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Fully Managing and Supporting Your IT Operation on SmartCLOUD™

SmartCLOUD™ Professional Service Supports Business Cloud Service

SmartCLOUD™ Professional Service supports businesses of all sizes and in a wide range of industries with a fully managed business cloud service, from across the cloud, operating systems (OS) and applications, allowing you stay focused on your business.

Your Business Cloud Service and Solution Partner

Our business cloud service provides solutions to enterprises with the need for business cloud solution. The specialists at CITIC Telecom CPC can help you harness their unlimited power and potential with a whole team of qualified experts to meet even your most challenging cloud needs. Our SmartCLOUD™ Professional Service provides business cloud service support for enterprises of all sizes and across a broad expanse of industries. We help companies prepare and develop best suitable approaches to address their unique business needs, and work directly with customers from project execution to ongoing IT support, minimizing their time to handle multiple suppliers and project costs.

Our mission

Our cloud experts respond to your concerns and priorities, consider your business needs, as well as provide solutions that best suit your business needs and strategies with expert advice.

A group of professional consultants will work with you tirelessly to develop a personalized solution, from the initial paper sketch to the final logistical implementation, including applications. We minimize business upheaval, using best practices to complete deployment promptly.

Achieve peace of mind from our pan-regional business cloud service Centers with round the clock monitoring and surveillance. We offer useful notifications and recommendations for urgent remedial action to protect your company and prepare you for future IT upgrades.

Business cloud solutions

Businesses of all sizes adopt cloud technology to advance their IT capabilities and set themselves up for long-term growth. Today's investment in cloud solutions puts the business in a position to run faster and more efficiently, allowing people to experiment. Cloud computing is revolutionary, from networking and collaborating to linking remote personnel and providing easy access to the tools, applications and information that your business depends from day one.

Benefits of business cloud service

You have to keep ahead of the innovation curve to remain competitive. This involves making the cloud and data center systems more proactive. We will enable you to run workloads dynamically, provide services, and draw on the power of the business cloud platform.

Scalability, cost-effectiveness, simplified management and increased power will immensely benefit you. You should never run out of resources and pay only for what you need while providers let the equipment and remote servers share the workload.

Business Cloud Services Objectives

Data sharing and backup: One of the first business functions that moved to the cloud was data storage. Small businesses can reduce or eliminate the IT overhead associated with maintaining file servers by outsourcing data storage to cloud providers while making data easy to share across the office and at home.

Telecommunications: Cloud-based communications platforms make it simpler than ever for businesses to communicate across several devices and use task-specific tools for stuff like video chat, remote white-boarding, video conference, and so on.

Enterprise Resource Planning: ERP combines many core business functions into a suite of software tools that are actively collaborating. ERP is highly effective in monitoring inventory, handling payroll, planning marketing campaigns, and reporting. It facilitates greater coordination among different business divisions.

Productivity software: It includes document editing software, display of presentation, processing table sheets, calendar management and a range of other day-to-day office tasks. Small businesses can be less reliant on a particular hardware and software setup by running this program in the cloud and tasks can be performed on almost any web-enabled device.

Customer relationship management: Using cloud-based CRM technology enables billing, advertising, and technical support for employees to access the appropriate customer information on the fly, enabling you to build a more customized relationship with your customers.

CITIC Telecom CPC is your trusted global local business cloud service partner with worldwide knowledge, regional coverage, local services and an extensive portfolio of state-of-the-art technology solutions.

Nobody knows SmartCLOUD™ better than we do. Why don’t get CITIC Telecom CPC’s professionals help you leverage its full power and potential, with a full team of certified experts to address even your most complex cloud requirements?

SmartCLOUD™ Professional Service supports businesses of all sizes and in a wide range of industries. We help customers plan and design best fit solutions to address their unique business requirements, and work directly with customers from project implementation to ongoing IT support, reducing their time to manage different vendors and project risks, and saving even more! CITIC Telecom CPC’s experts handle details across the cloud, operating systems (OS) and applications, so you stay focused on your business.

SmartCLOUD™ Professional Service Life Cycle Highlights

SmartCLOUD™ Professional Service Life Cycle
  1. Our cloud specialists listen to your challenges and goals, understand your business requirements, and provide specialist advice with solutions that best-fit your business needs and plans.
  2. Professional services team will work along with you to create a customized solution, from initial paper sketch to final operational implementation including applications. We minimize business disruption, completing deployment in a timely manner by using best practices.
  3. Enjoy peace of mind with 7x24 monitoring and support from our pan-regional SmartCLOUD™ Service Centers. We provide proactive alerts and advice for immediate corrective actions to safeguard your business and get you ready for future IT enhancement.

  • Consultative approach to design and deploy your own solution from cloud, to OS and to application, ensuring that your requirements are fully addressed
  • Professional consultation on system configuration, troubleshooting and other technical assistance and recommendations
  • 24x7 service monitoring and ongoing support of your IT operations with 24x7 proactive alerts via email and telephone
  • Premium support level backed by Engineers & Support teams who are 100% certified with international cloud, security and system management programs to ensure business availability
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