Information Security - TrustCSI™

Peace Of Mind Managed Information Security Solutions for Enterprises

With the extensive use of innovative technologies in today’s business world, enterprises are facing emerging network threats that proper managed information security solutions are required to protect against attacks. To deploy such solutions, however; are complex, time-consuming and resources intensive that many businesses cannot afford.

CITIC Telecom CPC TrustCSI™ is a suite of managed information security solutions for businesses. Managed by a team of certified security experts complementing 24x7 monitoring by CITIC Telecom CPC’s Security Operations Centers (SOC), we offer businesses customized solutions, including identifying and prioritizing threats, refining and enforcing security policies, continued monitoring of their systems; to meet their specific security needs with minimal resources required. The powerful SIEM technology in multiple SOCs enables us to provide real-time alerts to businesses so that immediate corrective actions can be taken before their assets are damaged.

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Intrusion Prevention System (TrustCSI™ IPS)


Advanced Threat Protection


Managed Web Application Security


Information Assessment Service


Managed Firewall Service


Managed Security Service


Unified Threat Management (Managed UTM)


Around-the-clock Security Risks Monitoring Services