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Managed Security Service | SIEM Service Provider

Enjoy A Worry-Free and Highly Secure Network with CITIC Telecom CPC’s Well Managed Security and SIEM Service

Are you worried about system vulnerabilities or threats that might attack your server, making it difficult for transferring data and information? This is the major problem the world is facing before Managed Security service exists. With an ever-increasing growth and demand of the telecommunication sector, the risk factor is at its peak. Organizations, no matter it is small, medium or large, are more likely to get attacked by viruses or data leakage. It is an alarming issue which should be controlled and make it easier to retain their private information and company's data. We, at CITIC Telecom CPC, plan a well-defined Managed Security with the latest SIEM technology.

Need for Managed Security Service

Since the technology is making its advancement in the field of electronics and telecommunication sector, it has become a necessity to get connected with it to convey the message and perform businesses around the world. Important information such as documentation, monetary policies, bank details, and employee details should be kept confidential, but what happens when they are being continually attacked by hackers from different parts of the world.

To avoid and control this issue, preventing it with the modern and updated technology by implementing Managed Security i.e. Managed SIEM Service, which is fast and secure with the need of an hour. Thus, finding the right Managed Security provider is important, which allow you to work with a worry-free and hassle-free manner with easy connectivity at the fastest possible speed.

About CITIC Telecom CPC

Since its inception, delivering quality results and allowing the major companies with the fast and secure network connectivity possible, we have come to a long way to reach to the zenith and are working continuously with a goal to achieve a Managed Security level, keeping in mind its various security operation centers (SOCs), which equipped with advanced Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) technology.

Managed SIEM Service, one of the Managed Security Services, is CITIC Telecom CPC’s state-of-the-art facility which advances in traces billions of events that could harm your system and identify the same each and every second. It, thus, is a quick and easy solution to make a business easily identify their emerging threats.

SIEM correlation and classification technology is one of the advanced Managed Security techniques to easily trace the vulnerabilities for the smooth functioning of any organization.

What makes CITIC Telecom CPC, a top leader in SIEM Service

Striving to focus on the latest needs of Managed Security in the world, we continuously stress the importance to our employees to provide excellent output. Our team of experts is knowledgeable, result oriented and well aware of the current and future markets and changes. With an aim to give mind-blowing and fastest connectivity SIEM Service solutions to the top-notch companies around the world, we are certified with international security programs, which includes, CompTIA Security+, CISA, and CISSP.

Above all, we are a reliable Managed Security provider when it comes to world-class SOCs, i.e., Security Operations Centers, with e ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO20000, ISO27017 and ISO27001 information security management system to secure your network from major threats and vulnerabilities round-the-clock and 365 days.

CITIC Telecom CPC is one of the renowned companies in providing fast, secure and easy Managed Security solution, no matter which part of the world you are based with a reliable managed security service.

Connect with us for highly-effective Managed Security

Connecting with us is an easy way to make your connections highly secured and safeguard from various threats coming each and every second.

For the details of Managed Security and SIEM Service, please visit https://www.citictel-cpc.com/EN/HK/Pages/product-services/trustcsi-mss and help your organization to work with 100% security and efficiency.

High profile breaches are on the rise. Online communities are becoming more aware and additional compliance requirements make IT security everyone’s top priority. CITIC Telecom CPC TrustCSI™ Managed Security Services, complementing multiple Security Operations Centers (SOCs) with high availability and disaster recovery functionality, are designed to help you handle these increasing IT security demands effectively. Based on ISO27001 certified processes, we provide robust 24 x 7 monitoring and help businesses identify and analyze vulnerabilities, prioritize threats as well as refine security policies and processes.

SIEM Log Correlation and Classification Technology

Managed Security Services (MSS) Solutions Diagram

1a. Raw event logs will be sent to CITIC Telecom CPC LEC for Filtering and Aggregation. They will then be passed to CITIC Telecom CPC SOCs.

1b. The Vulnerability Scanner will scan the selected assets periodically and deliver the scanning results which will be stored in the knowledgebase.

2. CITIC Telecom CPC SOCs will then make use of the SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) engine for the correlation and analysis between the meta-log and the knowledgebase. The correlated results will be classified in the appropriate category and attributed a risk level.

3. If CITIC Telecom CPC’s security specialists in the SOCs find out that the severity of the correlated event is higher than the level agreed with customers, they will activate the incident response mechanism. Customers can get a full picture on their security status through the dashboard.

4. Through the online TrustCSI™ MSS portal, customers not only obtain the latest RSS news feed all over the world, but also get a full picture on their security status in real time, including detailed security event handling information.


    • Dedicated Team of Security Professionals --- Striving for service excellence, CITIC Telecom CPC security professionals are 100% certified with international security programs such as CISA, CISSP and CompTIA Security+. With CITIC Telecom CPC, a reliable and trusted managed security services provider, organizations have access to the most skillful security experts in APAC region, certified in a wide range of technologies.
    • World-class Security Operations Centers (SOCs) --- CITIC Telecom CPC’s SOCs are certified with a series of international certifications include ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO20000, ISO27017 and ISO27001 Information Security Management System, as well as complied with ITIL processes, ensuring TrustCSI™ MSS brings consistency in the way that threats and policies are handled in the best industry practice.
    • Advanced Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) Technology --- TrustCSI™ MSS is built on a state-of-the-art correlation and classification SIEM engine. We trace billions of events daily and identify real threats timely and accurately for quick remediation actions, greatly reducing businesses’ time on analyzing and correlating the security logs.

Success Stories



G2000 deploys CITIC Telecom CPC's Managed Security Services to safeguard the customers data.



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