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Deploying Network Upgrade to Be Back on Track

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With business expansion and the shift to the globalization 4.0 era, IT infrastructure is under challenges and networks are the first to be burnt. An upgrade of network infrastructures is of top priority to advance businesses. Our enterprise customers certainly pursue better development; and one of them, which is a multinational, diversified conglomerate with vigorous worldwide growth, also needs a more efficient and agile network system to support its global expansion.

With diverse businesses from real estate development to healthcare, as well as its active global presence, the customer has an exceptionally high demand for network connectivity. Not only has diversified businesses gradually put weight on its network infrastructure, but cross-regional businesses also intensified the challenges and aggravated the resource pressure and cost issue of deploying and managing network systems. Subject to network efficiency, the performance of applications could not be maximized, which may affect their operational efficiency in the long run.

Optimizing Network Right Away with Efficiency

The customer chose CITIC Telecom CPC as its trusted partner in face of the managerial difficulties, and our consulting specialists immediately conducted a consultation. With 20 years of practical experience and deep industry knowhow, our team has identified the innovative solutions tailored to address its business needs—TrueCONNECT™ Hybrid SD-WAN. Using SD-WAN technology, the service allows the creation of hybrid networks binding multiple access technologies into a single logical path. It reduces resource wastage and dramatically improves network flexibility and bandwidth utilization, thereby maximizing application performance and accelerating business development.

To simplify deployment and management, our professional consulting team delivered the SD-WAN solution for the customer in each location through Zero Touch Provisioning, a single box providing WAN connectivity and WAN application access control. Even with the absence of on-site IT personnel, the customer can still perform network deployment with limited IT manpower and the lower cost. On the other hand, we provided the customer with our centralized management portal, ManagedCONNECT, which provides a comprehensive bird’s eye view of solutions configuration and resources, greatly raising the network transparency.

CITIC Telecom CPC is committed to serving enterprise customers with customized ICT solutions that integrate advanced technologies to address their unique requirements and business goals, allowing them to explore business opportunities at ease. Please feel free to contact our professional consultants for a free consultation! More about TrueCONNECT™ Hybrid SD-WAN can be found here.

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