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Innovation Never Stops

Arukas innovatsioonDigitaalne transformatsioon

Innovation Never Stops

It’s not just about having new ideas, but how can you make them happen?

A current issue in today’s business, is believing that innovation is solely linked to technology, so many enterprises fail to ‘innovate”, which may cost them to lose their footing and reputation.

People immediately link ICT services providers with “innovation technology”, and, in part, they are absolutely correct. After all, a major element in the information and communication technology (ICT) business is to use and sell innovative technologies, services and products to customers. However, innovation isn’t solely related to “technology” but to a border concept of strategic ideas that can be implemented in any department or service of an enterprise. Meaning, innovation is to develop and put into practice new ideas that keep operations, products and services fresh and updated. Hence, innovation is a key driver in business success.

It’s essential for the prosperity of any company to fully understand the new trends of the markets and the innovative ideas or business models that are slowly taking over, in order to adapt to them. However, a problem may arise when technologies or ideas can easily be adopted by companies, hence the solutions or products provided by various companies may, in the end, be identical.  Innovation is thus an important element to differentiate the solutions/products and to bring more benefits to loyal and potential customers. Keeping innovation as a priority in the core values of a company helps business owners to push themselves and their businesses to evolve and flourish, to create or use new products, new ways of marketing or just new ways of thinking.

The interesting point is that even though most company leaders acknowledge the importance of innovation, only few are able to implement it. As a result, they remain stagnant or experience slow growth. An example of an enterprise that has considers innovation as a dominant priority in its core values is CITIC Telecom International CPC Limited ("CITIC Telecom CPC"), a wholly owned subsidiary of CITIC Telecom International Holdings Limited (SEHK: 1883). ). Since 2001, it has been devoting in the ICT business and it counts with an extensive list of achievements including various awards and distinguished certificates locally and internationally.

CITIC Telecom CPC constant pursues to distinguish itself in the market and within its competitors, granted it recognition from a broad customer base and allowed it to achieve several milestones throughout its path, such as: being one of the first MPLS VPN service providers in Hong Kong to receive four ISO certifications as well as with being one of the few service providers in Hong Kong to manage Security Operations Center in Hong Kong. CITIC Telecom CPC has become also one of the first vCloud® Powered service providers in Greater China and the first one to deploy Veeam Cloud Connect in Asia Pacific. It has also become Fortinet’s first Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP) partner in Asia Pacific.

Yet, the innovative essence of the company is not solely related to sell/use “innovative technology” in their services, but in over the years enduring change and showing no fear to innovate and challenge itself in many different forms. As a first mover in the business, the Company’s first mission was entitled “Connecting the World to China”; assuring people would understand the services and products it offered, a simple and straight forward statement of the services provided was in place. The Company knew how to deliver the “right product at the right time”, becoming the pioneer in launching MPLS VPN business solution service in Asia Pacific, building with it, its solid foundation that remains until our current days. With the amplification of its portfolio of services and products, due to the constant change of technologies and new trends emerging in the market, CITIC Telecom CPC “renovated” once more its mission transforming “Connecting the World to China” to “Your Trusted ICT Solution Partner”. This innovation in the business strategy intended to push the Company further into accomplish the new set goals and it demanded a change in the design of the website and image of the company into a friendlier and smother one, to assure their loyal and potential customers would fully understand the new services CITIC Telecom CPC was launching at the time: cloud computing.

However, if a Company wishes to constantly challenge and innovate itself, it must constantly adapt and innovate its “mind set” to better accomplish its goals. With that in mind, CITIC Telecom CPC presents, as of now, its new corporate mission “Innovation Never Stops”; the response to the constant innovation in the ICT market and in technology and a promise to its loyal and potential customers on what to expect from CITIC Telecom CPC. It comes as a revitalization of the 15 years brand and institution, proving that the enterprise still has new and advantageous services and products to offer and that its innovative essence will “not stop”.

Owing to the new business strategy, one of the immediate objectives of the enterprise is to extend its global coverage. With the acquisition of the telecommunication business of Linx Telecommunications B.V. (Linx Telecommunications) it enables the Company to expand its global reach from Asia-Pacific, North America and Western Europe to Central Asia and Eastern European market and strengthen its global network coverage. The company also launched SmartCLOUD™ Professional Service to address the market needs and enhanced SmartCLOUD™ BRR disaster recovery features, alongside with exploring more strategic partnership and leverage rapid technology growth to strengthen its services. The Company has never feared to innovate and challenge itself, hence for a medium objective; CITIC Telecom CPC intends to take a closer look into Data Analytics and develop expertise on those services as well as to leverage from new initiatives as one-belt-one-road, IoT, NFV, SDx in order to provide more innovative solutions to its customers.

Moreover, in the current era of innovation, an enterprise can not only direct its efforts to technology innovation, but as a strategy that should involve all departments within a company. CITIC Telecom CPC has always took that into the equation and tried constantly to innovate itself in different matters, not just on the launching of new products. An example of it is the company ambition to step up domain expertise in the Sales Department structure, meaning its segmentation into different types of industries and enterprises for a more personal and comprehensive services to its customers, hence being able to better match its tools, products and services to help them achieve their goals.

Innovation can take your business to the next level. By refusing to change or adapt to new market trends and by constantly challenging team members to develop and put into practice new ideas, a business has greater odds to evolve and flourish. In the words of CITC Telecom CPC new mission: “Innovation Never Stops”.

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