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Sparkling Biz Matters: Cloud-Network Convergence for Business Innovation

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Sparkling Biz Matters: Cloud-Network Convergence for Business Innovation

This is the best timing to strategize for your enterprises and add some sparkles to your businesses to get off to a good start. According to a recent survey conducted by CITIC Telecom CPC, over 100 respondents revealed that there are five core areas to be watched out in 2023: cloud, network, intelligence, security and sustainability. We will be focusing on these aspects to help enterprises stay on the right track with the right strategy. Start with “cloud” and “network”, the convergence of the two aspects facilities a higher synergy effect.

Agile Cloud Empowers Business Innovation

The fast rising of cloud services and the maturation of new technologies, such as Big Data, Internet of Things (IoT), Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence (AI), have made unattainable business innovation attainable.

While innovation seems to be a consensual strategy to activate business, digitalization is the best means to actualize innovation. With the theme of “Sparkling Biz Matters”, CITIC Telecom CPC centers on the realization of business innovation through comprehensive strategy formulation.

Cloud services are integral to many innovations, even sometimes delivered via the cloud-native approach or SaaS. Hybrid clouds are able to drive business innovation at full speed, given its flexibility and quick deployment. In response, network technologies and security protection must evolve accordingly, as the convergence of cloud and network plays a vital role in innovation, transformation and digitalization.

Following the dominance of multi-cloud computing in recent years, a new breed of Wide Area Network (WAN) and security technologies has arisen due to the fact that enterprises need to connect to SaaS, IoT and public clouds. By definition, WAN is a transmission technology that connects headquarters to various locations of enterprises, and has been evolving from leased lines to MPLS. To better support hybrid cloud environments, SD-WAN has boomed over the past few years.

The crucial step to transformation – an equilibrium of network efficiency and security

Rather than a substitute for traditional MPLS and leased lines, SD-WAN is a combination of multiple transmission services inclusive of leased lines, MPLS, LTE and broadband, which also gives priority to the best connectivity solution by business nature and is coupled with better fault tolerance for more secure connections to different locations and clouds.

Regarding enterprise security, it is more than ever important to manage various accesses to enterprises’ applications and resources, ranging from users, systems, endpoints to remote networks, and hence the emergence of Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) cybersecurity technology.

In fact, SD-WAN is the fundamental network technology behind SASE’s network-security architecture, and  was clearly illustrated by Gartner: In the absence of SD-WAN, SASE is incomplete to empower business innovation with high-standard security, since SD-WAN integrates multiple technologies whereas SASE enables cloud-delivered security.

In addition to better WAN backup capability and fault tolerance, SD-WAN allocates different networks according to application features and significance, and is flexible to expand network capacity. It also helped facilitating WAN upgrades when employees were working from home during the pandemic.

Besides, SD-WAN runs perfectly in multi-cloud environments and SaaS, which is befitting in the era of cloud computing. The shortcomings of traditional WAN have been uncovered that its router-based WAN design does not adapt to today’s world, especially since hybrid clouds have become popular. On the contrary, SD-WAN is able to divert services for more refined security, and offers more benefits to organizations with numerous branches. Conventionally, for security reasons, the data from branches had to be centrally processed in the data centers, which means the traffic would all be sent back to data centers, and then to SaaS, not only forming a bottleneck at data centers, but also resulting in a waste of bandwidth, an increase in latency and inefficiency of applications.

In the case of SD-WAN, introducing Internet Breakout in branches eliminates the need of sending data back to data centers, and instead, leads them directly to SaaS, alleviating traffic congestion, enhancing user experience and protecting data security and privacy.

A growing number of enterprises adopts cloud and SASE together with SD-WAN to divert and control traffic, for instance, TrueCCONNECT™ SASE incorporates real-time analysis for traffic control in applications and SaaS, equipped with Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) and Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) to manage and monitor various accesses and cloud services.

Paired with TrustCSI™ MSS Managed Security Services, the combination of SD-WAN and SASE can be improved through 24x7 network monitoring to strengthen enterprises’ information security. For further and more precise security, SASE consolidates the core security and extends the protection to the edge with SD-WAN’s virtualized architecture, addressing the dynamic demands for business innovation.

In a nutshell, cloud-network convergence is undeniably the trend for future innovation that leverages AI, Big Data, Blockchain, Edge Computing and other new technologies to transform innovative ideas into practical strategies, give enterprises peace of mind in the course of innovation, and lay a solid foundation for digital transformation.

Sparkling Biz Matters: Cloud-Network Convergence Empowers Intelligent Business

For you to bask in sparkling biz matters and add some sparkles to the businesses, CITIC Telecom CPC will spotlight the five core business matters in the upcoming Solutions Day in March 2023. Industry experts, business leaders and ecosystem partners are invited to this event. You will be inspired through a series of seminars, showcases and networking sessions to get a head start on your business digitalization plan for 2023. For more event information, please click here to learn more: https://www.citictel-cpc.com/en-hk/hongkong_solutions_day_2023

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