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  • Business continuity/Disaster Recovery Center – To keep customers’ business up and running, ensure the highest level of availability, and to prevent against any data loss for their business-critical applications, the Company offers its customers Business continuity and Disaster Recovery Center services across all of its data centers. With this customized services, customers are able to continue to ‘business as usual’.
  • Engineering, installation and support - Our skilled engineers are available to install, test and assist in commissioning of client’s equipment and cabling.
  • Remote Hands & Eyes - The Company Remote Hands & Eyes service enables our clients to deal more effectively with problems that occur on their equipment in our data centers, anytime. Our 24/7/365 available dedicated engineers, will be your dedicated reliable ‘hands’ and ‘eyes’ in performing troubleshooting activities   on your equipment   with the benefit of  saving time & cost.
  • Data backup - This service provides customers a regular automated offsite safeguarding of valuable business data, to ensure the continuity of business critical services.
  • License-as-a-Service (LaaS) - is a full service that allows you to outsource software license management tasks. Whether it is Microsoft or any other required license entity, the Company can support you in obtaining the rights.
  • Customized solutions - for those clients looking for hybrid solutions, we offer a total solution that combines Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) platform with dedicated servers and fast network. Let us know what your need is and we will design and implement the best solution that matches your requirements.


  • EtherLinx Carrier Grade (ECG) - a private managed point to point protected Ethernet service, equivalent to an Ethernet Private Line (EPL) designed to comply with Metro Ethernet Forum (MEF) standards.
  • EtherLinx 2.0 - cost-effective point-to-(multi)point unprotected Layer 2 low grade Ethernet transmission service.
  • MPLS VPN - A cost-effective way for enterprises with secure, managed, any-to-any connectivity, to effectively share real-time and business-critical applications between their offices.
  • Lambda - this service is a managed DWDM service that provides operators with reliable point-to-point transport at very high bandwidths.
  • IPL - a managed international point-to-point private line service which enables both operators and enterprises to increase the reach of their existing real-time traffic-carrying networks (voice, data or video).
  • IP Transit - this service provides ISPs with high-speed and cost-effective access to all destinations on the Internet.
  • Virtual PoP - operators can set up PoPs in an off-net location to rapidly, efficiently and safely extend their networks.
  • Internet VPN - managed service providing secure access between all destinations on the Internet Virtual Private Network.
  • TLL-IX - neutral Linxtelecom Internet Exchange in Tallinn (Estonia) to exchange IP traffic on a national or international level.
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