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Unified Threat Management Your Managed Network Security Solution With Intelligent Aggregated Alerts

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Know All about Unified Treat Management

Cyber threats and attacks are increasing and getting stronger day by day. Most of all businesses are operating online today, or at least work digitally internally to make plans and production techniques. This demands the best network security to safeguard all the information that is sensitive to your business. The newest solution to amp your network security is by unified threat management. So, let us learn all about the managed UTM to understand this concept better.

What is Unified Threat Management?

It is a network security solution that integrates the features of a number of security products into one single console. This all-in-one solution is easier to manage when compared to the several different network security techniques, helping with the reduction of the complex nature. The managed UTM is more famous because of its number of network security features as well as affordability. It makes a unified threat management solution more popular among the small businesses as purchasing each security solution separately can cause huge dimes.

Important Features of Managed UTM Solution –

This network security solution is commonly used in a number of businesses such as branch offices, banking, home offices, retails, and medium-sized companies because of the following effective features –

Antivirus protection – It increases network security by protecting the business system by any kind of virus. It detects the viruses and takes necessary action right at the start to avoid any file corruption. Its advanced threat detection features protect your business against advanced persistent threats (APT).

Antimalware–This managed UTM helps to keep away all the malicious type of files and folders away from the important data of the business.

Firewall – It helps to keep all the threats away from the important data and increases network security.

Intrusion prevention – It does not allow any third party to interfere or login into the server without proper authentication.

Virtual private networking (VPN)–This is yet another important feature of unified threat management to help the businesses and their employee's networking.

Web filtering – This feature avoids all the malicious and unauthenticated websites to filter out and reach the employees as well as the company.

Data loss prevention – This is yet another important feature of network security a company needs to save all its important information from loss because of any cyber activity.

Benefits of Using Managed UTM –

Unified Threat Management (UTM) solution offers unique benefits to small, medium, as well as large industries looking to enhance their network security. The first-most benefit of using this solution is to reduce the complexity of the program. Unified threat management includes a number of network security features in a single console avoiding the need to maintaining all network programs individually. This reduces the complexity of a company’s network security management.

In addition, having a single program to control all the security-related problems also reduces the amount of training required to handle all the different network security measures. This means a set of few employees can control the entire network security.

Using only a single network security solution for all the threats also means that investing fewer funds compared to purchasing individual security programs and devices. This is a huge benefit when we talk about small and mid-sized companies.

We provide all these features in Unified Threat Management services. This solution will help you with all the network security problems and stay stress-free related to any kind of cybercrime in your business. Some of the important highlights related to our services are –

Fully managed UTM solution by our security experts and 24/7 real-time monitoring.

Flexible monthly plan and upgradation of services as per the demands of the business.

Managing device configuration, backup, and swapping of advanced hardware.

We provide 24/7 hotline support for any technical queries or problems.

As the openness of the Internet, complexities of modern businesses and the heightened interconnectivity between internal and external environment that create widespread risks for hacks, threats and vulnerabilities by sources both outside and inside a company.

Many enterprises are applying firewalls and private network as their first line defense against malicious traffic, which could merely maintain minimal protection against known threats whilst leaving the network unprotected for emerging unintended threats from insiders.

To ensure a full protection to organizations’ information security, CITIC Telecom CPC’s TrustCSI™ UTM provides enterprises a hassle-free first line network defense solution that requires for no CAPEX investment and comprehensive technical support.

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  1. MPLS Level Cross-site Infection Protection with user authentication feature
  2. Internet Level Gateway Protection
  3. Critical Assets Protection
  4. Virtualized Security Gateway on SmartCLOUD™
  5. Flexible private network deployment to secure remote access
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  • Fully managed solution by security experts with 24 x 7 real-time monitoring, on-site support and hotline services, aggregated email alert and SIEM log correlation platform
  • All-in-one features including firewall, anti-virus, IPS and Internet activities control
  • End-user real-time web portal and provision of weekly report
  • Optional TrustCSI™ UTM NFV offers 99.99% service availability with single virtual appliance supported by SmartCLOUD™ Infrastructure
  • Optional TrustCSI™ Managed YourDevice Service offers remote monitoring and management services by our certified professionals to customer-provided network security devices
  • Flexible monthly payment and upgrade, scalable to business security needs
  • Device configuration management, backup and advance hardware swapping services
  • Optional features including IPSec private network and SSL private network
  • Optional TrustCSI™ UTM NFV, software based virtual appliance, designs for SmartCLOUD™ customers to shorten service provisioning lead-time comparing with traditional hardware based UTM
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