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Information Security Services

Surviving Business with Information Security Solution

What is an information security solution?

Information is an asset which is very similar to one which is used in business asset, providing value to the organization; hence it must be protected. Information can be created, stored, destroyed, processed, transmitted, corrupted, lost, stolen, etc. Moreover, information can be used for proper or improper purposes. So, it is essential to protect information. Information Security is a state or the quality of being secure, i.e., to be free from danger. The security of information can be obtained with using several strategies. It is very much essential to secure the information as many processes need proper security. Information Security Solution includes the following factors such as:

It is used to protect the information from various threats.

It helps to ensure business continuity.

Information Security is also used to minimize financial loss.

It can be used to optimize the return on investments.

Enhance business opportunities.

One can say that business survival is based on Information Security. There are many things which company or any organization or industry need to keep secure. If someone is neglecting the importance of the Information Security, the person has to pass from financial loss, and it may lead to loss of reputation, Loss of intellectual property, it may sometimes lead to the loss of customer confidence. The practice of various Information security strategies provides a broad range of compliance as well as risk management services all over the world. The Information Security Solution services aim to offer help to ample of companies to protect them from various security issues.

Nowadays cyber threats are very much complicated as compared to previous years. The cyber attacks lead to the high-risk of homeland security as well as the economy of the nation. The Information Security Solution offers world-class security, information security, and cyber intelligence services & solutions. It enables the clients to detect as well as defend against threats to their critical network infrastructures. In addition to this, it also helps to establish network stability & resilience which will encounter. Information Security Solution used to solve the most critical threats. There are many companies which offer full prevention, detection & correction.

Major Information Security Services includes

1. MSS-Managed Security Services

Managed information Security Services helps to provide total protection solutions, which includes powerful security technology, accurate threat intelligence, proven processes as well as security expertise. It is very much useful.

2. ATP-Advanced Threat protection

It is among the best information security solution as it provides high and advanced security to enterprise adjacent to against advanced persistent threats across various endpoints, networks, and servers such as file servers, email servers, and web servers. This perfect ATP solution provides various organizations all types of security benefits which are proved to be highly useful for all. The threats and attacks keep on increasing everyone wants to secure the data as much as possible. It is the best choice to manage the data accurately.

3. IAS-Information Assessment service

Information Security Assessment service is basically used to check whether the network is working smoothly or data is maintained securely or not. The primary functions of the IAS include identify potentially damaging vulnerabilities in network infrastructure & web applications, along with penetration test service reports as well as provides best recommendations.

4. Secure AI

Secure AI helps to bring the newest approach to enterprise cyber defense. It is inspired by self-learning biological immune systems. Secure AI used to investigate all anomalous activities actively wherein Information security solutions AI also identifies the threats by using the behavioral approach or advanced machine learning algorithms. It can also be used to detect real-time anomalies within the organization's network.

Information Security is very much essential nowadays as the threat & attacks keep on increasing regularly. It is really very much beneficial to secure the data accurately. For more information about Information Security Solutions, please visit https://www.citictel-cpc.com/EN/HK/Pages/product-category/information-security.

>Managed Advanced Security

Managed Advanced Security

Managed Advanced Security

Peace Of Mind Managed Information Security Solutions for Enterprises

  • MSS

    Your Security is Our Top Priority
  • ATP

    Secure your Enterprise with the Superior Synergy of TrustCSI™ ATP
  • IAS

    Vulnerability Management Solution for Preemptive & Cost-effective Protection against Security Threats
  • Secure AI

    User and Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA) for anomalous enterprise activity detection
>Managed Protection Service

Managed Protection Service

Managed Protection Service

Next Generation Enterprise Business Firewall against Next Generation Threats

  • MAS

    Proven Platform, Expert Service, Secure Applications
  • MFS

    Next Generation Enterprise Security against Next Generation Threats
  • UTM

    Unified Threat Management Your Managed Network Security Solution With Intelligent Aggregated Alerts
>Service Portal

Service Portal

Now you can orchestrate your whole enterprise from a single, convenient, user-friendly interface. ManagedCONNECT is an advanced online portal that gives you broad visibility of your information technology status, and easy management of CITIC Telecom CPC services for networking.

>Security Operations Centers

Security Operations Centers

Security Operations Centers (SOCs) are built on carrier-grade Network Operations Centers (NOCs), equipped with advanced SIEM technology and managed by certified security expertise. Apart from providing professional training, CITIC Telecom CPC crafts necessary security policies, procedures and processes to ensure the highest standards of services delivery.

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