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Embracing Intelligence Operations: Enable Data-Driven Business with AI & Security

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To surf the digital economy successfully, enterprises are incorporating innovative AI technologies into their business strategies, harnessing the benefits of data analysis, and ultimately accelerating digital transformation. However, with the rapid development of technology, cyber attacks are becoming increasingly sophisticated, making data security the top priority. Every minute, enterprises face various types of data security threats, such as malware, phishing, and ransomware. The unfortunate event of security and data breaches, not only results in financial losses but also severely damages the brand reputation. A farsighted data security strategy is an essential element for businesses driving digital transformation.

CITIC Telecom CPC, in collaboration with ecosystem partner Splunk, hosted a customer cocktail and invited technology training company Preface to explore how AI and Big Data applications can accelerate digital transformation, drive the digital economy and create value for various industries.

Embracing Intelligence Operations: Enable Data-Driven Business with AI & Security

Emerging Trend of Boosting Operational Efficiency with Generative AI

ChatGPT, a popular generative AI tool, has brought revolutionary changes to lifestyles, behaviors, and even business models. Tommie Lo, Founder and CEO of Preface, pointed out that generative AI allows the public to use natural language as prompts to instruct computers and systems to perform technical tasks previously executed by IT professionals and programmers. He predicts more and more frontline and support personnel without IT or programming knowledge will use generative AI tools to complete a wider range of tasks, resulting in significant enhancement in productivity and operational efficiency. It is considered one of the most significant changes in the digital transformation journey. Tommie further emphasized that AI is not meant to "change" us but to "empower" employees without programming knowledge to improve productivity across positions.

The Power of AI: Swift and Accurate Threat Detection

Daniel Yeung, Partner Technical Manager North Asia of Splunk, pointed out that the adoption of AI in cybersecurity does not involve Generative AI. Instead, it focuses on machine learning in three major areas, which include anomaly behavior and threat detection, predicting potential risks, and threat classification. With the use of AI, not only can it reduce workload, but it can also significantly speed up and optimize incident response. Daniel added that even if enterprises utilize the most advanced security tools, a lack of expertise or insufficient internal experience may hinder effective security protection. Therefore, enterprises may consider outsourcing cybersecurity tasks to experienced service providers, allowing internal employees to focus on business planning.

24x7 Proactive Monitoring with AI Cybersecurity

Many enterprises open their applications to the public, leading to frequent data exchange. Andy Hui, Manager, Security Consulting of CITIC Telecom CPC, pointed out that if an enterprise lacks comprehensive monitoring of its IT environment, processing a massive amount of data logs will become a daunting task, posing challenges for further analysis. With over 17 years of information security experience, CITIC Telecom CPC has been providing a range of security solutions to corporate customers. Through three self-deployed and self-managed Security Operation Centers (SOCs) in Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Guangzhou, as well as high-availability SIEM technology, we provide 24x7 monitoring for the overall IT environment in real-time. By fusing our robust SOC capabilities with Splunk’s latest technology, we offer a comprehensive SOAR solution to help enterprises simplify and automate incident response. Our SOC expert team can tailor incident response rules based on specific business needs, combined with advanced AI technologies, to provide swift and accurate incident response, enhance information security protection, and comprehensively safeguard business operations.

CITIC Telecom CPC is committed to safeguarding your business from all angles, focusing on four key aspects of information security, covering Identify & Predict, Protect, Detect, and Respond & Recover, forging a complete “Cybersecurity Framework” to help enterprises defend against cyber attacks. Contact our professional security consulting team today to learn more!

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