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Managed Security Service

TrustCSI™ MSS is a managed security service with advanced SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) technology that offers:

TrustCSI™ MSS (Managed Security Services) by CITIC Telecom CPC, a SIEM Service Provider with Log Correlation and Classification Technology:


Raw event logs will be sent to CITIC Telecom CPC LEC for Filtering and Aggregation. They will then be passed to CITIC Telecom CPC SOC.

The Vulnerability Scanner will scan the selected assets periodically and deliver the scanning results which will be stored in the knowledgebase.

CITIC Telecom CPC SOC will then make use of the SIEM engine for correlation between the meta-log and the knowledgebase. The correlated results will be classified in the appropriate category and attributed a risk level.

If CITIC Telecom CPC's security specialists in the SOC find out that the severity of the correlated event is higher than the agreed level with the customers, they will activate the incident response mechanism. Customers can get a full picture on their security status through the dashboard.

Through the online TrustCSI™ MSS portal, customers not only obtain the latest RSS news feed all over the world, but also get a full picture on their security status in real time, including detailed security event handling information.