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Your Trusted ICT Solution Partner

Established in 2001


1000+ Employees Worldwide


24+ Branch Offices


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Offering Highest Level of Managed Services and Excellent Products

CITIC Telecom CPC has been delivering a range of innovative products and managed services, including 4 flagship solutions: TrueCONNECT™ Private Network, TrustCSI™ Information Security, SmartCLOUD™ Cloud Solutions and DataHOUSE™ Cloud Data Center

IT Support Services Hong Kong

Discover our IT support services in Hong Kong. Providing a variety of enterprise-grade solutions of certified excellence, we are the leading company for IT solutions. Improve your business efficiency at the lowest price!

IT support mechanism in Hong Kong: highest level of managed services and delivering innovative products

CITIC Telecom CPC has taken the burden of IT support services Hong Kong with professional excellence with a range of enterprise-level solutions.

Companies depend on their IT resources, including computers, servers, server rooms, networking tools, telecommunications systems, etc. To stay in the competition, companies must operate on the most optimized and reliable infrastructure based on strong hardware/software with a simplified process.

CITIC Telecom CPC has all the technical knowledge to build a complete solution from beginning to end. We go beyond its experience in offering complete consultancy for enterprises and start-up companies and setting up an IT infrastructure, ensuring security, reliability, performance, and compliance for the entire solution.

There is a surge in IT resources in recent years due to the cloud. Your IT help desk department can hire customer care, collaborative systems, and tools for service management for supporting your daily business.

IT support

Whether you need on-site IT professionals or assistance from the help desk processes, our IT support solutions allow customized services to suit user, business, and budget needs. We offer IT support services in Hong Kong which provide customers with full-time on-site engineers to comprehensive service that serves small or medium-sized company capabilities.

Ranging from managed services to IT support services, we contribute to solving technical issues with smart, strategic resources and saving time and money by using a IT technical professionals. Our managed services can help you implement digital transformation, and minimize downtimes.

IT security

Don't let the web challenges hamper your ability to satisfy consumers or drive sales. We keep track of the connectivity risks and help build and maintain digital policies and systems that safeguard data and networks.

We take care of everything, whether you need to start fresh with IT security policies or protect your network from email or web ports with solutions that keep threats away. From risk detection and penetration testing to security deployment, our team is ready to step in between the business processes and the inherent hackers, cybercriminals, and other challenges.

Cloud solutions

Don't let server issues prevent you from scaling up to the degree that suits your company. CITIC Telecom CPC helps you manage processes, accesses, and data on secure cloud networks so that the sky is actually the limit for your business when it comes to technology in terms of IT support services Hong Kong.

We can help in case you need to securely store data, or want to leverage SaaS solutions for driving productivity and output. Our team helps you get up and reorganize and work with you to reduce downtime and ensure that the cloud networks and services are used optimally.

Project management

Building a data center from scratch, installing new software or equipment, or simply relocating the office: all these ventures will take a lot of IT manpower and expertise. Also, if you have competent in-house technical staff, it is doubtful that you can always handle massive projects at a high-level, which is why CITIC Telecom CPC provides Hong Kong businesses with constructive IT consulting services.

Mission-critical data has no time for downtime. Any disruption will strike the business. Our business continuity and disaster recovery services help you effectively plan for the future, minimize the effects of outages and disruptions on business operations. Our IT support services enable Hong Kong businesses to resume normal quickly after problems occur, reduce the risk of data loss and reputational harm, and improve operations while decreasing the chance of emergencies.

We assume that cultivating strong long-term relationships with clients is the best business practice. We achieve so by tailoring the right IT support services Hong Kong approaches, ideal for the budget and cash flow of our clients, yet still without losing sight of long-term economic benefits. Having chosen the right technologies for remote IT support, we can provide cost-effectively outsourced and offshore service solutions for our clients.


Tailored Solutions for Your Industries

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Architecture, Engineering & Construction

Effective project management is vital to the Architecture, Engineering and Construction industry. Development projects involve numerous mission-critical tasks, along with exchanging huge volumes of digital files such as for CAD (Computer-Aided Design), BIM (Building Information Modeling), and...



Automotive manufacturers and suppliers constantly face the need to develop new offerings, resulting in enormous production and operational complexity...


Banking & Finance

While all businesses require stringent security measures, the Banking and Finance industry is particularly targeted by hackers.In just Q2 of 2016, the industry...



In today’s fast-paced technological era, e-commerce companies must ensure an effective and consistent customer experience across all channels, if they...


Logistics and Transportation

Logistics companies nowadays face the issue of coordinating, on many different levels and usually in real-time, business units and transport vehicles spread...



Business applications critical to the success of manufacturers include such systems as ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), MRP (Material Requirements Planning), MES...


Professional Services

To maximize their own efficiency, and ensure clients high returns on investment, professional services organizations aim to complete projects within...



Multiple technological challenges face the retail industry, which usually is a major target for cybersecurity attackers. The 2016 Global Security Report indicated...



The Trading industry continues to be pressured by effects from the global economic slowdown, resulting in trading firms tackling declining customer orders and...



Companies of all sectors and scales are increasingly seeking ways to digitize traditional aspects of their businesses, leveraging the latest IT innovations to...


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DataHOUSE AR Remote Hand Service

AR-based Operations and Maintenance Solution


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DataHOUSE™ Cloud Data Center Services

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TrustCSI™ Information Security Services

Peace Of Mind Managed Information Security Solutions for Enterprises


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