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Fully Managing and Supporting Your IT Operation on SmartCLOUD™

Cloud Services & Solutions for Business │ SmartCLOUD™ Professional Service

We motivate you to design, develop and deploy the most competent business cloud strategy for your digital transformation with CITIC Telecom CPC as your trusted consultant.

Cloud solutions and cloud service for business are the practice of proactively outsourcing such processes and functions by enterprises aiming at improving efficiency and lowering costs. It is an alternative to the outsourcing module of break/fix or on-demand where the service provider provides on-demand services and only charges the client for the work performed. Under this business cloud subscription package, the customer is the entity that owns or directly oversees the management of the organization or system, whereas the Cloud Services Provider (CSP) delivers professional cloud solutions. The customer and the CSP are bound by a mutual service-level contract outlining the efficiency and quality metrics to be enforced.

Adopting cloud service for business is intended to be an effective way of staying conversant with technological complexities, accessing expertise and cost criteria, service quality and perennial risk concerns. As IT infrastructure resources of many SMBs and big concerns move to the cloud solutions with CSPs playing the main role, it is increasingly becoming a matter of challenge of business cloud computing. Hence, a range of CSPs are offering cloud solutions and services in-house or serving as mediators in terms of cloud service providers.

Types of cloud services

●Here are some forms of business cloud solutions and ways to assimilate these technologies into your organization.

●IaaS: Infrastructure as a service (IaaS) covers the cloud's basic needs and provides passage to network services, virtual machines, specialized hardware, and storage. Such technologies form the basis for your company and other cloud service for business activities.

●SaaS: Software as a Service (SaaS) is the most frequently used field of business cloud computing that provides access to a specific application through several cloud tenants.

●PaaS: Platform as a Service (PaaS) involves the hardware and operating systems available for the delivery and management of business cloud applications. PaaS caters to improve business performance without having to manage, schedule, procure and maintain the cloud-based solution.

PaaS and IaaS go in close association as you intend to step on an IT infrastructure management platform.

●Web-based services: Web-based cloud service for business enables your company to pick different web features rather than a full-blown program. Web-based applications connect with other areas of your business using UDDI open standards, XML and other languages over a protocol backbone.

The selection of service solutions

●Hybrid: Hybrid cloud solutions include a mix of on-site resources and applications that are hosted. A hybrid business cloud is a great solution if you already have an on-site solution but want to migrate at a slow pace. Through combining your internal systems, hybrid solutions will help you grow your business and step into the cloud service for business. For example, while a cloud service provider houses less critical network resources, you can use the on-site infrastructure for a sensitive or critical task.

●Hosted: A hosted cloud solutions scenario is a comprehensive business cloud deployment that contains all the applications and cloud service for business that you require. Apps are already available in a hosted cloud, and new applications on low- or high-level infrastructure can be established.

●On-premises: On-premises cloud solutions use tools for virtualization and resource management. The ambiance in this regard is a virtual private cloud. It offers some dedicated resources. However, it does not provide the full advantages as regards business cloud.


In view of changing market dynamics, businesses need to find alternative ways to innovate in a hybrid IT environment. Your perfect match is, therefore, SmartCLOUD™ Professional cloud solutions and cloud service for business. We offer advice on the design of the system, troubleshooting and other varied technical support and high precision guidance.

Nobody knows SmartCLOUD™ better than we do. Why don’t get CITIC Telecom CPC’s professionals help you leverage its full power and potential, with a full team of certified experts to address even your most complex cloud requirements?

SmartCLOUD™ Professional Service supports businesses of all sizes and in a wide range of industries. We help customers plan and design best fit solutions to address their unique business requirements, and work directly with customers from project implementation to ongoing IT support, reducing their time to manage different vendors and project risks, and saving even more! CITIC Telecom CPC’s experts handle details across the cloud, operating systems (OS) and applications, so you stay focused on your business.

SmartCLOUD™ Professional Service Life Cycle Highlights

SmartCLOUD™ Professional Service Life Cycle
  1. Our cloud specialists listen to your challenges and goals, understand your business requirements, and provide specialist advice with solutions that best-fit your business needs and plans.
  2. Professional services team will work along with you to create a customized solution, from initial paper sketch to final operational implementation including applications. We minimize business disruption, completing deployment in a timely manner by using best practices.
  3. Enjoy peace of mind with 7x24 monitoring and support from our pan-regional SmartCLOUD™ Service Centers. We provide proactive alerts and advice for immediate corrective actions to safeguard your business and get you ready for future IT enhancement.

  • Consultative approach to design and deploy your own solution from cloud, to OS and to application, ensuring that your requirements are fully addressed
  • Professional consultation on system configuration, troubleshooting and other technical assistance and recommendations
  • 24x7 service monitoring and ongoing support of your IT operations with 24x7 proactive alerts via email and telephone
  • Premium support level backed by Engineers & Support teams who are 100% certified with international cloud, security and system management programs to ensure business availability
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