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Leading the Digital Transformation: Non-ferrous Metal enterprise embarks on the DX journey

2022-06-09ConnectivityCustomer ExperienceSD-WANTransformation

Unlike steel and coal enterprises, it is more challenging to realize digital transformation in the non-ferrous metal industry, due to discrete and complex operation, obstacles in da…


ICT-MiiND and 5G+ Capabilities bring an abundant future to Smart Industries

2021-04-16 ConnectivityInnovation5G+

As an intelligent technology-driven digitalization enabler, our ICT-MiiND strategy combines decades of industry experience with the latest technologies—fueled AI, AR, Big Data, IoT…


Effective Disaster Recovery Plan – Instant Response to Data Center Outage

2021-03-31 CloudData CentersInformation Security

A prominent data center service provider in Europe disclosed that one of its key bases of data centers in France was suspended due to a severe fire disaster. It is estimated that ab…


Enterprise Information Security: Ransomware Threatening Global Medical Institutions

2021-03-26 Data PrivacyInformation Security

According to the report from a foreign IT website, the number of data breaches in medical institutions in 2020 has increased by more than 55% when compared with 2019, as well as the…


Object Storage – Redefining the Value of Data

2021-03-19 CloudData Privacy

Coping with pervasive data deluge in this digital era, every industry is encountering challenges relating to unstructured data management.


The Impact of Blockchain: From Coronavirus and Business Applications to Data Security

2021-03-05 Business InsightsInnovation

It is estimated at least 25% of the Forbes Global 2000 will use blockchain as a foundation for digital trust at scale in 2021.


Enterprise Information Security: Safeguard Your Business with Managed Security

2021-02-26 Information Security

Cyberattacks caused catastrophic damages to a growing number of businesses globally in recent years. There are several common types of cyberattacks that enterprises should know in a…


Hackers Intruding Corporate Systems? CPC's Anti-intrusion Solutions can Help!

2021-02-01 FeaturedInformation Security

According to a report from an information technology website, hackers recently intruded the network of an international retail group by ransomware attack. Its internal documents wer…


Don't Want to be the Next News Headline? "1 sec- backup" and "Ace DR" Disaster Recovery Solutions are Essential!

2021-01-22 CloudFeaturedInnovation

The most talked-about news, apart from the pandemic, in the past two days in Hong Kong probably was about the global retail store suspended its service of all physical and online st…


From“The Belt and Road Initiative” to "RCEP": Building a Digital Silk Road leading to the Future

2020-12-28 InnovationOBOR

What does the RCEP, which took eight years to get signed, have to do with “The Belt and Road Initiative”? CITIC Telecom CPC has left its footprint from "The Belt and Road Initiat…


5G: Next Generation Wireless Technology

2020-12-11 ConnectivityInnovation5G+

Kneecapped by COVID-19, global economy is predicted to shrink as countless businesses are devastated amid this unprecedented pandemic. To cope with the forthcoming economic recessio…


The New Normal: EdTech – Revolutionized Education

2020-11-20 EdTechInformation SecurityInnovationNew Normal

The outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic has caused the abrupt closure of schools and job training centres across the globe. According to UNESCO, over 1.5 billion students worldwide were n…


Enterprise Information Security: From Threats Detection to Disaster Recovery

2020-11-06 FeaturedInformation Security

IDC forecasts there will be 41.6 billion devices connected to Internet in 2025. It is believed that the risk of cyberattacks will rocket sharply, along with increasing data processi…

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