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Endpoint Detection & Response: Panacea for New Wave of Cyber Threats

2021-12-03InfoturveNew NormalTransformatsioon

Given a multitude of advanced cybersecurity threats, traditional security solutions are less effective in mitigating damage from data breaches or system failure.


The New Normal: Switching from In-person to Virtual Corporate Events

2020-08-26 ÜhendusedFeaturedInnovatsioonNew NormalTransformatsioon

According to the research from Allied Market Research, the market size of global events industry is expected to reach US$2,330 billion by 2026. Corporate events are always one of th…


Cloud Transition Journey - 7 Commandments for Success

By Sampada Gupta, Marketing Manager, Europe - 2020-08-07 PilvInnovatsioonTransformatsioon

Cloud Strategy is one of the critical elements of an organization's IT Strategy. However, the Cloud migration journey can be a challenging task...


Everything matters! How does Shyndec Pharmaceutical reshape the “modernization” of the network?

2020-06-26 ÜhendusedCustomer ExperienceSD-WANTransformatsioon

In recent years, the rapid technology development has continuously accelerated the digital transformation of many companies. Various industries, especially the pharmaceutical indust…


Gartner IT Symposium/Xpo – The challenges and Opportunities of SD-WAN in 2020

By  Vladimir Jelov, Enterprise Sales Manager, Europe, CITIC Telecom CPC - 2020-05-22 FeaturedSD-WANTransformatsioon

Gartner IT events are always very colourful, as far as terminology is concerned. The trendiest and “coolest” jargon is thrown around like confetti on New Year’s party and everyon…


COVID-19 Tech Propelling the Speed of Digital Transformation

By June Tay, Marketing Manager, Singapore - 2020-05-08 FeaturedInnovatsioonTransformatsioon

Other than preventive measures like wearing masks, washing hands and social distancing, the world took a strong stand against the virus by coming up with coronavirus inventions. We …


Challenges and Opportunities from COVID-19 Crisis

2020-03-20 FeaturedInnovatsioonTransformatsioon

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak has been declared a public health emergency of international concern by the World Health Organization (WHO). The pandemic has now shifted to Euro…


Gartner IT Symposium/Xpo – The Hub of Technology Innovation

By Vladimir Jelov, Enterprise Sales Manager, CITIC Telecom CPC - 2019-11-28 Business InsightsInnovatsioonTransformatsioon

One of the biggest IT conferences and expos in the World took place on 3-7 November in Barcelona, Spain. Over 5000 CIOs, IT industry experts and researchers joined in a massive disc…


Critical Winning Factors in Business Transformation

By Jacky Kwok, CCO, CITIC Telecom CPC - 2019-11-20 Business InsightsInnovatsioonTransformatsioon

Nowadays, enterprises face unprecedented competitions from all over the world. How does enterprise create critical winning factors to ensure business success?


How Artificial Intelligence is Transforming Your Business?

2019-09-27 TehisintellektInfoturveTransformatsioon

No one can deny that artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning technologies are already transforming the world of business. According to Gartner's 2019 CIO Agenda survey, or…


CITIC Telecom CPC Facilitates Enterprises' Digital Globalization with its

2019-07-19 TehisintellektSuured andmedPilvÜhendusedMajutuskeskusAndmete privaatsusInfoturveInnovatsioonSD-WANTransformatsioon

In the era of globalization, new economic models continue to emerge. Smart technologies are reinforcing enterprises innovation, and digital transformation is crucial for the success…


Innovation Never Stops

2019-04-11 InnovatsioonTransformatsioon

A current issue in today’s business, is believing that innovation is solely linked to technology, so many enterprises fail to ‘innovate”, which may cost them to lose their footin…


CITIC Telecom CPC OBOR Data Centers

2019-03-25 MajutuskeskusBRITransformatsioon

The developments along "One Belt One Road" and the Greater Bay Area have brought huge business opportunities to the market. In order to grasp the golden opportunity, enterprises nee…

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