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ONE Dedicated Private Cloud for ONE Enterprise

Private Cloud Solution for Business │ Smart Cloud™ vONE

Most businesses concentrate now on key features and benefits such as flexibility, reliability, usability, availability and high levels of security. Such advantages are difficult to obtain when using public cloud services, so businesses consider private cloud solutions as a decent option.

A private cloud is a virtualized data center that only serves cloud computing needs only for a single user. Unlike public clouds, a single business develops and manages private cloud to suit the company's specific needs. A private cloud is normally suitable for enterprises with growing computing needs that are uncontrollable. Because of security, governance, management, privacy and compliance matters, many businesses prefer private clouds to public clouds.

Enterprises using private cloud may choose to base the cloud on either an existing data center or new infrastructure. In spite of all, the cloud is owned and managed by the company itself. A company might choose to internally manage its private cloud or can outsource the operations. Private clouds are online platforms that allow organizations to exchange on-demand computing devices, information, data, and other related resources. It's all about yielding configurable computing resources to match the organization's needs.

SmartCLOUD™ vONE, is referred to as a dedicated business cloud solution that allows any organization of any size to maximize resources and minimize costs and simultaneously enjoying accelerated scalability, enhanced security and full proof reliability.

Features of Private cloud platforms

●Billing and reporting: The client is paid over time based on consumption when using a private cloud. A private cloud can monitor and charge against specific teams, business entities, or departments at a high level of complexity. It may be appropriate for private cloud users to pay more for premium services.

●Multi-tenancy: The ability to support multiple users such as entities, groups, offices and departments is one of the principal features of private cloud platforms. In this scenario, storage is shared in order to draw on economies of scale. Most users are able to use the private cloud without realizing or being influenced by other users' activities.

●Delivery-as-a-service: A private cloud provides resources from the underlying physical hardware as a service with application specifications and abstraction.

●Elasticity: Elasticity is the capacity to scale up or down, depending on the client’s requirements. This feature enables company users to access resources applying delivery-as-service module with minimal or zero-intervention from an IT team or administrators

●API: Private cloud platforms incorporate a powerful application programming interface (API) or portal that enables resources to be requested and automatically configured on requisition. This feature assists customers with sparing time by eliminating manual support. Customers can utilize mechanized devices to control their infrastructure and coordinate the cloud with their systems.

Some of the additional advantages are effective resource allocation, on-demand cloud computing assistance and enhanced security.

How it works

Two frameworks for cloud services can be provided in a private cloud. The first is an infrastructure as a service (IaaS) that enables an organization to use as business infrastructure resources such as computing, networking and storage. The second is platform as a service (PaaS) that allows a business to deliver everything from simple cloud-based applications to advanced enterprise-level applications.

Private clouds can also be merged with public clouds to create a hybrid cloud, enabling businesses to take the competitive edge of cloud bursting to free up more space and scale public cloud computing services as computing demand rises.

SmartCLOUD™ vONE is, obviously, most popular for its virtualization software that runs numerous private cloud environments.


It is somewhat difficult to determine which private cloud providers are the leading private cloud entities. However, it's easy to figure out which organizations are the pioneers when it comes to public cloud selection.

Implement and globally scale new cloud solutions while integrating them with your traditional IT infrastructure. CITIC Telecom CPC can ably assist you to upgrade applications swiftly and migrate to the perfect workloads, and manage your cloud environment securely.

While cloud computing can deliver higher efficiency and greater flexibility, key concerns remain regarding enterprise infrastructure transitions to shared environments. With multiple Cloud Services Centers worldwide, CITIC Telecom CPC brings to the market a breakthrough solution combining the best of both worlds of on-premises deployment and virtualization: SmartCLOUD™ vONE.

Designed and supported by dedicated cloud professionals, SmartCLOUD™ vONE is a dedicated private cloud solution that enables any enterprise of any scale to optimize resources and reduce costs, while enjoying rapid scalability, higher security and trusted reliability with peace of mind.

Full range of professional managed services for easy migration to SmartCLOUD™ vONE Highlights Related Products

Full range of professional managed services for easy migration to SmartCLOUD™ vONE
  • Planning and Implementation --- fully customizable and one-stop dedicated private cloud solution; seamlessly integrate with existing enterprise infrastructure to attain a high performance hybrid cloud solution
  • Highly Reliable Daily Operation --- high reliability on world-class cloud infrastructure certified to ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO20000, ISO27001 and ISO27017 standards
  • Post-sales Customer and Technical Support --- including hardware replacement services and 7x24 customer service hotline

SmartCLOUD™ vONE Solution Diagram

  • Reliable dedicated private cloud solution with 99.999% service reliability and true disaster recovery capability
  • Scalable and fully customized total solution that intelligently addresses today’s real-world business needs
  • Seamlessly interoperates with CITIC Telecom CPC’s other innovative ICT solutions for even higher performance, reliability and security
  • Certified cloud professionals deliver full service spectrum, from solution design, implementation, and migration, to on-going customer support and round-the-clock monitoring
  • Flexible monthly payment model eliminates risk of upfront investment
  • Easily customizes with full range of Value-Added Services (VAS) to choose from, including on-site or off-site backup, Microsoft license rentals and server load balancing
  • Easily integrates with existing enterprise infrastructure to attain high performance hybrid cloud solution
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