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Managed Firewall Service

Next Generation Enterprise Business Firewall Provider against Next Generation Threats

While global commerce proceeds non-stop around the clock, network-borne security threats likewise constantly evolve. Now there’s a powerful enterprise firewall solution to combat the latest variants of sophisticated malware and other advanced attacks. TrustCSI™ Managed Firewall Service (MFS) is the next generation firewall security solution for enterprises combined with world-class managed security services. Protecting businesses of all scales in real-time from traditional port-based security to user-based protection, it ensures enterprises businesses to move forward, while leaving threats behind.

Look no further than TrustCSI™ MFS for the ultimate suite of security solutions, featuring an optimized package of business next generation firewall and incident monitoring.

With the best in Security Information and Event Management (SIEM), every day CITIC Telecom CPC’s world-class Security Operation Centers process billions of network events, identifying and mitigating network threats in real-time. Combined with top-notch firewall technology that focuses on intelligent traffic analysis and control, and a service model that flexibly caters to a wide range of enterprise IT budgets, needs, scales and industries, TrustCSI™ MFS is the ultra-powerful, ultra-efficient solution that actively defends your business from the latest evolving threats.

Now put threats behind, so you can move forward. With TrustCSI™ MFS, a next generation managed firewall solution for both small and large businesses.


  • Flexible monthly model with no CAPEX upfront and low OPEX.
  • Early Detection, Warning and Remediation of a wide range of threats.
  • Ensure in-house talent focused on more productive tasks.
  • Significantly reduce false alarms via advanced business firewall solution and threat identification technologies. Immediate configuration changes can be provided upon customer request, in response to security incidents).
  • 24x7x365 management by highly trained and certified security professionals.
  • Maximize ROI while mitigating IT investment risks, along with top security risk protection.

TrustCSI™ MFS - F.I.R.S.T. next generation Managed Firewall Solution for enterprises.

  • Fast Response — Top-notch technology and security analysts provide robust monitoring and empower our customers to act quickly to mitigate risks.
  • Internationally Recognized —Unifying ISO27001-, ISO20000- and ISO9001-certified Managed Security Services with highly trained and certified professionals, TrustCSI™ MFS brings best-of-class security to any scale or sector of enterprise.
  • Resilient and Reliable —24 x 7 monitoring teams and world-class Security Operation Centers ensure zero downtime to provide non-stop protection and customer support.
  • Smart Incident Reporting — Intelligent alerting mechanism ensures customers are alerted to every distinct and detected event, while eliminating duplicate acknowledgements and false alarms.
  • Trusted —Evidences global awa awards and recognition for the company products and services are testified.