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Cloud Data Center

Global Data Centers - IDC | DataHOUSE™ Cloud Data Centers

Enterprise-grade Global Cloud Data Center (IDC) in Hong Kong, China, Asia Pacific and Europe & CIS is built on a carrier-grade network infrastructure, linking with ~30 data centers worldwide. Find out more IDC solutions.

Internet Data Center (IDC) Service DataHOUSE™ for Better Efficiency

Information security is always a concern. A well-secured data center is necessary to minimize the chances of a security breach. CITIC Telecom CPC provides managed Internet Data Center (IDC) with high level assured integrity and functionality for it’s hosted computer environment. Our customers give their critical systems with us and peacefully concentrate on mainstay business while we take care of their infrastructure hosting and other technologies.

Criteria for an efficient data center design are a proper site selection, high availability, modularity and flexibility, back up electrical power source, environmental control, airflow, low voltage cable routing, fire protection and security. We provide secure, reliable and scalable hosting, network, application and consulting services for our customers. Understanding that in today’s information scenario, zero downtime and secure data storage is a must. Our company provides complete security, reliability and speed to ensure that your server is up, fast and safe always.

Beyond modulating your operating expenses, capital expenses and high-stress risks, CITIC Telecom CPC’s internet data center (IDC) is built to meet the best possible standard for data center infrastructure and places a great accentuation on service delivery and guaranty with a support team that currently maintains a consistently great overall customer satisfaction rating. A private approach to service that solely is higher than standards these days and additionally prior to the curve of your future business demands.

We provide world-class infrastructure and service, which is the key reason for customers to choose us. Our data center services include host management, backup and storage of data, network connectivity, hosting application and service management.

CITIC Telecom CPC’s data center advantages

Our data center is linked to more than 30 data centers worldwide.

We maintain a highly secure infrastructure, our data center is protected with round-the-clock security service, fire protection, video surveillance and a multiple layer power service redundancy.

A wide range of services which includes host management, backup and storage of data, network connectivity, co-location, disaster management, hosting application and service management.

We bestow a high degree of network security by providing firewall, VPN, IPS service and resist unauthorised access.

A group of professional experts offer 24/7 technical support and reporting services.

Features of CITIC Telecom CPC Internet Data Center (IDC)

Here are a few of our services that will make you understand how we work and what makes us unique.

State-of-the-art competence

Excessive connectivity

Organised services

Expertise over a wide range of platforms

Customer care service at its best

Strategic alliances

Why outsource to CITIC Telecom CPC Internet Data Center (IDC)?

Data is the backbone of any business. Its loss will not only acutely affect the entire business but also result in a drastic loss of revenue. Today’s industry is battling with greater competition, new regulatory demands, the incompetence to distinguish products, ageing IT overall infrastructures, and the necessity to reduce expenses and business issues that are directly interlinked with enforcing new technology.

Putting up a data center or computer room may bea costly proposition in terms of money, time and deployment of human reserves. Apart from the elevated capital expenses, there are high day-to-day surveillance expenses. Routinely enhancing new services or upgrading to the latest technology is also not practical. In this scenario, it is the best for you to outsource your host management to a carrier-grade managed internet data center (IDC). By doing so, you can focus on business competencies rather than being worried about day to day IT operations.

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Cloud Data Center

Cloud Data Center

Enterprise Internet Data Center (IDC) HK | Cloud Hosting Platform & DataHOUSE Provider

Cloud Hosting, Data Center and DataHouse Services

Finding about the right DataHouse Services and Cloud Hosting Provider:

To store or access large amount of data in a cloud data center is an effective alternative. It is a flair competence used to process or storing a large amount of data of an organization. It is a fact that an organization depends upon networked computers as well as applications.

No doubt today cloud hosting is known for more accessing information as well as saving data. The term cloud data centers is all about Information Technology. Through this, you can access the information away from your organization physical premises. Hence we can say that for remote handling process through a data center, cloud services is the best substitute. It involves ongoing maintenance, updates, and processing multiple data with safeguard techniques.

Future cloud data center:

With the innovation in technology, flexible solutions of networking and storage are there. No one can deny the fact that cloud computing is the future of cloud data center. It can transform the data center operations into a simple mechanism. Whether it is private or public organizations, it is accessible for updating data resources without any workload. Cloud data centers are also known for centralizing management system across multiple data. For impressive track record, cloud computing is becoming familiar day by day.

Main pillars of the cloud data center are:

1. Cloud hosting:

In simple words, cloud hosting is used to facilitate the services or solutions. Cloud hosting is also notified as Infrastructure as a Service, i.e, IaaS. Without Cloud hosting it is not possible to outsource an organization for storage as well as infrastructure services.

It is also considered as a cheaper method of cloud data center model and the best alternative of traditional dedicated server model. Hence it is used to manage the data centers by remote handling process.

The main purpose of taking help of cloud hosting services is a flexible approach and cost-efficient methods for building websites, applications, and additional services. It is effective for small or large scale organizations they have to pay for services only instead of paying unused capacity. Therefore this method of paying can be used for inexpensive storage.

Cloud hosting plays an important role in virtual hardware, networking, or storage as well as composite solutions. This process is enabled through the concept of virtualization; hence the entire data storage or computing capacity is delivered to other resources without any failure.

2. DataHOUSE:

For reliable solutions and world-class infrastructure, DataHOUSE provides the technological platform which is linked with multiple data centers. Whether it is about managing or hosting data applications, it is a platform which offers cloud solutions at an affordable cost.

Instead of focusing on traditional methods carrier-grade infrastructure and unified management solutions are provided by DataHOUSE, Cloud Data Center. The DataHOUSE model is built by the topmost equipment which can handle your data without losing any information. It can be considered as an effective service of the cloud data center which is used to handle the network-based operations of other organizations.

It is a platform which can increase the performance of an organization to handle the nationwide operations. Through these organizations can enjoy the benefit of reliable services, with world-class performance in a minimum amount of time.

Hence the two DataHOUSE services mentioned above are known for process data from remote locations. These are the cost-effective solutions which can be accessed by large or small scale organizations. The recovery ability and performance of the cloud data center makes it more trustworthy. Hence it is a secure method to transfer, share or accessing information. So, making it as a part of your organization is a good decision.

DataHOUSE™, Cloud Data Center is built on a world-class technological platform and carrier-grade network infrastructure, linking with ~30 data centers worldwide.

Global Cloud Data Centers

Global Cloud Data Centers

The Reliable Environment for Your Critical Application and Data

Mainland China

Mainland China

The Perfect Choice for Hosting and Cloud Computing

Asia Pacific

Asia Pacific

A Safe Home for Hosting Enterprise Applications and Data

Europe & CIS

Europe & CIS

DataHOUSE™ Tallinn

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