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Advanced Threat Protection

Secure your Enterprise with the Superior Synergy of TrustCSI™ ATP

With a wide and growing range of sophisticated threats and attacks on applications and data, the modern enterprise operates in a riskier environment than ever before. The integrated synergy of TrustCSI™ ATP comprehensively secures your enterprise against advanced persistent threats across endpoints, networks and servers (eg. file servers, email servers and web servers). This managed ATP solution from CITIC Telecom CPC gives your organization all the benefits of a world-class 24-hour IT security department, without any of the management or cost overhead.

Product Details

1. When visitors browse Websites, Web traffic arrives at the UTM module which fortifies the network perimeter by inspecting all types of inbound traffic.
The web application traffic is passed onto the WAF module which inspects the traffic by signature-based and behavioral-based analysis. Authorized traffic is passed back to the UTM module, while known offending traffic is blocked.
Email is passed to SEG module which inspects the content and attachments of message. Network and users are protected from spam and malware.


Unknown and suspicious files are passed onto the Sandbox module for quarantine. These files are executed in an emulated and isolated environment.
Once malicious or suspicious file is identified, sandbox will notify related module and perform threat response or eradication automatically.
  • One-stop fully managed security solution efficiently and effectively delivers Advanced Threat Protection.
  • Comprehensively handles wide variety of threats across multiple infrastructure layers, with real-time monitoring, proactive threat notification and mitigation.
  • Actively detects and blocks new emerging threats and unknown attacks that evade other less sophisticated security solutions.
  • Components actively interoperate and communicate with each other for real-time concerted security defense.
  • Non-stop layered security protection encompasses Unified Threat Management (UTM), Web Application Firewall (WAF), Secure Email Gateway (SEG), Sandbox, and Round-the-clock Managed Security Services (MSS).