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Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) vs. VDI Solution

Cloud computing has introduced a range of services that make it easy for businesses to operate at low costs. DaaS, short for Desktop as a Service, is one such solution that has greatly reduced the costs of large on premise IT teams. But many businesses continue to stick to VDI, short for Virtual Desktop Infrastructure rather than move to cloud desktop. Let us look at the difference between a DaaS solution and VDI solution.

Management and Maintenance

Managing and maintaining a cloud desktop falls entirely on the DaaS provider. This makes it easy for organizations to focus on their core business. It also means that the regular upgrading of hardware will be handled by the cloud desktop provider. This would have to be dealt on premise if you choose desktop virtualization through VDI solution. This is why DaaS is chosen for technical agility, something that the existing VDI solution is unable to offer.

Maintenance of all hardware and software will also be considered the responsibility of the provider of cloud desktop. It ensures that the organization has access to the latest software and hardware without having to constantly incur new costs of upgrading and updating the systems.

Desktop virtualization through cloud desktop also makes it possible for the business to reduce the costs of the IT team. Since the on premise equipment will be considerably lower, the business can either consider managed IT services or reduce the size of the IT team.

Overall costs

With a smaller IT team and lower costs of starting up with DaaS, it may seem like a lucrative solution, but you must look at it as a total package. Identify the total cost and not just the cost of getting the bare basics of cloud desktop set up for business. Software licensing can also be a concern because all companies do not have service provider license agreements yet for a DaaS provider.

Virtual desktop, on the other hand, is seen as cost intensive. This is true because they require an on-site IT team to manage the IT infrastructure. Hardware upgrades add to the cost and are more likely to work as a hindrance when it comes to technical agility.


Since a cloud desktop will be managed by a DaaS provider, you will have to trust the provider with the security of the data. This can be a concern for companies that work with confidential data. The best thing about Virtual desktop is that you have complete control over the hardware, software and the data. This makes VDI solutions a better option for businesses that deal with sensitive data.

A lot of problems rooted in data management can be handled more effectively when it comes to handling data on-site rather than trusting a third party with it. This includes data ownership, breach and pilfering.


The internet plays a big role in using a cloud desktop. A service outage will make it impossible for the users to access their virtual desktops allowing them to sit idle. This reduces overall productivity and can greatly affect the customer experience. A DaaS provider cannot control an outage which means that you will still be paying for services that you cannot use and incurring a loss at the same time.

Virtual desktop makes this less of a problem since offline tools can be deployed on the desktops which can be used for the period of the outage. This makes VDI solutions less risky. The DaaS platform allows robust disaster recovery (DR) capabilities and rapid failover, which ensure business continuity.


A company may find it difficult to decide the best option for their business. The unique needs of your business must be taken into consideration and the costs of using VDI solutions vs. DaaS solutions can help you decide. You can talk to us and we can analyze your business to help you take an informed decision.

In the age of the mobile workforce, businesses must enable team members to work anywhere, anytime, on any device. Yet cost and efficiency pressure mean tight IT budgets and challenging performance targets, while fast-paced and constantly evolving business needs demand reliable infrastructure, rapid deployment, temporary contractors, and round-the-clock global support. Virtual Desktops solve many of these challenges, but operating self-owned equipment is costly. The perfect solution is SmartCLOUD™ DaaS, a cloud-based Desktop-as-a-Service offering that runs on CITIC Telecom CPC’s world-class infrastructure to empower your mobile workforce with low TCO, high security, and maximum flexible features.

The Perfect Solution for Desktop Virtualization Highlights

The Perfect Solution for Desktop Virtualization

Unprecedented End-user Experience
Office users and on-the-road mobile staff can easily and seamlessly access their desktops and applications status anywhere, anytime, via the cloud, on any device (including tablets, smartphones, laptops, desktop PCs, thin and zero clients), which are customized to their unique needs or workload requirements. Staff can finally handle oversized files at ease.

Strong Security and Ease of Control
Central control portal provides user-friendly management console for IT administrators to monitor, configure and deploy cloud-hosted desktops and applications, with the same security credentials, policies and permissions as the existing policy and infrastructure. CITIC Telecom CPC further provides optional 2-factor authentication and dedicated TrustCSI™ UTM for superior data and application security.

Dedicated Bandwidth Access
SmartCLOUD™ DaaS comes with dedicated 10Gb/s access gateway, providing fast and reliable access anywhere, and ensuring minimum latency and excellent user experience.

Business Continuity and Confidence
Users can gain peace of mind through CITIC Telecom CPC’s comprehensive portfolio of server-side or end-user network security, onsite and offsite backup and Disaster Recovery solutions (such as SmartCLOUD™ BRR and SmartCLOUD™ EPS), all vigilantly protecting corporate data and ensuring business continuity 24x7x365 with best-of-class security and redundancy measures.

  • Enables workforce to access their virtual desktops and applications from desktop PCs, laptops, web browsers, thin/zero clients, tablets and mobile phones
  • Flexible and cost-efficient monthly subscription minimizes expenses in hardware, operating systems, software applications, and ongoing IT administration and upgrades
  • Easily integrated with existing enterprise IT environment, with MS Active Directory-based or LDAP-based user access to virtual Windows desktops and applications
  • Robust Disaster Recovery (DR) capabilities ensure Business Continuity, and easy and rapid failover for SmartCLOUD™ DaaS platform
  • Access virtual desktops via multimedia-optimized and secure PCoIP protocol, as well as other industry standard RDP, Blast and NX protocols
  • User-friendly centralized management portal facilitates IT administrators to manage desktop images, applications, multiple desktop models and non-persistent desktops
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