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Secure your Enterprise with the Superior Synergy of TrustCSI™ ATP

Security Services Management & Provider Against Data Breach | TrustCSI™ ATP

As your trusted security service provider, TrustCSI™ ATP offers comprehensive security services management to secure your business against data breach and cyber threats across endpoints, networks and servers.

Data Breach Prevention with Security Services Management Provider – CITIC Telecom CPC

Data breaches have become all too prevalent in today’s data-centric world. As your company’s data rises exponentially, guaranteeing constant business success means safeguarding your business-critical data from data leaks or data loss. Security service provider assist you to alert where your data abides and enforce your data security.

CITIC Telecom CPC offers security services management that can resolve ample of your data security challenges, like Data breach. Our data security experts can assist you to discover, recognize, identify, protect and monitor services for your utmost sensitive data where ever it resides.

Security Services Management for Critical Data Protection

The most important information in your company should be guarded and traced as if your business’s survival is dependent on it. While data loss deterrence is where several industries start, it’s just one factor of a bigger strategy for critical data safety. As a leading security service provider, our Critical Data Protection Program delivers a comprehensive strategy, with its five key techniques, to secure your most important data from data breach. Five key techniques practiced in our Critical Data Protection Program are as follows

1. Discovers data - we evaluate the existing data environment and accomplish the data discovery process vis data analysis.

2. Classifies data - our system organizes data according to related categories so that it can be used and maintained more efficiently.

3. Establishes data security strategy - we access and score existing data security systems by executing gap analysis and formulating risk mitigation roadmap.

4. Protects data - our security service plan, structure and execute critical data security solutions involving data loss deterrence, encryption and cryptographic services.

5. Monitors data - we determine administration process and metrics to allow monitoring, communications and acknowledgment for data security.

Cloud Data Security Services Management

Our data security management service complements the cloud-native protection controls and enlarges the reach of your business data protection to the cloud. Our extensive cloud data safety and protection services can help you where your important data assets are stocked and used, recognize advanced threats, remediate and seize the incident to strengthen your future data safety protection.

We improve your expedition to the cloud by reducing the chance of regulatory non-compliance in the multi-cloud and hybrid cloud environments, and data exfiltration.

Competitive Edges

Tailor-made total security solution

TrustCSI™ ATP will be specifically customized and deployed according to your unique infrastructure, resources, and requirements.

Modules interoperate for strong security synergy

Integration of the various defense mechanisms to identify suspicious activity, ensuring protections interoperate and leave no gaps to be exploited. The advanced UTM, WAF and SEG modules actively and dynamically communicate with the Sandbox module which updates new threat signatures when discovered.

Round-the-clock monitoring and security advice

Your enterprise will be safeguarded by 24x7 security specialist, alerting with notification for any abnormalities , as well as expert recommendations for remedial actions.

Deep visibility into enterprise threat trends

SOCs make use of the Security Intelligence Platform to gain trends insight on threats to your digital resources, withweekly reports on UTM, WAF and SEG activity.

CITIC Telecom CPC will be the security service provider for security service management to safeguard your valuable data from data breach.

With a wide and growing range of sophisticated threats and attacks on applications and data, the modern enterprise operates in a riskier environment than ever before. The integrated synergy of TrustCSI™ ATP comprehensively secures your enterprise against advanced persistent threats across endpoints, networks and servers (eg. file servers, email servers and web servers). This managed ATP solution from CITIC Telecom CPC gives your organization all the benefits of a world-class 24-hour IT security department, without any of the management or cost overhead.

TrustCSI™ ATP Solution Diagram Highlights Five major security components of TrustCSI™ ATP Related Products

TrustCSI™ ATP Solution Diagram

  • One-stop fully managed security solution efficiently and effectively delivers Advanced Threat Protection
  • Comprehensively handles wide variety of threats across multiple infrastructure layers, with real-time monitoring, proactive threat notification and mitigation
  • Actively detects and blocks new emerging threats and unknown attacks that evade other less sophisticated security solutions
  • Components actively interoperate and communicate with each other for real-time concerted security defense
  • Non-stop layered security protection encompasses Unified Threat Management (UTM), Web Application Firewall (WAF), Secure Email Gateway (SEG), Sandbox, and Round-the-clock Managed Security Services (MSS)
Five major security components of TrustCSI™ ATP

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