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Managed Protection with TrustCSI™ Managed Security Services (MSS)

We are your trusted Managed Security Services (MSS) provider with security operations centers. Our TrustCSI™ MSS Services offered managed protection and help you handle the increasing IT security demands effectively.

Business Managed Protection - Managed Security Services TrustCSI MSS

Managed Security Services (MSS) have become one of the best ways to secure the IT systems and network in a business. The reason why people are moving away from self-owned security architecture to Managed Security Services (MSS) is because in a self-owned environment, the extent of security of your business network and IT systems is only as good as the knowledge and awareness of your in-house IT team. Relying solely on their capabilities may mean that you overlook vulnerabilities of the network which may not have been identified effectively by the IT teams.

Managed protection, on the other hand, gives you the opportunity to utilize the knowledge and capabilities of a team of professionals who have greater exposure to security threats. Keeping in mind that a company offering managed security services (MSS) will be providing the same services to several other businesses, they have the opportunity to put together security best practices and explore the most resilient types of IT infrastructure. They use this knowledge to create a sound security system for your business, greatly minimizing the possibilities of security threats.

Renowned Information Security Solution and Managed Security Services Provider

CITIC Telecom CPC specializes in offering professional and comprehensive managed security services and information security solution to businesses from different sectors.

With a well-equipped Security Operation Center, CITIC Telecom CPC supports a wide range of managed security services and information security solution, including day-to-day security management, security monitoring, product support and security advisory.

Partnering up with a trusted information security solution provider allows you to focus on core businesses and other more important security strategies, that’s why you need us to help with your managed security services and information security solution.

Information security solution and Managed Security Services Scope

Our information security solution and managed security services consist of three main sessions, which are:

  1. Prevention
    By closely monitoring any violation of security policies and vulnerabilities, our managed security services will strive to maintain your information security solution infrastructure in an ideal state.

  2. Detection
    CITIC Telecom CPC has a Security Operation Center responsible for monitoring and managing clients’ managed security services. Therefore, our information security solution is able to identify and respond to security incidents in real time.

  3. Correction
    As a leading managed security services provider, CITIC Telecom CPC helps clients to identify, analyze and remedy unwanted modifications to any system, device and application, providing superior monitored information security solution and managed security services.

Up-to-date Information Security Solution

CITIC Telecom CPC has always strived to do better in the field of information security solution and managed security services.

We consistently invest in information security solution resources and upgrade the Security Operation Center to further enhance its abilities and capabilities in protecting clients network security and information safety. Not only does the upgraded Security Operation Center meet the international security standards, but it is also able to provide more advanced managed security services and information security solution to enterprises.

Experienced team of professionals

As one of the top managed security services (MSS) providers, our aim is to accurately identify business threats, ensure business continuity and improve the existing IT infrastructure so that cyber security is not compromised. To achieve this, we have a dedicated team of professionals who have international certification in security standards. Their knowledge of security excels in many technologies and they continually strive to keep their knowledge updated in order to skillfully handle security for a business.

Certified Security Operations Centers (SOCs)

All operations are carried out from certified Security Operation Centers (SOCs) which are also compliant with international security standards and conform to all industry policies and regulations. This helps us handle threats and policies according to industry best practices.

Active monitoring of networks and identifying security threats with TrustCSI™ Managed Security Services (MSS)

We use Advanced Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) engine to monitor the network for security threats. While signature-based detection has been one of the most useful methods of identifying security threats, we have also incorporated behavioral techniques like machine learning to increase monitoring efficiency. This is effective in identify the botnet attacks which have started becoming a big threat for businesses.

Since network visibility and early detection helps us remove security threats even before an attack begins, it is easier to prevent problems rather than having to deal with post-attack forensics.

Analyzing North-South and East-West Traffic

We take the time to analyze traffic and check for suspicious activities regularly and to determine how normal traffic looks like. Analytics is also important to know how to identify when a network is being misused and when it is being used. It also helps in identifying potential malicious threats and security breaches almost as fast as the threat initiates. Once the threat is identified, hyper-segmented networks can be isolated when the network is under attack to reduce the extent of damage caused by the attack.

Managed protection has become one of the best ways to increase network security and improve end-user experience for your business. We have offer our clients high-quality managed security services (MSS) which utilize the latest technologies and strategies employed by corporations around the globe. Having set high standards for security services we have been able to successfully safeguard our clients from undue attacks on their network and IT security systems.

The expertise of our team and the extensive use of the latest technologies for monitoring and analytics makes it possible for us to increase security depth for your organization and minimize risks posed by attackers.

High-profile breaches are on the rise. Online communities are becoming more aware and additional compliance requirements make information security everyone’s top priority. A comprehensive information security solution is always a basic but essential step. As your trusted managed security services provider, CITIC Telecom CPC provides top-notch information security solutions to safeguard enterprise business.

TrustCSI™ Managed Security Services, complementing multiple Security Operations Centers (SOCs) with high availability and disaster recovery functionality. Based on ISO27001 certified processes, we provide comprehensive and robust information security solution with 24 x 7 monitoring and help businesses identify and analyze vulnerabilities, prioritize threats as well as refine security policies and processes. Our managed security services enable you to enjoy a total piece-of-mind information security solution, allowing you to focus on business development and other areas.

SIEM Log Correlation and Classification Technology

Managed Security Services (MSS) Solutions Diagram

1a. Raw event logs will be sent to CITIC Telecom CPC LEC for Filtering and Aggregation. They will then be passed to CITIC Telecom CPC SOCs.

1b. The Vulnerability Scanner will scan the selected assets periodically and deliver the scanning results which will be stored in the knowledgebase.

2. CITIC Telecom CPC SOCs will then make use of the SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) engine for the correlation and analysis between the meta-log and the knowledgebase. The correlated results will be classified in the appropriate category and attributed a risk level.

3. If CITIC Telecom CPC’s security specialists in the SOCs find out that the severity of the correlated event is higher than the level agreed with customers, they will activate the incident response mechanism. Customers can get a full picture on their security status through the dashboard.

4. Through the online TrustCSI™ MSS portal, customers not only obtain the latest RSS news feed all over the world, but also get a full picture on their security status in real time, including detailed security event handling information.


    • Dedicated Team of Security Professionals --- Striving for service excellence, CITIC Telecom CPC security professionals are 100% certified with international security programs such as CISA, CISSP and CompTIA Security+. With CITIC Telecom CPC, a reliable and trusted managed security services provider, organizations have access to the most skillful security experts in APAC region, certified in a wide range of technologies.
    • World-class Security Operations Centers (SOCs) --- CITIC Telecom CPC’s SOCs are certified with a series of international certifications include ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO20000, ISO27017 and ISO27001 Information Security Management System, as well as complied with ITIL processes, ensuring TrustCSI™ MSS brings consistency in the way that threats and policies are handled in the best industry practice.
    • Advanced Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) Technology --- TrustCSI™ MSS is built on a state-of-the-art correlation and classification SIEM engine. We trace billions of events daily and identify real threats timely and accurately for quick remediation actions, greatly reducing businesses’ time on analyzing and correlating the security logs.

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G2000 deploys CITIC Telecom CPC's Managed Security Services to safeguard the customers data.


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