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What is Phishing? Attack Types & Anti-phishing Tools for Business

2022-07-29Data PrivacyInformation Security

Phishing has long been identified as an online scam that lures victims into giving out credentials via fraudulent emails, messages or websites.


Syntax Unravels Challenges with an Innovative One-stop Solution

2022-01-21 CloudConnectivityCustomer ExperienceData Centers

An increasing number of enterprises is taking advantage of IT technologies to optimize their products and services, considering its rapid development and prevalence of mobile connec…


Surmounting Difficulties via DX: AI to Create Dynamics

2022-01-07 AIInnovationTransformation

Many enterprises were thrown into a state of emergency since the pandemic swept the globe and still haunts them today. Some have successfully turned around through digital transform…


ICT-MiiND Rides on the Momentum to Unlock Innovative Future

2021-12-22 AIInnovationTransformation

Uncertainty continues to surround 2022, which drives enterprises to shift to hybrid working models and rely more on networks and cloud applications than ever before.


Endpoint Detection & Response: Panacea for New Wave of Cyber Threats

2021-12-03 Information SecurityNew NormalTransformation

Given a multitude of advanced cybersecurity threats, traditional security solutions are less effective in mitigating damage from data breaches or system failure.


5G+ Smart Industries – Building the Future of Architecture and Construction

2021-11-26 ConnectivityInnovation5G+

Now, as 5G technology rolls out across the world, it is radically transforming the design and construction of the structures people use, especially within the context of next-genera…


ICT-MiiND: Embracing Intelligent Innovation – FAQs

2021-11-05 InnovationTransformation

As a trusted strategic partner for enterprises, our ICT-MiiND strategy can empower enterprises to achieve industry-leading positions, high operational agility and cost efficiencies …


TrueCONNECT™ SASE: Realizing Comprehensive Network Protection

2021-10-29 ConnectivitySD-WANTransformation

The revolution in business operation motivated the prevalence of remote office and the development on cloud-network convergence, SD-WAN and edge computing.


Deploying Network Upgrade to Be Back on Track

2021-10-27 ConnectivityCustomer ExperienceSD-WAN

With business expansion and the shift to the globalization 4.0 era, IT infrastructure is under challenges and networks are the first to be burnt. An upgrade of network infrastructur…


SD-WAN Reshapes Businesses and Breaks New Grounds in Connectivity

2021-10-15 ConnectivityInformation SecuritySD-WANTransformation

Subsequent to globalization, business expansion and new branch networks have raised the demand for cross-border communications. Enterprises have to seek a more advanced connectivity…


Big Data: A Gateway to Data-driven Intelligence

2021-10-08 Big Data

Undoubtedly, the Big Data field is steadily on the rise. As in IDC’s latest research, the global spending on Big Data and business analytics solutions is estimated to surpass USD$3…


Data-driven Economy as the Future: Reforming Traditional Business

2021-09-24 Big DataTransformation

Data is becoming the engine of business growth alongside the global shift towards a data-driven economy, which transforms the traditional operation process across industries.


China's New Infrastructure Fuels Digital Transformation

2021-09-17 Greater Bay AreaTransformation

The introduction of China’s recent policies has stimulated the digital transformation boom. In particular, the 14th Five-Year Plan underlines new infrastructure construction across…

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