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Cloud Resources Management and Cloud Performance Monitoring Platform

SmartCLOUD™ Compute PA (Performance Agent) provides an online platform for cloud resources management and cloud performance monitoring. Accompany with SmartCLOUD™ Compute, it pools virtual infrastructure resources in existing datacenter and transform them to catalog-based service.  Maximum visibility on the resource utilization down to Virtual Machine (VM) level can be achieved through the monitoring and reporting capabilities.

SmartCLOUD™ Compute PA consists of two sophisticated portals: (1) A cloud management platform which allows enterprises to command their resources deployments when needed. (2) A cloud monitoring platform which provides enterprises a real-time picture of their services consumption level for better resources planning now and in future.

Key Features of SmartCLOUD™ Compute PA

Resource Utilization Monitoring

SmartCLOUD™ Compute PA provides an easy-to-use cloud monitoring and reporting web portal which allows enterprises to review the overall resources (CPU/ Memory/ Storage) utilization over different timeframes (Daily/ Weekly/ Monthly/ Yearly). Enterprises can even monitor down to virtual machine level for reviewing the server performance.

Infrastructure Service Catalog

To simplify IT system administration, such as troubleshooting, patching and change management, enterprises can deploy and consume pre-configured infrastructure resources from the central catalogs. Traditionally, information technology and system staff needs to conduct the on-site checking and testing of the physical infrastructures for troubleshooting. With SmartCLOUD™ Compute PA, information technology and system team can easily get a full picture and identify the problem and hence increase IT efficiency.

Policy-based Multi-tenant Environment

To facilitate the sharing of infrastructure resources within an enterprise and allow various users to self-mange their reserved resources, administrators can create users for subsidiary companies, regional offices or business units. Each user has independent 2-factor, 2-phase authentication to access to the cloud management portal and is controlled by specific policy.

Taking Command of Your Need

SmartCLOUD™ Compute PA pools the subscribed infrastructure resources, including CPU, memory, storage, network and port, enabling IT organizations to allocate and deliver IT resources to various internal users for meeting different business demands in real-time.

SmartCLOUD™ Compute PA solution provides a cloud management and cloud monitoring tool for resources control and performance showcase

SmartCLOUD Compute PA

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SmartCLOUD High Performance Cloud Computing

SmartCLOUD™ Compute PA solution provides a cloud management and cloud monitoring platform for resources control and performance showcase

  • AGILITY - Increase business agility by empowering enterprises to deploy pre-configured services or custom-built services with the click of a button through a user-friendly Self-Service Portal.
  • VISIBILITY - Easily retrieve historical records of resources consumption and to real-time monitor individual virtual machines usage so as to facilitate resources management and project planning.
  • CONTROL - Maintain security and control over a multi-tenant environment with policy-based user controls.
  • PORTABILITY - It provides a more compatible model for virtual computing resources pool management and security that allows complete application portability across clouds.