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CITIC Telecom CPC Upgrades from QMail to Zimbra for Increased Collaboration, Accessibility and Security (English Version Only)

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CITIC Telecom CPC (CPC) is an international Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) service provider. They serve multinational enterprises with tailored solutions built upon their flagship technology suites comprising of TrueCONNECT™ MPLS Private Network Solution, TrustCSI™ Information Security Solutions, DataHOUSE™ Global Unified Cloud Data Center Solutions and SmartCLOUD™ Cloud Computing Solutions.

CITIC Telecom CPC Upgrades from QMail to Zimbra for Increased Collaboration, Accessibility and Security (English Version Only)

Mr. Daniel Kwong, Chief Technology and Innovation Officer

CPC has 26 offices worldwide, 140+ points of presence (PoPs) in 130 countries, 18 Cloud service centers, 30+ data centers and two dedicated 24×7 Security Operations Centers. The company is one of the first Asian-managed service providers to host Points-of-Presence (PoPs) that cover critical locations along the “One Belt, One Road” and provides seamless connectivity around the globe.


Legacy solution, QMail, unable to keep up with company expansion.

In 2009, the company expanded in both staff strength and offices. CPC set up branches overseas and saw an increased demand for collaboration functionality. CPC was using QMail to send and receive email, but the expansion created a need for new features to increase productivity and communication with colleagues and customers. They needed to share calendars, files and the global address book.
The company expansion also resulted in CPC needing to access to email anytime and anywhere. “Being an ICT solution provider, CPC has very strict policies regarding privacy and security especially Mobile Device Security (MDS). MDS is an important criteria when evaluating a potential solution.” Daniel Kwong, Chief Technology and Innovation Officer of CITIC Telecom CPC disclosed.
They looked into the Zimbra Collaboration platform because it includes an email server and web client to meet their growing demands and needs for higher productivity. CPC was pleasantly surprised to find Zimbra is also more cost effective with a higher number of mailboxes. Zimbra fits right into their MDS needs, with a strong mobile policy that helps CPC protect against the risk of data leakage and enables backend support staff to control the mobility security settings for enhanced security.

After deploying Zimbra, CPC’s staff enjoys using a secure, stable and user friendly collaborative email system. The stability and ease of use was a pleasant surprise

Daniel Kwong, Chief Technology and Innovation Officer


Zimbra provides a fast, stable and flexible email infrastructure.

CPC deployed Zimbra for around 1,500 active internal users and managed more than 3,000 external users via their SmartCLOUD M@il service. Zimbra runs on virtualization platforms and MMR (Multi Master Replication) deployment, providing flexibility to scale-out in different countries. Zimbra also provides flexibility to scale-up quickly for new users. This helps CPC’s internal IT team reduce implementation costs and free up time and attention to focus on other areas.
“After deploying Zimbra, CPC’s staff enjoys using a secure, stable and user friendly collaborative email system. The stability and ease of use was a pleasant surprise,” said Daniel. “For the past 9 years, Zimbra has provided a fast, stable and flexible email infrastructure for CPC. This enables the internal IT to have an easier time during deployment, expansion and maintenance of the email platform. This frees up their time to focus on other demanding tasks set by CPC.”
Zimbra’s mobile policy helps CPC’s staff to safety access email on mobile devices, and now staff can also share calendars, search their Global address book and share files via the Zimbra briefcase. One of the most helpful Zimbra features for CPC is the Search Highlighter. After an email search, the search items are highlighted with color, so the users see the search results easily. All these features provide a more efficient way for staff to handle their daily work, increasing productivity and decreasing frustration.
CPC enjoys excellent support from Zimbra Partner Ingram Micro on all Zimbra activities; for example, support, advice and training.

What’s Next?

Enterprise-Grade Cloud Email & Collaboration Platform.

CITIC Telecom CPC is working with Zimbra to offer SmartCLOUD M@il to enterprise customers. SmartCLOUD M@il is part of the SmartCLOUD™ Cloud Computing Solutions that are fully-hosted and can be rapidly deployed without on-going administration overhead.

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