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MPLS VPN Accelerator Solution | WAN Optimization Service

WAN Optimization & VPN Accelerator – What Is It And What Are The Benefits?

WAN Optimization which is also known as WAN acceleration is a communications network that covers a large geographical area, for example, cities, departments, or countries. VPN Accelerator is designed to work for those customers who are running VPN routers and facing a low local speed and also for those whose ISPs do very little to throttle external connection.

What exactly is WAN Optimization?

WAN (Wide Area Network) Optimization is to improve WAN application performance. The simplest way to understand what a WAN Optimization is to think of the Internet as the largest WAN network in the world. Since, through Internet service providers, it connects many local area networks and associated devices that share a common communication line or a wireless link with a server and smaller metropolitan area networks (high-speed network that covers an extensive geographic area, providing integration capacity of multiple services through the transmission of data, voice, and video.

Benefits of WAN Optimization:

•Improve application performance for users.

•Provide reliable connectivity for your digital workspace.

•People in remote locations or branches rely on the performance of their digital workspace to be productive.

WAN optimization typically provides a higher level of optimization over network and transport protocols through the download of SSL sessions, redundant data deduplication (DRE).

We offer the best WAN optimization solution. Enjoy performance similar to that of LAN for enterprise applications, while consolidating application servers and storage systems. Also, reduce data backup and recovery time in case of disaster with efficient use of WAN bandwidth.

If your WAN cannot keep up with the bandwidth demands of rich content applications, the user experience and, ultimately, the business experience will be affected. However, more often the problem is not the applications, but the WAN. Organizations need WAN Optimization and application acceleration solutions to ensure secure and reliable performance for all users.

Now let us learn what are VPN Accelerator and its benefits:

What is VPN Accelerator?

VPN Accelerator offers the state of the art speed, technology, and performance in an incredibly compact unit.

VPN Accelerator allows you to manage your network quickly and easily. VPN Accelerator helps to obtain better performance from your corporate applications, improve response times for all users, at any time and place, automatically, dynamically and applying intelligent criteria based on traffic and network overload in real time.

Benefits of using VPN Accelerator:

There are various benefits of VPN Accelerator; we have mentioned some of them here.

•The cost of the links is cheaper, which makes it possible to make and monetize innumerable projects aimed at optimizing the commercial management and operations of companies and institutions.

•Due to the use of the Internet as a support network, they offer great savings in the network infrastructure.

•The relative independence of ISPs, since the Internet provides interconnectivity.

•Data transmissions are authenticated, guaranteeing the security of access and integrity of information.

•They offer the possibility of a great diversity of remote users.

•Simplicity in the management of topologies.

•Scalability via increased bandwidth.

We provide state-of-the-art WAN Optimization and VPN Accelerator network control solutions.

Our WAN Optimization service helps customers deliver fast and predictable performance similar to LAN for running applications or data backup over the WAN. We also optimize traffic based on business properties.

We offer correct WAN optimization technology; you can improve application performance and WAN speeds. This will surprise users and keep bandwidth costs at bay. If you want more information about WAN optimization and VPN Accelerator solutions, get in touch with us for the best services.

Accelerating SPEED – Enabling BIZ

To stay competitive, enterprises need their employees tap into useful information and critical applications across WAN, anytime and anywhere. However, this puts tremendous strain on IT to deliver an increasing number of applications over their WANs. Critical hybrid solutions running at data center (e.g. data replication, backup and DR recovery) are not always practical as they require lengthy processing over the WAN. WAN latency problems caused by geometric distance also result in degrading application performance. Enterprises thus need a solution that is able to optimize their application performance, accelerating data transfers, and enhancing productivity.

With TrueCONNECT™ Accelerator (TCA), these hassles are a thing of the past. It is capable of improving WAN application performance up to 200 times as well as overcoming WAN latency problems to deliver LAN-like performance to branch offices. With data moving much faster and applications running seamlessly, users will become more productive, wherever they are.

TrueCONNECT™ Accelerator Network Diagram

TrueCONNECT™ Accelerator Network Diagram


    • LAN-like application performance in branch
    • Connect to the broadest range of business-critical applications; for file sharing (CIFS and NFS), sending emails with attachments (MAPI, Lotus Notes), and surfing the net (HTTP), as well as databases
    • Reduce TCP hand shake and enable greater utilization of WAN bandwidth
    • Deploy transparently without any changes to applications, users, routers or other IT infrastructure, and no tunnel configurations required
    • Easy to grow with customer business needs and bandwidth upgrade
    • Work across all common Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) applications to optimize WAN bandwidth utilization

Unparalleled Benefits


    • Increases efficiency across the WAN for all common TCP applications by up to 200 times.
    • Reduces number of TCP hand shake and round-trips delays, hence makes better utilization of existing WAN bandwidth to boost application performance and run more applications.
    • Data can be replicated securely over the WAN, which reduces replication times from hours to minutes.

    Cost Saving

    • No CAPEX or upfront payment, with added flexibility through a monthly payment model.

    Ease of Use

    • Easy to deploy with plug-and-play installation.
    • Enables users to perform full implementation of Application Server Consolidation without compromising application performance.
    • By integrating CITIC Telecom CPC’s Traffic Monitoring Service (TMS), visibility can be enhanced through centralized analysis reports.
    • With CITIC Telecom CPC’s 24/7 monitoring, hotline and e-mail support, customers can obtain a comprehensive overview of WAN performance.


    • Supports thousands of users on one device.
    • Adapts perfectly to the CITIC Telecom CPC TrueCONNECT™ Premium private network, working seamlessly with its QoS, VoIP, video conferencing and other real-time traffic tools.

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