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New Era of Cyber Security with Artificial Intelligence (AI)

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Value of Artificial Intelligence in Cyber Security

In today’s cyber security world, artificial intelligence (AI) can be used to detect threats and attacks that are not visible to the human eye. The use of artificial intelligence in cyber security solutions is not limited to identifying and tracking cyber attacks. Companies are using AI-powered tools to minimize risks and vulnerabilities, identify malicious code, and prevent data breaches.

While AI could work around the clock throughout the whole day, humans could hardly focus on every detail in every moment. The AI algorithm can analyze millions of data points in a fraction of a second to identify anomalies that could indicate an attack or virus. The algorithm can also be used to identify patterns in data by analyzing it and detect patterns that would otherwise go unnoticed. Machine learning allows artificial intelligence in cyber security to learn and improve each time a threat is detected or solved, and hence perform better next time. It is believed that AI can be used to stop cyberattacks before they happen, as well as identify them once they have taken place.

AI algorithms are commonly used for cyber security solutions like antivirus software, intrusion detection systems, and malware detection systems. There are two main ways in which AI can be used to secure data and information systems. One of them is by using machine learning algorithms for identifying malicious traffic and then stopping it before it causes any damage. Another way is by using neural networks, which are capable of detecting anomalies in the system and then flagging them for further investigation. AI can also be used to monitor internet traffic and analyze it for any signs of malicious activity, such as phishing scams or ransomware attacks.

TrustCSI™ Secure AI - Safeguard Enterprises’ Cybersecurity

TrustCSI™ Secure AI is artificial intelligence in cyber security that emphasizes a lot on the self-learning ability of the AI algorithm. Besides the advantages mentioned above, TrustCSI™ Secure AI could also continuously assist cyber-security analysts to fine-tune threat modeling.

Artificial intelligence’s ability to learn anomalous enterprise network activities could help experts to fight against attackers, who probably use AI algorithms to do their work as well. Not only would it capture and do an analysis of the great amount of raw data that could have to contain normal and suspicious activities patterns, but also would generate several models to be delivered to the threat classifier. If the threat has a high risk to do damage or negatively affect customers’ sites, artificial intelligence in cyber security would send a notification email to the cyber security expert. The expert will hence check out the situation once receive the warning from the AI and take action accordingly. The experts would edit the models to enhance AI’s ability to detect threats and identify the seriousness of the issue with their experience. If the problem is huge to the extent that the experts categorize the incident into the field that requires the customer’s attention, a notification email will be drafted and sent to the customer, while both AI and technical support are dealing with it.

Along with the significant numbers of cyber-attacks across different industries, cybersecurity becomes inevitable for enterprises. Not only is the attack frequency, the complexity of cyberattack also unprecedented. According to KPMG (2019), organized hackers are enrolling artificial intelligence (AI) strategies to support their attacks, with more destructive power and wider impact. Cybercriminals utilized AI framework to their advantage; however, corporates can also leverage the same technologies to defend cyber-attacks.

Artificial Intelligence in the Evolving Cybersecurity Solutions

The core of AI - machine learning and natural language processing, enable security professionals to be more effective and productive on security control. With these advanced technologies, AI is capable of handling even rapidly changing and emerging sophisticated attacks.

According to the report of Capgemini Research Institute, majority of surveyed executives indicate that AI empowers their corporates to respond faster to breaches. The use of AI can enhance the protection in order to confront the cyber threats and keep the data safe. As long as the network goes complex and risky, it is necessary for enterprises to have an advanced solution to ensure the operation and information security.

Can Enterprises Really Benefit From AI?

AI security solutions can definitely create positive impacts to enterprises cybersecurity. A Taiwanese taxi company and a Singaporean investment company are the real-case examples.

Frequent cyber-attacks already caused severe issues on the ICT system of a Taiwanese taxi company, resulting in customer dissatisfaction. Yet, limited IT staffing meant not sufficient full-time manpower to combat these security threats. With the deployment of TrustCSI™ Secure AI solutions, it significantly enhances the overall ICT system performance, alleviates dispatch delays and restores customer satisfaction. Meanwhile, the security posture and business resilience are improved.

Enterprises in financial industry are also the beneficiaries of the AI security solutions. One of the Singapore-listed companies had visibility only for traffic activity entering and exiting the network at the end-user level. However, this leads to a wide range of undetectable risks, from both external and internal cyber-attacks. After implementing TrustCSI™ Secure AI solutions, the company rapidly identified and responded to anomalies in real-time without relying on old static rules, signatures or prior assumptions. On the other hand, it gave the listed company much more operational confidence because of the shortened time of identify and contain of threats and limits costs of attacks.

As your trusted information security partner, we protect your business with our intelligent security solutions. TrustCSI™ Secure AI brings a new approach to enterprise cyber defense, leveraging advanced machine learning algorithms to autonomously and rapidly investigate anomalous activities and identify threats, supporting network security professionals by formulating findings into actionable insights, predicting and protecting against “zero-day” and emerging new threats, in real-time.

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