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+In the event that the power to the datacenter is cut, is there a backup cloud platform elsewhere?
Customized DR solution can be done if the customer subscribes to both cloud sites in HK. DR platform can be setup as load balancing, cold or hot standby, depending on customer requirement and application nature.
+What kind of Disaster Recovery solution is available?
We’ll be offering DR solution to the customer. Customer has to subscribe additional Cloud resource at the remote Cloud site. Replication will be done to the remote Cloud site at a regularly time interval.
A DR fail-over test can be arranged bi-annually.
P2C, V2C and C2C replication options are available.
- Physical to Cloud (P2C) Replication – Support physical machine replication from customer operation site to SmartCLOUDTM platform
- Virtual to Cloud (V2C) Replication – Virtual machine replication from customers’ other cloud platform to SmartCLOUDTM platform
- Cloud to Cloud (C2C) Replication – Support virtual machine replication from one SmartCLOUDTM platform to another
For details, please see:
+What kind of backup is available for the Virtual Machine?
We’ll be offering 2 backup services: 1. Onsite, 2. Onsite and Offsite. Customer has to subscribe additional block storage from us for the backups. Schedule and number of retention copies can be provided and customized by the customer.
- Onsite: Backups to be stored in the local Cloud site
- Onsite and Offsite: Backups to be stored in the local and remote cloud site. In other words, backup storage requirement is doubled
+What are the maximum CPU, Memory and Hard Disk Space which could be created in a Virtual Server?
- vCPU: Linux: 64, Windows: 64 maximum
- vMemory: No maximum limit as long as OS supports; VMWare’s limit: 1TB
- Hard Disk Space: No maximum limit as long as OS supports. However there is minimum limit for OS installation: Linux 10G, Win2K8: 40G, Win2K12: 40G
+Do you allow Direct SAN access by mounting a LUN to the OS?
We support VMDK format only due to security concerns, unless customer subscribes Dedicated SAN storage or SmartCLOUDTM vONE (dedicated private cloud).
+Do you allow Raw Disk Mapping?
We support VMDK format only due to security concerns, unless customer subscribes Dedicated SAN storage or SmartCLOUDTM vONE (dedicated private cloud).
+What is the standard subscribed storage?
Storage is subscribed by 200 Gigabyte block initially then 100 Gigabyte thereafter. i.e. 200 (minimum), 300/400/500/600GB and so on.
+What should I do if I need to have a domain record configuration change?
• Download the Multi-Service Order Form (MSOF) on URL: http://www.citictel-cpc.com/EN/HK/Pages/customer-service-forms
• Submit the MSOF with company chop and send to CITIC Telecom CPC Customer Service Center for change request.
+Can I check the utilization status of internet services?
Utilization status of Internet services can be checked on Internet Traffic Report on URL: www1.citictel-cpc.com/login/index.asp
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