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+Why my backup speed is very slow?
Because SmartCLOUDTM EPS is an offsite backup solution, the backup speed depends on the Internet or VPN bandwidth at the customer’s office. You can roughly estimate the backup time based on the data amount and bandwidth, for example:
Backup 300GB data through 100Mbps Internet will take:
300 GB x 8 = 2400 Gb = 2400000 Mb
2400000 Mb / 100 Mbps = 24000 seconds = 6.67 hours
+What can I do in SmartCLOUD™ EPS Web Administration Portal?
You can perform below common tasks in SmartCLOUDTM EPS Web Administration Portal:
a. Manage all the backup users
b. Manage group policy
c. Manage all the backup jobs
d. View system log, backup job log and restore log
e. Perform online backup and online restore
Other administration tasks please refer to SmartCLOUDTM EPS Administrator Guide.
+Will I receive notification Email about the status of the backup job?
Yes, backup user will receive notification Email including the backup job details. When you create the backup user in SmartCLOUDTM EPS management portal, you can specify the Email address to that user, for detail steps please refer to SmartCLOUDTM EPS Administrator Guide.
+Can I perform the backup and restore job by myself or I need to call CITIC Telecom CPC to do it?
SmartCLOUDTM EPS is a fully self managed service. You can create/manage/delete all the backup users by yourself and you can perform backup and restore at anytime, anywhere.
+Is my backup data secured at SmartCLOUDTM EPS platform? Can I still restore my backup data if SmartCLOUDTM EPS platform fails?
SmartCLOUDTM EPS platform is build in CITIC TELECOM CPC ISO certificated data center with high availability protection.
+Is my backup data secure when transmitting through Internet?
SmartCLOUDTM EPS has build-in two layer data protection. First it only support Https transmission which is more secure than normal Http; second it support user define password protection, the backup data will be encrypted by a password which keyed in by the backup user, even those encrypted files are accidentally captured by third-parties, the content cannot be decrypted without the password.
+Is the backup data transmitted through Internet? Can I leverage CITIC Telecom CPC’s MPLS network to transmit the backup data?
By default the backup data is transmitted through Internet. However, if you are already CITIC Telecom CPC’s MPLS customer, you can leverage your VPN line to transmit the backup data; if you are not CITIC Telecom CPC’s MPLS customer, you can subscribe the MPLS service from CITIC Telecom CPC.
+Which backup type does SmartCLOUD™ EPS Support? What is the difference between SmartCLOUD™ EPS OBM and ACB?
SmartCLOUDTM EPS ACB only supports the file level backup. SmartCLOUDTM EPS OBM supports various types of backup including: File Level Backup / System Image Backup / Database Backup / Exchange Database Backup / Exchange Mailbox Backup / Lotus Domino Backup / Lotus Notes Backup / VMware Backup / Hyper-V Backup
+Do I need to install SmartCLOUD™ EPS agent on the backup machine? Can CPC help to do the installation?
Yes you need to install the SmartCLOUDTM EPS client software on each backup machine, the installer can be download from CITIC Telecom CPC’s website. CITIC Telecom CPC’s professional CS engineer can help to perform remote installation but it requires additional charge.
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