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SD-WAN Reshapes Businesses and Breaks New Grounds in Connectivity


Subsequent to globalization, business expansion and new branch networks have raised the demand for cross-border communications. Enterprises have to seek a more advanced connectivity…


Endpoint Detection & Response: Panacea for New Wave of Cyber Threats

2021-12-03 InfoturveNew NormalTransformatsioon

Given a multitude of advanced cybersecurity threats, traditional security solutions are less effective in mitigating damage from data breaches or system failure.


SD-WAN Reshapes Businesses and Breaks New Grounds in Connectivity

2021-10-15 ÜhendusedInfoturveSD-WANTransformatsioon

Subsequent to globalization, business expansion and new branch networks have raised the demand for cross-border communications. Enterprises have to seek a more advanced connectivity…


Evolving Ransomware: A Multi-pronged Approach to Secure Your Business

2021-09-03 PilvInfoturve

Ransomware is becoming highly sophisticated, which a new model has taken shape merely to attack enterprises. Global enterprises will be at stake once ransomware loses its control as…


Build Competitive Advantage by Intelligently Unleashing Data Values

2021-08-13 TehisintellektSuured andmedInfoturveInnovatsioon

Intensive enterprise digitalization suggests drastically increasing data volumes. With massive data available, how can enterprises make use of them? In the post-pandemic era, throu…


Reinforcing Infosecurity against persistent APTs Security Threats

2021-08-06 ÜhendusedInfoturveNew NormalTransformatsioon

Under digitalization era, information security become a challenging task, especially after Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs) hit the globe.


Equipped as a Digitally Resilient Enterprises for Post-pandemic Era

2021-07-30 ÜhendusedInfoturveInnovatsioonNew NormalTransformatsioon

IDC’s COVID-19 Survey revealed that over 50% of organizations are going to increase their technology budgets for innovative technologies in 2021, enabling remote offices, secure co…


Digital Retail in 5G Era: Intelligent SD-WAN as the basis

2021-07-09 TehisintellektÜhendusedInfoturveSD-WAN5G+

Digital transformation is not a “Nice to have”, is a matter of survival for companies. said Werner Vogels, CTO of Amazon.


Secure Expanding SD-WAN Edge for Distributed Enterprises with SASE

2021-06-28 InfoturveSD-WAN

Companies are increasingly adopting SD-WAN to support hybrid workforces and distributed workloads. They also need an agile, robust, and holistic network security solution that scale…


Enterprise Information Security: Reducing Ransomware Related Downtime with Disaster Recovery

2021-06-11 PilvInfoturve

The world’s largest meat and poultry processor has been targeted by a sophisticated ransomware attack and temporarily shut down some operations in the U.S., Canada and Australia, …


Enterprise Information Security: Infosecurity Management Resolves Security Crisis of Fintech

2021-06-03 Andmete privaatsusInfoturve

The Fintech revolution not only offers tremendous opportunities for the development of financial industry, but also poses unprecedented risks and challenges to financial institution…


Enterprises Information Security: Ransomware Attacks Surge, Threatening Global Enterprises

2021-05-21 Infoturve

A global insurance giant was recently attacked by ransomware, Avaddon, and 3TB of sensitive data including customer identity, bank documents, medical and claim records were stolen, …


Enterprise Information Security: Evolving Ransomware Threats to OT Networks

2021-05-14 ÜhendusedInfoturve

The largest fuel pipeline company in the United States was reported being attacked by Ransomware, and shut down all four of its major pipelines that serve the country. The hacker gr…

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