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Facilities and Colocation Service for Enterprises to Keep Your Internet Servers Online and Secure

The CITIC Telecom CPC Colocation Hosting Service enables enterprises to host business-critical Internet servers off-site for superior bandwidth management and connections. CITIC Telecom CPC Internet Data Centers provide customers with redundant high-speed connections to the CITIC Telecom CPC's backbone which are strategically located near major public and private peering points in Asia, Europe and North America.

CITIC Telecom CPC is a Colocation Hosting provider that offers server hosting service for enterprises:

Performance and Reliability enabled by State-of-the-art Facilities

Internet traffic of customers will move through the fastest routes, and their equipment will be supported by the optimised environments in CITIC Telecom CPC Internet Data Centers.

Customers are ensured with the highest standard of reliability by the uninterrupible power supply that keeps each server running indefinitely without direct electric grid power. The centers provide round-the-clock active server and application monitoring, network management and automated backup capabilities, with optimal environment controls including sophisticated air conditioning and stringent physical security systems.

Network Management and Monitoring

CITIC Telecom CPC utilises standard Internet monitoring protocol, SNMP, and customised SNMP to constantly monitor every aspect of the network. This allows CITIC Telecom CPC to quickly and precisely pinpoint problems in the network and fix them as soon as possible.

Better Bandwidth Management

With business servers hosted off-site, enterprises can devote all their bandwidth resources to company email communication, file transfer, networked applications, and other Internet needs.

Improved Security

Mission-critical business servers will be hosted in hardened, telco-quality hosting centers to ensure physical safety as well as protection against unauthorised access to the equipment.

Sensible Pricing

CITIC Telecom CPC Internet Data Centers offer predictable, fixed costs based on two simple factors - the amount of computer rack space and the service bandwidth. CITIC Telecom CPC consultant will work with customers closely to identify their needs.

Benefits of CITIC Telecom CPC Colocation Hosting Service for Enterprises:

  • Uninterrupted power supply
  • Fully-controlled optimal environment
  • World-class fire detection and suppression system
  • Stringent security
  • Around-the-clock technical support


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Features of CITIC Telecom CPC Colocation Hosting Service for Enterprises:

  • Content delivery services
  • Primary/secondary DNS services
  • Customer domain name registration