solutions, enterprises no longer need to install, upgrade and manage software applications on their local services or computers as everything runs solely on the SaaS providers' servers.

SaaS cloud solutions allow enterprises to get rid of the complicated software and hardware management given that the only requirement is a stable internet connection.

Example of IaaS cloud computing and SaaS cloud solutions provided by CITIC Telecom CPC:


Use Cases for Iaa Cloud Computing

Disaster Recovery or Backup

Data is the most important asset in today's data-driven world, any accidental loss can lead to irreversible damage. Under comprehensive Disaster Recovery Plan, an IaaS cloud computing service is a must for enterprises..

Big Data Analytic

Working with a large amount of raw data can be demanding, and IaaS cloud computing will provide enterprises perfect environment to manage big data since it can handle large workloads and integrate with other intelligent innovation tools.

Cloud Connectivity

With the growing complexity of the networks, the highly scalable IaaS cloud computing is often considered as an efficient infrastructure support. Multi-Cloud strategy refers to a combination with IaaS solutions (Private Cloud & Managed Cloud), public cloud and hybrid cloud.

Use Cases for SaaS Cloud Solutions


As one of the most commonly used marketing communication channels, email allows businesses to foster clear communication with teammates and customers at almost every touchpoint. With pre-built lifecycle and functions, SaaS cloud solutions can automate the process and help businesses manage the email communication more effectively.      

As an all-in-one email and collaboration hub for global business communications, CITIC Telecom CPC's SmartCLOUD™ M@il facilitates enterprise productivity and accessibility from literally anywhere, anytime, with any device, employees can therefore collaborate with each other without having to install extra equipment and ongoing administration overhead.

Video Conferencing - Remote Working

Unlike conventional software, SaaS cloud solutions do not charge expensive licenses upfront or require enterprises to maintain an IT infrastructure to support the platform. SaaS cloud solutions are usually offered on demand and can be run on most familiar hardware such as iPads and laptops.    

For instance, CITIC Telecom CPC’s SmartCLOUD™ VC extends business meetings from formal conferences to personal devices, users can enjoy a cloud-based managed video conference at fingertips. With high speed and precision, the cloud service can also separate video streams into low and high reliability channels and integrate different network environments to maximize quality and enhance interactive experience between the endpoints.

IaaS vs SaaS: How to Choose?

As cloud computing momentum continues to grow, more businesses are moving to the cloud and streamline their business operations with IaaS and SaaS.

Each cloud model offers exclusive features and functionalities, and businesses must understand the differences before actually choosing one. Download product leaflets and whitepaper to discover all capabilities and details about the service of  CITIC Telecom CPC.    

Below has summarize the relevant information of IaaS cloud computing and SaaS cloud solutions for your easy reference:


Product Leaflet

IaaS Cloud Computing Solutions

SmartCLOUD™ Compute

Click Here


Click Here

SaaS cloud solutions

SmartCLOUD™ M@il

Click Here


Click Here

If you are not sure which IaaS cloud computing or SaaS cloud solutions fit you the best, drop us an enquiry here or contact us through the sales hotline +852 2170 7401.

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