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Cloud Solutions

IaaS Cloud Computing Service │ Smart Cloud™ Cloud Computing

IaaS pertains to the physical or virtual network pool supplied by a cloud provider from its data centers to an enterprise. The attributes that IaaS offers to a customer include, where necessary, data centers, networking, servers, storage, hypervisor or virtualization or layer.

Cloud computing systems are transforming how information technology is used by companies and public institutions. Even though cloud computer service offers a wide range, all of these cloud computer service have some essential features and benefits in common, and all those can be grouped into a few primary segments of cloud service.

SmartCLOUD™ IaaS Cloud Computing Service is a full high availability and true disaster recovery solution consisting of storage, CPU, memory, port, and network and, facilitating secure, hurdle-free scalability.

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing refers to the on-demand accessibility to computer system resources, in particular, data storage and computing power, without direct active user control. The expression is generally used to portray data centers that are available to several Internet users. Large clouds, currently prevailing over the IoT, also have uses distributed from central servers over varied locations. If the user connection is comparatively closer, an edge server may be assigned. cloud computer service can be confined to one organization (enterprise cloud or open to many businesses (public cloud). Cloud computing depends on resource sharing to achieve consistency and economies of scale.

Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) is a smart cloud computing service that allows access to computing resources such as servers, storage, and networking by an outsourced vendor. Nowadays, organizations are using their own systems and software within the infrastructure of a cloud computing service provider.

Infrastructure as a service (IaaS)

The company's management responsibility begins with the operating system layer, and the cloud computing service provider makes sure the infrastructure provided is available and reliable. This pattern can benefit multiple use cases. Businesses that lack a proprietary data centre look to IaaS as a fast, affordable infrastructure to expand or rescind their business initiatives as the case may be. Conventional businesses that need cloud computing service to run variable workloads with less capital spending, are prime instances of implementation of IaaS. Companies will only pay for the cloud computing service they use in both cases.

Key features of IaaS

●Users can pay on-demand for IaaS rather than simply buying the hardware.

●Infrastructure conforms to scalability depending on the processing and storage requirements of IaaS.

●IaaS saves businesses the risks of procuring and maintaining their own hardware

●As the enterprise data is on the cloud, there is the least chance of a single point of failure.

●IaaS allows administrative tasks to be virtualized, allowing space for other coherent tasks to be adopted.

The mode of operation

First, the client will tell the cloud computing service provider viz., CITIC Telecom CPC, which OS they want and in a majority of cases, we will have a copy of the OS in a file called a template, called disk image file. A central disk image file repository is always handy.

The specific template file in the repository will be looked through. Now we have got client's template file, and on distinct server we need to commence this OS called, compute nodes. There are 1000s of compute nodes in a data center. Some placements are used by us, and applying these algorithms we would decide on which node thee enterprise OS will boot up. These algorithms usually take into consideration so many other things, such as load on the compute node; several cloud instances to begin with, and so on.

Therefore, one has the template file and the compute node. The template file will be transferred to the compute node and booted up therein.


Virtual machine (CPU, Memory), network and storage are the most crucial components of any cloud/virtualization system. Every IaaS product has a unique way of providing these services to the customer. Infrastructure as a service (IaaS) is a comprehensive and consumed IT infrastructure as a cloud computer service provider. Each user or tenant encrypts a portion of a consolidated pool of centralized resources to trigger and apply their own cloud computer service infrastructure required as per situations.

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IaaS & Professional Service

Business| Enterprise SmartCLOUD computing service

Cloud Computing, Cloud Service, Business Cloud and Enterprise Cloud Solutions

Cloud Computing is the common term used for the “delivery of computing services on the cloud” which includes servers, storage, databases, networking, software, analytics, intelligence, cloud service, business cloud, enterprise cloud and many more over the internet. It offers excellent services such as faster innovation, flexible resources as well as economies of scale. One has to pay for those services which you are using. It enables most of the companies to consume a computer resource.

One can also say that Cloud Computing provides on-demand delivery of compute power, database storage, applications, as well as other IT resources via a cloud service platform. A business cloud platform offers frequent and flexible access to IT resources at low cost. With the help of Cloud Computing, one doesn’t need to spend on the hardware wherein you can avail the access to computing resources.

How does it work? (Enterprise Cloud Services)

The platform of the Cloud Service includes Amazon Web Services which owns and maintain the network-connected hardware which is required for these types of application services. Enterprise cloud is a type of a computing environment especially for businesses purposes which that provides increased performance, reduce the cost and best security. Business Cloud allows the customers to purchase their preferred cloud according to the choice as well as on-premises software & monitor all other aspects of the business on a regular basis.

Cloud Computing and Business Cloud Solutions

Ample of customers have joined the community of AWS (Amazon Web Services) wherein they use various solutions to construct their business. The fantastic part about AWS cloud service platform is that it offers the flexibility to build application according to your way. It helps to save your time, money, etc. The AWS provides a broad set of global compute, storage, database, analytics, application, as well as deployment services. The cloud service offers help to the organizations so that it moves faster, lower the IT costs, and scale several applications up to a great extent.

Furthermore, there are two more cloud computing solutions such as IaaS & Professional Enterprise cloud Service and Valued-Added Cloud Service. These are very much efficient and most used services. It helps to reduce the cost and maximize the flexibility instead of compromise in enter-grade security, privacy as well as availability.

Advantages and Benefits of Cloud Computing

1. Massive economies of scale

It is used to achieve a lower variable cost rather you can get on yours. Ample of users are there in a cloud wherein providers like Amazon Web Services may get higher economies of scale

2. Benefits for Stopping Guessing capacity

It is used to diminish guessing need of your infrastructure capacity. Cloud computing is proved to be very much useful as one need not to guess the exact capacity of any resources.

3. Enhance speed as well as agility

The best part of cloud service is that it helps to enhance the speed as well as agility of the whole process. Hence, it takes minor time to make resources available to the developers.

4. Avoid spending money on data centers

One must always focus on a project which helps to differentiate your business, not the infrastructure.

5. Go global in a fewer time

It is the fastest way which easily & quickly deploys your application in various regions all over the work within a few clicks. Hence it offers the best services to the customers.

Types of Business Cloud and Enterprise Cloud

There are three types of Cloud computing are as follows:

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

Platform as a Service (PaaS)

Software as a Service (SaaS)

One can select the perfect kind of Cloud computing with benefits and suits your needs. By choosing the best helps you to strike the right balance of control as well as the avoidance of unvarying heavy lifting. This is all about Cloud service wherein it becomes essential nowadays.

For more information about Cloud Computing, cloud service, business cloud and enterprise cloud, please visit https://www.citictel-cpc.com/EN/HK/Pages/product-category/cloud-computing.

A Trustworthy Cloud Infrastructure - High Performance Cloud Solutions

Cloud Computing (Compute)

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Dedicated Private Cloud (vONE)

ONE Dedicated Private Cloud for ONE Enterprise


Virtualized Backup, Replication & Recovery (BRR)

Virtualized Backup, Replication & Recovery with 100% reliability


Multi-Cloud Connect

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Professional Service (PS)

Fully Managing and Supporting Your IT Operation in the Omni-Cloud Era


Managed VDI (DaaS Lite)

A flexible managed VDI service with easy deployment without upfront investment


Cloud Email & Collaboration Suite (M@il)

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Video Conferencing Solution (VC)

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Object Storage Solution (OS)

Maximize Digital Asset Value with Optimized Cloud Data Object

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